Chapter 1 – Meet John

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 1 – Meet John

Chapter 1 – Meet John. Face to face with evil, surrounded by faceless strangers; John makes his stand, a life-defining moment where fear is not an option. John is on the ground, holding the injured ice biker; cars scattered in every direction as the spectators look on. Blasphemies bellow from the stranger. John looks calmly into his eyes and says. “In the name of Jesus Christ, come out of this man.”

Chapter 1 - Meet John
Chapter 1 – Meet John

The stranger faces the sky and lets out a blood-curdling shriek. “Evil spirits always come out this way,” John said. “Just like Mike said, they would.”

The stranger awoke bewildered; “who are you, you look familiar?”

“I’m John, and you are?”

“I’m Jack, the stranger answered; I’m not sure how I got here, but thank you. I know you don’t I? You’re the Preacher on the Sunday morning show, The Hour of Grace?”

John helped Jack to his feet; the crowd that gathered in the freezing rain applauded. Emergency lights approach in the distance; “I think this is your ride Jack, are you going to be okay?”

“I believe so, John; I haven’t felt this good in years.” Jack scanned the scene; his ice bike was okay. “You lost traction climbing the hill, and we scattered to avoid hitting you,” John said.

“What happened after that,” Jack said?

“A disembodied spirit,” John said. “It possessed you, and I cast it out; it dared me too.”

A demon slayer was born that day.

Chapter 1 – Meet John. John returned to his car and continued his commute to work. John was more than a believer; his life was so full of the supernatural he wondered how anyone could ever doubt. John and his best friend Mike had been through more than one exorcism together; however, this was John’s first solo excursion. Two years have passed since John and Mike were last together. Just one more workday before vacation with Mike, this brought a smile to John’s face.

John’s Father, Austin, did a fantastic job growing the Glass Cathedral Church. The Church started in a suburb of the twin cities called Saint Louis Park. The Church began with a couple of hundred members. Today that number is closer to eight thousand members. And the national viewing audience that tunes in every Sunday, three-quarters of a million people.

The smile escapes John’s face as he pulls into the Glass Cathedral parking lot. “How many starving people could we have fed with the millions of dollars it cost to build and maintain this Church,” John said? John always thought about things like this but kept these feelings close. John collected his belongings to head inside.

Once inside, John met Janet, the Church office manager. “How are you today Janet,” John said?

“I’m fine, and you, John?”

“I’m fine, a little shaken from a close accident.”

Janet put on her glasses to have a closer look at John. “It is slick outside, you look fine. You have a meeting with your Dad and Matthew at four o’clock today”.

“I know, do you have any idea what the meeting is about Janet?”

“No, I don’t, John, but your father told me it was important.”

“Thank you, Janet. I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

Chapter 1 – Meet John – Why was Dad back to work so quickly after returning from the hospital? He spent the last three weeks recovering from a life-threatening case of pneumonia. During his illness, John led the three Sunday morning services for him, including the nationally syndicated TV show, the Hour of Grace, which airs every Sunday morning.

John couldn’t help but wonder what the meeting was about; He often met with his Father. But Matthew is not usually involved.

John opened the door to his office and walked in, closing the door quietly behind him. John set his backpack down and assembled his laptop and accessories from the contents.

On the wall hangs a Master of Divinity degree from Columbia International University presented to John Smith. John wondered if his Dad knew how hard he had to work to achieve that in three years instead of four. John also wondered how his Dad would react, knowing he could cast out spirits. Just like the old days of the Bible.

In college, John tried to share the news of Mike’s Mother and the exorcism with his Dad. But he never took John seriously. Now, John keeps the spiritual knowledge to himself, to avoid conflict. That’s why John left the accident earlier today. He just wanted to help the stranger; he didn’t want to have to explain it to anyone. He just wanted to live his life.

John spent the rest of the morning planning for the Christmas Service; until the phone rang. It was Janet, informing John, his appointment had moved to three o’clock with Austin and Matthew. “Janet, surely you have some information about the meeting?”

“I know it has something to do with your preaching over the last three weeks,” Janet said.

Great, now John was nervous, and Janet knew how to play it. “Thanks, Janet,” John said. He was attempting to end the phone call.

“John, hello, are you still there?”

“Yes, Janet.”

“Emily is holding on line number three for you.”

Thank you, Janet, please tell Emily that I will call her back in a few minutes.”

John hung up the phone to contemplate his fate at the meeting. Unable to collect his thoughts, John grabbed his coat and left briefly to grab lunch. On the walk, his mind drifted back to helping Jack this morning. The event played over and over again in John’s memory.

Chapter 1 – Meet John. John went to his usual hangout for lunch at the mall. However, lunch had come and gone, and John was still searching for answers. Why does Matthew want to meet with me? What did I do wrong? Not having a clue, John reached for his cell phone and dialed Emily, the one person John knew could bring clarity to all of this.


“Hi, it’s John.”

“Hi, honey, how is your day going today,” Emily said?

“Pretty good; Honey, what do you know about the meeting this afternoon with our fathers?”

Emily was quiet for a moment and then started speaking after an uncomfortable silence. “Well, my Father told me it was important. But that’s about all I know.”

“It’s just a little odd,” John said. “I am nervous.”

“Don’t worry honey, I love you very much, and I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.”

“I hope your right. Honey, I need to go for now and finish the details for the Christmas service. Can I call you back a little later?”

“That’s fine. I love you very much, John.”

“I love you too, honey; I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock. Bye.”

The walk back through the mall to Church went too quickly. Emily and John met soon after John moved back from Columbia South Carolina two years ago. Fresh from the south, she found John’s acquired southern accent very charming. John finds everything about Emily beautiful. She is everything a man would ever look for in a wife, and to top it off; she’s a believer.

The rest of the afternoon, John spent arranging the Sunday morning Christmas service. Christmas is the second busiest day of the year at the Glass Cathedral, right after Easter. John’s phone rang. “Hello, John, its Dad. Matthew and I are waiting for you in my office.”

“Is it three o’clock already,” John said? “I’ll be right there.”

John hung up the phone and packed his things. Why can you get more done the day before vacation? The day isn’t any longer. But there is something about knowing you will have some time off that helps pull everything together.

John second-guessed the three lessons he delivered for Austin. While walking the long hallway towards the office, his mind flitted. Why is Matthew going to be there? What did I do wrong?

John rapped on the open office door as he entered. John’s excitement peaked as he closed the door behind him. Austin and Matthew were seated in the corner by the fireplace. The corner area overlooks a private lake and wooded area.

Austin’s office is elaborate, built on the backs of hard-working Christians from all over the world. Sure, the Institutional Church does many good things with the money entrusted to it. But with an average of fifty percent of offerings going to salaries for established Churches, and up to ninety percent for new startups, who does the money help?

John crossed the room, listening, trying to remain focused, and grasping for clues. What was the meeting about anyway? The fireplace by the couch was warm, the flames hypnotic. The fire helped put John at ease. Austin and Matthew were bickering about useless shit as far as John was concerned.

They were discussing something that seemed to threaten the Church. John sat down quietly while they finished their conversation. His eyes roamed around the office while he listened to the discussion. “Austin,” Matthew said. “We need to gain control over this liberal faction within the Church before they split us in half. Everyone is taking sides in the Church. And I do not see any good coming from it.”

Matthew is an interesting fellow. He looks straight into your eyes, but it feels like he’s looking right through you. Matthew’s head was tilted to the right a little bit, and he had his usual uneven smile. Something is just not right with him, John thought.

Matthew is tall, not near as tall as John or Austin, though. The circles under Matthew’s eyes paint a picture of someone under apparent stress. He always wore a red tie and rings on his middle fingers. Matthew was sweating as usual, and he seemed tormented.

“Not much has changed at the Church since we started growing,” Austin said. “I feel confident that we can find a way to work this out for everyone’s benefit.”

Austin is a happy man. John glanced over to a photo of his parents on the desk. His Dad’s arm locked firmly with Mom’s, and they looked as happy as John can remember. John chuckled when he noticed how long Austin’s tie was in this picture. You could not even see the zipper on his pants because of his long tie. It is undeniable from the look on their faces; they are still very much in love.

John’s mind drifts back to the roadside yesterday when he held Jack in his arms. Jack was ice biking at the time and climbing a steep hill after the traffic light turned green. The spikes on his tires were no match for the layer of ice freezing on the bridge. His rear tire slid to the left, throwing Jack into traffic.

Cars scattered in all directions on the bridge; it was a miracle that no one was hurt. John ran from his car to help. He pulled Jack out of traffic and safely to the sidewalk. John sat on the street with Jack’s head resting in his lap. A crowd was gathering; someone brought a blanket, while another stranger called emergency services.

Jack opened his eyes, peering at John. At that moment, Jack transformed from a quiet stranger into an evil madman, cursing John, with every breath. Imprisoned by John’s presence, this abomination lay there before him. Jack tried to attack; several people rushed to help, but John asked everyone to stand back. He told Jack to shut up. Jack locked eyes with John, and he knew what he had to do.

“John, time to join the conversation,” Matthew said.

“How are you doing Son,” Austin said?

Clearing his throat, John joined the conversation. “I’m doing well, thank you. I’ve finished the arrangements for Christmas Sunday. I’m planning on eight thousand members and visitors that day.”

“Our new welcome booth is in place for visitors. As you know, our biggest days are Easter and Christmas. We’re going to have coffee and doughnuts for visitors this year, John added.”

Matthew turned to Austin; “this is exactly the sort of thing I was talking about, sir. These kinds of things split a Church and cause people to take sides in a matter.”

“These things happen as a Church grows,” Austin said. “But I fail to see how coffee and doughnuts could be a division issue?”

“Austin, anything new or different makes the conservative base nervous; you know that. It makes some want to seek shelter from change either at a new Church or by starting their own.”

“Excuse me for interrupting,” John said. We can get rid of the coffee and doughnuts if it’s such a big deal. I hoped to make people feel at home and welcome here.”

John wondered if any conversation like this could be productive at all. John imagined Jesus sitting in the room with us; and how He would likely have something compelling to tell us all about a great many things.

“Enough of the small talk,” Matthew said. “We invited you here to share some great news with you, John.” John’s eyes rose with interest. He was relieved to not be in trouble.

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Chapter 1 – Meet John. “John, I have to tell you that the sermons you delivered during Austin’s absence were fantastic. We have some numbers we would like to share with you. Let’s all walk for a moment over to the solarium.”

John stood and offered his hand to his Dad. John helped Austin to his feet. On the way to the solarium, Matthew’s cell phone rang. “Please excuse me for a moment; it appears I have urgent Church business to attend to.” As Matthew walked off, John took this opportunity to find out what was going on in his Father’s head.

“Dad, you look fantastic, you must have lost twenty pounds in the hospital over the last three weeks, but your hair is a little grayer.”

“Johnny, walk with me a minute. Matthew can meet us at the solarium when he’s finished.” John and Austin strolled together. Austin placed his arm around John’s back; “I’m very proud of you, Son.”

“So what is this about,” John said?

“You’ll find out soon enough, Son; Thing’s aren’t always as they appear though, always remember that John.”

“Matthew has an idea on how to grow this Church into one of the largest non-denominational churches in the United States.”

“Why the solarium,” John said?

“Knowing Matthew, it’s probably more for effect than anything. Don’t ever forget this, Johnny; Matthew has an agenda. When you hear what’s going on in a moment, things will never be the same between you two. Always watch your back, John, and never turn it on, Matthew. The day you do, you’ll find a dagger in your back. Not a real blade mind you, but it hurts just the same.”

Chapter 2 – Reflections

The solarium is usually reserved for the Elders when they meet. John had never attended a meeting here. Austin placed his arm around John as they neared the entrance. “Just be yourself, John,” Austin said. Austin knocked out of respect and swung open the massive doors to the solarium. The solarium was breathtaking.

John had caught a peek before when the room was open for cleaning. “I’ve never been in here before,” John said. Austin smiled, “it’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve been here a few times, but not under good circumstances.” John gazed in wonder, the fourteen-foot glass and aluminum walls were stunning. Religious artwork from all over the world ordained the walls.

“Welcome, John,” Matthew said while entering the solarium with Tim. Tim is one of many elders at the Church and an ordained minister. Tim is known for working with the poor and teaching in prisons and hospitals. Tim runs the free Bible program as well. John stepped forward to shake Tim’s hand. “Nice to see you again, my friend,” John said.

“Nice to see you as well Johnny, it’s been a long time.” Matthew interrupted by clearing his throat in an obvious way. “I have to take care of some business right now, John, but I hope to see you again very soon. If you will excuse me, gentleman,” Tim said.

Austin was staring silently at one of the paintings of Jesus on the Cross. It’s very unusual; John thought to himself, that Dad is so quiet.

Matthew set the mood for the meeting after Tim closed the doors. “John, your father, and I have been talking about growing the Church since his return from the hospital.” Matthew pulled out a leather binder and opened it up. “Let’s all have a seat here at the table,” Matthew said.

“John, you may be wondering why we are all here. I want to get straight to the point because I know you have a date with Emily tonight. While Austin was in the hospital, a miracle happened here at the Church. Do you know what that was?”

“No,” John said.

“That miracle is you, John; I hold in my hands the TV ratings for last month. And to tell you the truth, I am not at all surprised.”

Matthew set the rating sheet in front of us and continued. “Our ratings, the viewers that tune in every Sunday, have been fairly steady over the past five years with your Father leading the morning worship and television show. As you can see from the chart, the rating stays very close to a million viewers every Sunday up until your Father got sick”. Matthew pointed to a line on the chart.

“John, this is the first of your Father’s prepared lessons that you delivered. As you can see, your first week was average. But look here. The next week it grows by almost two hundred and fifty thousand viewers, and the week after that, we have a total of one and a half million viewers”.

Chapter 1 – Meet John. John was relieved to not be in trouble. And it’s nice being appreciated for your work. “Matthew, that is great news,” John said, “I’m glad I could help while Dad was out. But you know I didn’t write those lessons, Dad did”. Austin looked over at John with a tired smile. Austin didn’t seem to be himself. He kept staring off into the distance, allowing Matthew to continue the meeting. “Your Dad didn’t write those sermons, John, I did.”

“John, let me be very blunt with you. It is my job to see that this Church continues to grow. And frankly, to continue our expansion plans, we need the extra revenue”. Matthew encroached on John’s personal space. He closed in and looked John straight in the eyes.

“John, I have talked with the Elders. Most all agree that it is in the best interest of this Church for you to take over as Senior Pastor. Your Father still has a five-year contract that we will honor. If you take the Senior Pastor role, we will allow him to retire early. He can use the remaining time mentoring you as you grow in your new position.”

John could not believe what he was hearing. His Dad was personally responsible for growing most of this ministry. “Dad, what do you have to say about all of this,” John said?

“John, I haven’t been feeling well since I got back from the hospital. If you are ready for this, I think it’s your time now. You have trained for this your whole life. And you are as ready as you will ever be. Just look at those ratings. The odds of bringing the gospel to more people are off of the charts. I talked with the producer of our show. The only way to see ratings increase like this is by word of mouth. People are talking about you, John. And these people are telling their friends and total strangers about you and our ministry”.

“John, excuse me for interrupting,” Matthew said. “We’re not asking you to do this for free. The senior Pastor position pays two hundred thousand dollars a year plus benefits”.

“Excuse me,” John said as he stood up. “I will be right back.”

John walked quickly out of the room and down the hall to the restroom. Once inside, John ran the cold water and splashed it on his face. John could not believe the deal offered to him. The deal sounded fantastic, but what about Dad? And won’t Emily will be surprised? Is this the right thing to do?

“You don’t have to take the position, John,” Tim said.

“What are you doing here, my friend,” John said?

“John, I was moved to talk with you today.”

“What about Tim?”

” Matthew asked you to take over the senior Pastor role, didn’t he?”


“What was your exposure to Greek in college, John?”

“A bare minimum, I rushed through the degree in three years instead of four and had to cut corners.

“Have you ever heard of the Greek word Ekklesia, John?”

“Yes, that means Church.”

Chapter 1 – Meet John. Tim put his hand on John’s shoulder and continued. “The Greek word Ekklesia is translated into the English word Church. But that is not what it means. Research that when you get a chance, and whatever you do, follow your heart when you get back in there with your Dad and Matthew. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. My advice would be to think about it first”.

“Thank you, Tim.”

“I will talk to you soon, my friend,” John said as he walked back to the meeting.

Halfway to the solarium, John’s phone rings, it’s Emily.

“Hello, Emily.”

“Hi John, How is your meeting going?”

“We’re not quite through yet. Can I call you back when I leave?”

“Yes,” Emily said.

“I will talk to you soon.” John hung up the phone and walked through the doors. Matthew and Austin were waiting for him.

“Are you okay, John,” Austin said?

“Yes, I am fine; this just caught me off guard.”

“John, I need a decision,” Matthew said. Just do what is in your heart; Tim’s words kept going through John’s head. It did not feel like the right thing to do.

“Yes,” John said. “I will take the position.”

Matthew smiled; “go get ready for your date with Emily, John.”

“Congratulations Son,” Austin said. He smiled and shook John’s hand. “Your Mother will be so proud of you.”

As John was turning to leave, Matthew said one last thing that made him feel even less comfortable than he did already.

“Be prepared to give the last of your Father’s lessons on Sunday. And John, you may want to start thinking seriously about a wedding date. People expect a senior Pastor to be married”.

Chapter 1 – Meet John. John pushed open the doors and walked to the exit and left the building, all the while having the strangest feeling that he had done something wrong.


Chapter 2 – Reflections

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 2 – Reflections

Chapter 2 – Reflections. John’s brain overflowed with obtrusive thoughts. Each thought worse than the one before it. All of them unmentionable in any context. John’s flight or fight response had triggered.

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 2 - Reflections
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 2 – Reflections

John’s heart was racing, and it was getting hard to breathe. A weight pushed on John’s chest; a full panic attack was on the way. Why does this feel so wrong? While walking to his car, John pondered the meeting. He takes a deep breath to help calm his nerves, then a second, and a third.

His attention turns to the church; something seemed unusual about it now. The building looks gloomy, repelling John away.

John hurried to his vehicle. He started the car and drove off, leaving a streak of rubber and an audible chirp that echoed in the empty parking lot.

It seemed as if all eyes were on John. As if every car he passed was looking at him in disapproval. Pedestrians glared, children pointed, and not a single person smiled.

The ice sticking on the roads wasn’t helping either, traffic was slow, and the city was doing the best it could to stay ahead of the storm. Minneapolis can handle any amount of snow, but ice can be tricky.

Chapter 2 – Reflections – John had just received permission to marry Emily and offered a job that most any Pastor would want. But he wasn’t happy. Tim’s words kept repeating, “just follow your heart, John.” Why is this all so unsettling? It’s the job I have always wanted; I wonder if I’m doing it for the wrong reasons?

In less than eight hours, everything changed. Just this morning, John was living an entirely different life. He will never know this carefree life again.

John arrives at home. He opened the car door and gathered his belongings. John likes to stay prepared; he stages his backpack in the office and notices a familiar glow.

John has new messages. Emily left a recording; she had some great news to share. Mike also left word; he would be arriving tomorrow around three o’clock.

The weather is going to be a problem; it appears. The warm front that had stalled over town threatened by a blast of Canadian air from the north, and a secondary rain system was forming in the south.

John hurried to the bathroom to take a sedative for his panic attack. Valium and a relaxing shower made John feel like himself again. A change of jeans and a warm shirt made everything better. John grabbed his laptop out of his backpack and went through his email.

John had an email from Emily confirming dinner at 8′ o clock with a smiley face. An assuring email from Mike that he had everything we needed for two days of camping. And a compelling email from an anonymous source that the end of the world is near.

Chapter 2 – Reflections – The author was going on about giants in the Bible, UFOs, and the return of Jesus. Before John could delete the email, another one came in; it was from Matthew. The subject was Sunday’s Sermon, A reflection of the true church.

“Oh, dear,” John said. “I don’t want to deal with this now.” He printed the sermon and placed it in his backpack. As hectic as the day has been, John had forgotten to pray. John prayed silently for guidance, wisdom, and strength.

A soft knock at the door disturbs John’s solace; He went to the door and looked through the peephole, it’s Tim. John opened the door. “Tim, come in out of the weather, my friend,” John said. Tim came in from the cold, “you look rather serious tonight, my friend, please have a seat.”

“Can I offer you some hot coffee or chocolate?”

“No, I’m fine, thanks, John.”

“To what do I owe this honor, Tim? It was terrific seeing you today.”

“Let’s make ourselves comfortable at the kitchen table, here, let me take your coat,” John said.

Tim laid two pamphlets on the table and slid them to John. John read the titles’ Free to be, Just a Christian’ and ‘Thoughts on Punishment of the Wicked.’ Tim cleared his throat to get John’s attention. John could see the seriousness in his eyes.

“What is it, my friend,” John asked?

“John, I was moved to come over and talk with you this evening. I understand that you are taking over for your Father now as Senior Pastor. I suppose congratulations are in order on your promotion.”

“Well, if I can be honest with you for a moment, it was very uncomfortable accepting the offer. Something didn’t seem right about the way Dad was acting. And you know Matthew. What do you think of all of this, Tim?”

“You’re not honest with me all the time Johnny,” Tim said? He was trying desperately to break the ice with John. “I’m just kidding John; you know we go way back you and me, I’ve known you since you were a child. I have been a Christian for a long time, John. When I was your age, I accepted most of what I learned from my parents and what was passed along through the traditions of men; most of us learn this way.”

“But when you go looking for answers in the Bible, it can lead to a serious awakening. For example, the Greek word Ekklesia that I asked you about earlier today? You said that it meant church, and while I agree it is one of the translations for Ekklesia, that is not the original meaning. The word is not even a religious word; it is a political term that means the calling out, an assembly, like in Jesus’ day.”

“A town crier would call an Ekklesia, which is a lawful assembly, or a congregation of people. When King James authorized the translation of the Bible, there was a set of rules on translation he enforced. Rule number three states that old ecclesiastical words must be in use. In other words, Ekklesia was not allowed to translate into its correct meaning of assembly or congregation.”

“It is my belief John that when the Holy Spirit used the Greek word Ekklesia, it meant those belonging to the Lord, or an assembly of believers.”

“Let me ask you this, John? Do you think God wants you to go to church every week to sit idly in the pews and then go about your week living life as usual? Or do you think perhaps that God wants a one on one personal relationship with His believers?”

Tim grew quiet after the last question. John honestly didn’t have an answer, so he faked one. “I believe a combination of those two would lead people down a great path.”

Chapter 2 – Reflections – Tim handed John the Bible and asked him to turn to the chapter and verse that talks about building a Church building. John immediately went to a few verses that he thought would answer the question, but it didn’t. People were either meeting at the synagogue or assembling in homes or wherever they were. “I don’t know what to say, Tim. I’m a little confused by all of this”.

“It’s just the beginning of your journey John. Read what I left with you when you get an opportunity. The document on Hell not being eternal punishment will ruffle many feathers. I got fired for handing these out with Bibles on a mission trip. It sums up what I believe to be true about the church.”

“There is so much more I want to tell you, John. But let’s start with this, promise me you will at least read it and think about it.”

“OK, Tim; I will, I am heading out on a camping trip tomorrow. But I will take it with me.”

“Here are electronic copies, John”; Tim placed the USB stick in John’s hand.

Tim left and closed the door behind him. John felt a little confused, but he trusts Tim. John had never thought about the church like this before.

Tim has a way of making you think. John carefully went through Tim’s brochure and found himself agreeing with the contents. John gave the document extra credence as Tim got fired for handing it out.

Tim’s brochure continues stating there is no mention in the scriptures of worship service, the collection, placing of membership, sermons, men only as Deacons, and finally Deacon as an office. In 1 Corinthians, the offering was to help the poor and needy in Jerusalem. It wasn’t a weekly collection to fill the Church coffers.

Chapter 2 – Reflections – John grabbed his Bible and attempted to refute this new information. But it couldn’t be done without proof-texting, stringing a bunch of verses together from different books of the Bible and using them out of context to arrive at the answers we were all taught.

John knew in his heart that the simple message that Tim had left him was right. He got down on his knees and prayed for God to show him the truth. And John asked God to use him in any way He sees fit to accomplish His goals on Earth.

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Chapter 2 – Reflections – John felt moved to say the Sinner’s prayer and to ask Jesus into his heart again. John had been a Christian his entire life, buried in baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. But the urge was still there. He dropped to his knees and asked God into his life and his heart at that moment and asked God to send him the Holy Spirit.

John asked secondly for wisdom and understanding in interpreting the scriptures. He didn’t want to be fooled anymore by the doctrine of demons, or men, and their traditions. From here on out, we’re doing it Gods’ way.

The sensation of love and the Spirit of God overcame John. Like the feeling when you go over a hill too fast and your stomach tingles. The outpouring started at his head and worked its way through his stomach sending waves of sensation through John’s entire body.

John remembered this feeling; from being baptized. But this was more amazing, and John could feel God’s presence in the room. John just started talking to Him like he was a friend and his Father. John told Him how confused he was and asked for wisdom to understand everything that He wanted to teach me.

Then John sang a song of praise to God before his presence left him. John was dizzy and still intoxicated by what happened, but he knew that God was there and He was going to fill in the missing pieces for him along the way. The answers to John’s questions would soon come.

In the meantime, John reflected on his faith anchor, something that happened to him and him alone in the United States Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, in the ’80s. It always brought a smile to John’s face because he just happened to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an afterlife.

Chapter 2 – Reflections – John only shared this personal story with Mike, but he has had three supernatural experiences in his life. John had two experiences before the age of eighteen, and one involving Mike’s Mom when she participated in a séance. She became possessed with a disembodied spirit.

Every fake church in town kicked them to the curb, but they would soon find a deliverance church. A deliverance Church is the kind of place where they deal with demon possessions and other spiritual infirmities daily.

Deliverance churches cast out demons and get rid of spirits, to make you whole again. John ponders Jesus’ mission on Earth, most of His ministry based around casting out demons. It’s easy to forget these fundamental Bible truths when things are prosperous.

Daydreaming, John finds himself again in boot camp. He was seventeen years old when he joined the United States Navy. John had a three-year hitch before he went to college in South Carolina.

One day in boot camp, after six weeks of basic training, things started to lighten up a bit. John was taking a smoke break and chatting with a gentleman from his sister company. They were getting to know each other, and John had mentioned that he was a Christian.

He trumped John by saying he was a preacher; the title is misleading as he ran the church of Satan. So a Satan worshiper was standing straight in John’s face. His reaction, prove it?

The shady stranger had a very odd and uneasy smile. John thought he was kidding him, and then he asked John what frustrated him about boot camp.

With his spiritual guard down, John told him that he was unable to talk to his girlfriend, and that was the toughest part. With a smile, he said, “I’ll take care of that for you. What is your full name, and where do you live? What’s your girlfriend’s full name and her hometown?” The stranger wished him a good evening and went on his way after John answered his questions. Of course, John forgot about the entire event as fast as it happened, and it didn’t cross his mind again until he went to sleep that night.

It was right after John closed his eyes. Something grabbed him in the middle of his back and pulled his soul right out of his body, straight through the mattress into a different world, a different dimension.

John remembers the darkness and the feeling as he was descending. John could see the layers of Earth move as if he was in an elevator. He had at least three demons that were circling him and pulling him down. They were black silhouettes and flat in appearance. They all kept their hands on John while dragging him down.

Then, John remembered the satanist who promised to help him communicate with his girlfriend, and he knew he was in trouble. Immediately after that realization, the demons started laughing and tugging John faster. John began to smell smoke, and he heard screams that ripped right through his soul. He started screaming for Jesus to help him. It was at that exact moment that he was set free.

John sat straight up in his bunk, soaked in sweat from head to toe. He had a long talk with God that night and thanked God for pulling him through.

The next morning, during the break with their sister company again. John went looking for the satanist to ask him what in the Hell happened.

Chapter 3 – Awakening

When John couldn’t find him, a lean recruit spoke out. “You won’t believe what happened last night. Shortly after the lights went out, the roaming watch found him in the laundry area with a pentagram, burning candles, and in the middle of a satanic ritual.”

John was the sacrifice for his stupidity. He doesn’t know why God saved him that night, and he thinks about it every day. It’s how John knows there is an afterlife, but this isn’t a story he can share with his church.

The phone rings, bringing John out of his daydream.


“Hi, it’s me.”

“Hi Honey”

Emily was silent for a few moments, “what’s going on?” John said.

“My Father is on the way over to your place right now, and he is bringing your dad along. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think we better reschedule dinner for this evening.”

“That’s too bad; I was looking forward to seeing you tonight, honey, what is going on, Emily?”

“Today easily meets the requirements for the oddest day ever,” John said.

“It’s about to get odder,” Emily said.

“I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t expect you will be able to tell me tonight either. Go ahead and do what you have to John. Tomorrow is Thursday, and you and Mike have camping plans. Make sure not to forget your phone again so I can call you, OK?”

“OK, honey, I love you.”

“Be careful, John.”

Emily hung up, and John was left pondering his next step.

Chapter 2 – Reflections – With John’s evening canceled and business on the way now would be a good time to look over his prewritten lesson. John grabbed the printout and looked through it briefly. As John flipped through Sunday’s sermon, he found the UFO and giants’ email warnings as well.

John gets odd emails like everyone else. Sometimes people believe it is their duty to email what they think to be the truth. John begins reading aloud. “Many have trouble rectifying God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament who walked this world. Not all of the books made it into the Bible. Specifically, the books of Enoch, Jashar, and Jubilees. These books tell of the fallen angels in our past, present, and future. Their activities continue even today.”

“I encourage you to look it up; the pieces of this puzzle are right at your fingertips. These fallen angels and their children are still with us today; some are called demons, and some disembodied spirits. In Genesis 6:4, the Bible mentions the Nephilim; your Bible may say, giants. Now look at the very next verse, God decides to destroy the Earth. The fallen angels of Genesis 6:4 mated with earth women and their offspring were the Nephilim Giants. ”

“Angels take the appearance of humans. The Bible tells us that people have entertained angels without even knowing it. So they must be able to pass for normal people. They are spirit beings; they can take over a body just like a spirit and use it for the kingdom. The catch; only benevolent spirits can possess a believer with RH – negative blood”.

“The Bible tells us that in the end days, a great delusion will come upon the Earth, so well-orchestrated that it will deceive even the very elect. Would a false religion do this to a Christian? No. It has to be something so big that most Christians themselves will miss it. They will abandon the faith. First, there has to be a falling away.”

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

“Many, many, credible witnesses have seen UFOs, and I, for one, believe in them very much. The deal is; they’re not aliens, they are demons. Just picture a mass disclosure that UFO’s are real.”

” There are UFO’s in the skies, some landing all over the world. And they have a special message for Earth. ”

“We seeded your universe a long, long time ago, and have been watching you for a long time. We are here to help you ascend; to help you make that next step in the fulfillment of your destiny. We are the gods that your ancient texts speak of.”

“In short, Pastor, the tribulation, will be upon us soon. New age religions and Satan himself are going to use disclosure to fracture the Christian community at the core. Most believers will fall as soon as the ships are in full flight. Sadly, they won’t require a landing as an excuse to abandon their faith, and sadly many people have abandoned it already. Please search for Nephilim giant images on the Internet, and you’ll see what I mean.” The email was signed, “blessings, Lynn M.”

Chapter 2 – Reflections – John went to his computer and opened a web browser. He typed in ‘Nephilim giant images’ and hit enter. Wow, right here in front of John were images of giants dug up all over the world. Some giants were as tall as thirty-three feet tall. The conspiracy folks call it ‘Smithsonian Gate’ as this evidence is suppressed and denied. The giant skeletons all looked like they met their untimely endings against their will. John bookmarked the web site for future study and printed out images to share with Mike.

John placed everything in his backpack, the knock came at the door, time to find out what this is all about. John opened the door, and Matthew and Austin came in from the cold.

“Sorry to barge in on you this evening, John,” Matthew said.

“There is trouble brewing Son,” Austin said.

“Pastor Brent may be involved physically with an eighteen-year-old who he has been teaching at the college outreach program. She called me directly John since you’re senior Pastor, and you need to know.

“What do we know Matthew,” John said?

“She called late today, John, and informed me that she would be bringing it to the attention of the Church soon.”

“It doesn’t look good, John,” Dad said. “I just know somehow that Satan is behind this.”

“I agree with Dad; I believe we are in a war between good and evil. A war that most people would choose to ignore. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We need to get this out in the open fast before it rots.”

“I don’t agree Matthew said, I understand you will be on a camping excursion for a few days. I will handle it while you’re out and bring you up to speed when you get back.”

“No, Matthew,” John said, “you made me Senior Pastor for a reason, I assume? I would hope one of those reasons would be my discernment. I’ll be at the church tomorrow morning to talk to Brent, and I’ll let you know where we take it from there, understood Matthew?”

Chapter 2 – Reflections – Matthew paused for a moment; he looked straight at John for almost a minute without saying a word. In the end, John was the better salesman and did not offer the first words.

“OK, John,” Matthew said. “We’ll try it your way. I hope you understand that my loyalty is to the church, and my interests lie in not losing membership because of something rather tragic like this.”

“I’ll be out in a few Matthew,” Austin said. Matthew walked outside and closed the door behind him. Austin finally started to open up. “Son let’s talk for a moment, today has been pretty weird don’t you think?”

“Yes, it has Dad, first the promotion and now this explosive situation with Brent. And you still haven’t told me how you feel about my promotion to Senior Pastor?”

“John, there are some things you’re going to have to learn quickly. First of all, as much as you think you know about the Bible, you’ll need to follow certain unspoken guidelines if you wish to continue as Senior Pastor.”

“Listen to Brent’s story; listen to everything he tells you. Then talk to me, I will tell you what your next step should be, trust me, Son. Do not talk with Matthew until we have an opportunity to go over this in detail.”

“OK, Dad, I will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Good night John,” Dad said as he walked outside and closed the door behind him.

John walked into his bedroom and lay down. He prayed and then fell fast asleep.

Chapter 3 – Awakening

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 3 – Awakening

Chapter 3 – Awakening – When John woke up this morning, his memories returned one by one in rapid succession. The apartment was cold and crisp, just like John liked it. He swung his feet from the bed down to the cold floor. His morning smile turned to a frown when all the details from yesterday came back.

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 3 - Awakening
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 3 – Awakening

John’s first stop was usually the computer before moving on to coffee. John sat down at the desk to check his email. John wrote Mike an email to confirm he got his message. Once John started typing, he wouldn’t stop until he told him about his promotion, forwarded Mike his research on giants, and lamented about Tim and Brent.

An email from Matthew arrived. Brent would be available at ten o’clock to talk with him today. John emailed Matthew with a confirmation that he would be there and thanked him for the notice. John sent his father a copy of the reply as well, better safe than sorry, John thought.

It was getting late; John sprang into action and showered. The soft water landing gently on his face was relaxing, his mind drifted back to a day when giants ruled the Earth, before the flood. It wasn’t a pretty picture; the giants quickly consumed all of Earth’s resources and turned on the humans.

“Why have I never heard anything about this in history or Bible College,” John said? Instead, John discovered their existence from a random email. He found pictures, expert articles, and theories to back it up. “It makes me wonder, what else gets covered up?”

Chapter 3 – Awakening – John dressed professionally today in dark blue slacks and a white dress shirt, but he packed his hiking boots and cold gear for a quick change. John ground some fresh coffee and started that brewing when the phone rang, great it’s Mike.

“Hello, who’s calling?”

“Hey, cut that out,” Mike said, “What’s going on this morning? I got your email a few minutes ago, giants, UFO’s, oh my.”

We both laughed at Mike’s wit this morning. “I’m glad to see that you’re coming around to the truth. The truth that has been hiding for thousands of years,” Mike said.

“So you don’t have any problem with the material I sent you, Mike?”

“Heck no,” Mike replied, “you’re just peeling back a layer of the onion. Let’s do some studying this weekend, and I will peel back the rest of the layers if you want to know what is going on.”

“I have been studying this for the last few years on the Internet, and it is fascinating, John, what’s out there. Just remember to pack your bags; we’re going on a mind trip. Also, a slight change of plans on our location for this weekend. We have a new destination. I will tell you more when I pick you up at your apartment. Bring your laptop, a Bible, and PDF copies of Enoch, Jashar, and Jubilees from the Internet.”

“Okay, Mike, understood, I’ll get all of that together. I’m running late because of an interview I have to do with our outreach Pastor. It appears he had an affair with an eighteen-year-old new convert. I honestly don’t know what I am going to say to Brent. The elders want me to talk with him since I am the Senior Pastor now. He has a lovely wife and three lovely children, and everything is shattering in all of their lives now.”

“Wow, that’s tough, John; but remember, there are forces at work here that many people do not understand. Remember Ephesians 6:12 John “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

“Christians don’t talk about this much. But we are being told who the battle is with and who is causing us grief. The evil spirits are what we are battling. I have wanted to talk to you for a while about this. Can I offer some assistance in dealing with Brent?”

“Please, Mike; I can use any advice that you have.”

“When you talk to him, take your time to find out what happened. Try to find out why he got distracted from his family, God, and out of touch with his life.”

“John, do not fire this man if you sense involvement from an evil origin. The primary reaction of many Church members would be to fire and excommunicate all involved parties, but this serves to help the enemy reach its final goal”.

“That goal John is to fracture the Church into two groups and start them fighting against each other. Since you’re the new Senior Pastor, put Brent on paid leave immediately and send him off to find God again, and hopefully, some healing for him and his family, have him stay out for that time, like a sabbatical. Congratulations by the way on your promotion, you sure picked a good time to start.”

“Thanks, Mike, that sounds like some excellent advice. It makes for an interesting start to a new career, don’t you think?”

“I do John, and it is the Christian thing to do because, in the end, Brent and his wife are both Christians and are both children of God. It’s been a long time since we got together.” Mike laughed.

“I hope you have the same opinion of me after this weekend. See you later, John.” Mike hung up, and John settled in for a hot cup of french roast coffee, a bagel, and a little more research before heading to work this morning.

Chapter 3 – Awakening – John opened a web browser, and in the search field, he put ‘aliens are demons’ to see if the random email he got last evening had any research behind it. The search returned about 19,900,000 results, John’s auto-suggest feature in his web browser had it as the number one recommendation.

“Looks like I am going to need a little time to go through this,” John said. He sipped his coffee and ate his bagel. He read a couple of short articles that all said the same thing; aliens are not an extraterrestrial event at all. They are evil spirits or fallen angels, and apparently, John’s the last person to figure it out. John chuckled.

John searched for the books of Enoch, Jashar, and Jubilees that Mike mentioned and found them readily available in PDF for free download to his computer. “Enoch, that’s Noah’s Grandfather, right,” John said? The one the Bible said was taken away because he pleased God. John was being deluged with information faster than he could process it. At that moment, John remembers praying for wisdom in all things the night before.

John wondered if this is where the saying ‘Be careful what you ask for’ originated. John looked at the time. “Darn it; it’s 9:15, I better get going”. John shut his laptop and placed it with his binder in his backpack. “This is going to be an interesting weekend,” John said. He stopped everything and got down on his knees to pray for Brent and his family. And the wisdom to discern.

God’s Message on the Web Podcasts

Chapter 3 – Awakening – The sky was very dark and an ominous shade of black on the drive to work this morning. It’s warmer than freezing at the moment; a freezing fog blankets the area. John pulled into the parking lot without incident today. He parked in the Senior Pastor spot since Austin left it open for him. The darkest clouds were directly over the Church. Today is an amazing day, indeed.

When John walked into the office, Janet was waiting for him.

“Good Morning, John, congratulations on your new promotion,” Janet said.

“Thank you, Janet, I’m going to drop my jacket in my office real quick.” “John, please let me take your coat for you; we’ve already taken the liberty of moving you into your dads’ old office. We did our best to make you feel right at home.”

Janet was more professional today, and frankly a little curt for John’s taste. “Please go ahead and check out your new office if you like and I will be down in a few minutes to bring you up to speed, would you like some coffee John?”

“Yes I would please Janet, thank you very much for offering.”

John’s footsteps echoed down the long hall.

“Wow,” John said as he entered his new office, fantastic! Everything decorated as John would have arranged it himself. John’s desk moved over by the fireplace, where they were talking just yesterday. The office overlooks the lake and woods. John was admiring the view when a large thud came from under the desk. “Excuse me, sir, it’s David from security. Sorry to startle you this morning,” David said. He was bumping his head under the desk.

Chapter 3 – Awakening – David is in charge of security; the Church gets its share of trouble running a national ministry. John extends his hand to help David to his feet. “Nice to meet you, David, we’ve seen each other, but I’ve never said hello, my apologies. What’s going on under the desk, David?”

“I was installing a silent alarm under your desk as part of the security upgrades we are going through. If you ever get into trouble press this silent alarm, if anyone on staff cannot respond to you in 2 minutes or less, the alarm calls the police and announces that there is a situation. They respond in ten minutes or less is my understanding after meeting with the chief of police.”

“Thanks for the run down, David; I wasn’t aware that this was the type of job where we needed this level of security.”

“I never thought it would come to this either,” David said. “But if you have any trouble, press the button. Also, John, here is a portable trigger for your key ring; in case you are away from your office.”

“I’ll need you to choose a passphrase John; you’re a celebrity now. You have a unique vantage point, and the security team needs to know when you’re in danger.”

“How about infiltrator,” John said?

“Agreed John, when the security team hears infiltrator, they’ll deploy to protect you.”

“Even during a Sunday worship service, in front of the congregation?”

“During the service is the only time we think you’ll need the keychain, John. We live in a weird world these days, you know? We all carry concealed weapons and wear suits, as you know. After all of the Church shootings, one can never be too careful.”

“And John, if you ever need anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks, David, we’re in the spiritual business here, and the enemies are not always apparent. I need to know that the security team can protect me in case a Church leader is the security risk or some other unforeseen circumstance where my life is in danger?”

“John, no one has ever asked me this before, are you suggesting we might have to move against someone who is a member of this Church,” David said. “I’ll let you know,” John said, “and you’ll be sure because they will be using a weapon of some sort. We never use any theatrics or drama in our service, so it should be pretty straight forward.”

“Okay, John,” David said. He shook John’s hand; “we’ll protect you to the best of our ability here.”

As David left the office, he met Janet at the door and told her the introduction was complete. “Thanks, David,” Janet said. “Please contact the alarm company to secure John’s home as soon as possible.”

Chapter 3 – Awakening – Janet brought John coffee on a large silver platter. “When will you be returning from your camping trip, John?”

“I’ll be back before Sunday morning Janet; could we do the install later in the week?”

“As you wish, John; I must tell you I’m very nervous about this weather and that you make it back on time, you will be back on time?”

Janet set the coffee on the table by the fireplace, “Your father will be in to see you in a few minutes, and you might get a visit from Matthew. Matthew sends his apologies if he is unable to make it back in time to meet with you. He is meeting with the lawyers’ downtown over this issue with Brent.”

“It’s just terrible, don’t you think,” Janet said? “I do,” John said. “This is one heck of a first day.”

“John, everything will be fine,” Janet said, “you have twenty minutes before Brent arrives.”

“Thanks again, Janet,” John said. Janet left the office and shut the door behind her.

John poured a cup of coffee; the aroma had been teasing him for the last few minutes, excellent,” John said. Austin knocked and walked right in; it reminded John of being thirteen again.

“Good morning Son.”

“So, are you looking forward to your camping trip and seeing Mike?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to this getaway; we have had it planned for a while. Please have a cup of coffee with me real quick, Dad?” John poured Austin a cup of coffee.

“I’m proud of you, Son. How are you planning on handling this situation with Brent?”

“Well, I was planning on listening to what Brent had to say, and to try to understand what caused him to follow the path he did.”

“Do what your heart tells you, Johnny. Do you realize that Matthew is meeting with the lawyers this morning? If Brent admits guilt, you understand the pressure will be to let him go, and to excommunicate him from the Church, correct?”

“I realize that is the traditional way Dad, but let me ask you this. Does it make sense to throw a person away, possibly helping destroy their lives, and at the moment they need you the most? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

“So here is my plan; I’m going to listen to Brent and see what in the heck happened. If Brent just had an affair, that’s fine, and I’ll fire him. But here is what I suspect; Brent has been set up by the powers of evil to split the Church. If I get a reasonable suspicion of evil playing a role in this, I’m going to send Brent away on paid leave, a sabbatical, while I sort this all out, can I do that, Dad?”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

“Sure, John, the elders will have to meet to overrule your decision as head of the flock, but this will buy you some time for now, and I think that’s what you need. Be careful with Matthew, but don’t be afraid of him either. Tell him what you told me; it’s a good point that he will not refute immediately.”

Chapter 3 – Awakening – John thought to himself how wise his father had become. John smiled. “I’ll see you soon, Johnny; you’ll do fine.” Austin sat his empty coffee cup down and showed himself to the door.

Next, Janet knocked on the door and let herself in. She brought John a stack of reminders for members that had missed three weeks of Church in a row. “John, this is how I have always done this, so let’s start with this, and if you want to change the process later, I am open to ideas.” Janet also presented the daily prayer list; “it’s customary for the Senior Pastor to pray for everyone on this list personally. When you have finished, drop it in your outbox. I will pass along to the elders and the prayer teams.”

“Next, John, sign the stack of reminders to encourage these members to return. The ministry software generates the missing list weekly and prints these message reminders. Just sign them all please and leave them in your outbox. I will be back to pick them up later. Thanks, John, I’ll send Brent down at ten o’clock.” Janet closed the door behind her.

“How impersonal,” John said. Does a software program decide when I need to interact with a member? John signed all of the reminders and placed them in the outbox for Janet. He looked over the prayer list and prayed for some to be healthy, for some to find jobs, and for some dealing with sick and dying loved ones, and some praises for prayers answered.

The intercom beeped, distracting John from his prayer. It was Janet; “Brent is on his way down, John,” Janet said.

“Thank you, Janet.”

John prayed again, asking for God to give him wisdom and understanding while talking with Brent and thanked Him for all of the blessings. A knock came to the door. “Come in,” John said. It was Brent; John stood up and walked over to meet him. Brent looked terrible; he hadn’t showered in days. He just stood there with his head hung in shame.

John didn’t know what to say right away, but when he saw the tears running from Brent’s eyes, he knew he was suffering terribly. John threw his arms around Brent; Brent hung on to John with everything he had. It was apparent to John he already knew he had lost everything.

“Come over and set down by the fireplace and let’s talk,” John said, gently leading Brent. “Have a seat and take a moment to think about what it is that you want to say. I understand that you had an affair, but I am not here to judge you about that. I am here to help you if I possibly can.”

Chapter 3 – Awakening – Brent was choking back the tears. “Lisa kicked me out John, I don’t have family here, and most of my friends are in the Church. I have nowhere to go and nowhere to turn. It’s all a setup I tell you, John.”

“What do you mean, Brent, when you say it was a setup?”

“John, you have to believe me: I never meant to do anything like this. I love Lisa and my family so much,” Brent said.

“What led to this happening?”

“I was working the college outreach program last week that was sponsored by the Church. Kara approached me; she wanted to get to know Jesus. She is an orphan who had just started college. Kara told me she needed guidance because of the passing of her parents.”

“John I taught her about Jesus, and she responded to the Gospel and told me that she asked Jesus into her heart. Of course, I was very excited to see our outreach program making a difference in the lives of people, but with Kara in particular. She seemed so interested in God’s word, and I spent half a week working with her every evening after work at her apartment.”

“Brent, how could you put yourself into this kind of situation? Why didn’t you use the Church instead,” John said.

“John, after two or three evenings, she started opening up to me about her life and some of the things she had done in her life. I felt like I was helping someone breakthrough and bringing them to Christ. At the end of Kara’s third visit, she fell apart in tears and asked me to hold her, which I did. I was crying with her about her parents, her trials, and her conversion to Christ, and it was at that moment when I thought I had finally made a difference that everything changed for me.”

“I had become aroused by the hug; I’m sorry, John, I’m human. I tried to leave, but Kara told me she would never believe in God if I left her at this time of need. Kara looked deep into my eyes while holding my head, and I stared into her eyes. I became powerless, she kissed me John, and I swear that it sent electricity through my entire body, I couldn’t move. I tried to speak, to say the word no, and couldn’t get it out.”

“I was under a spell, I didn’t want anything to do with this, but I was powerless to say no. I just lay there in a state of paralysis while Kara made love to me. I can’t say that I was making love to her as I was not in control, not until it was underway. And I couldn’t stop, an appetite awakened inside of me. I don’t know; I already thought I blew it with the family. So it didn’t matter anymore.”

“After it was over, Kara told me to look into her eyes, which I did. Her eyes were endless, and I got lost in them – this time, I grabbed her and threw my arms around her. The chemistry between us was so strong that the hair on my arms stood up. For the rest of the evening, I forgot who I was for the most part as I made love to Kara over and over. Nothing has ever felt more real to me, John. I can’t compare it with anything else in my life.”

“I went home and slept on the couch that night and had terrible nightmares about my decisions. I avoided Lisa in the morning and quickly got dressed and went to work. After work, I went to Kara’s apartment to talk with her about what happened last night. But she was already gone John; the apartment was vacant, all of her furniture and personal effects were gone. I have ruined my life.”

“What happened next,” John said?

“The next thing I know Kara has an attorney, and I get a call from Matthew, he tells me that I have to talk with Lisa before he does and gives me a deadline of the end of the day. Not knowing what to do, I talk with Lisa, and she flew into a rage and kicked me out. I have been living in my car ever since, and I have been praying. It seems like God isn’t listening to my prayers right now.”

“And here I am at the end of my rope fully expecting to be fired, excommunicated, all when I need the Church more than I ever have in my life.” Brent broke into tears, and John embraced him while he cried.

Chapter 3 – Awakening – It sure seems suspicious that Brent was unable to say no. But it does take two; was Brent tricked into this situation? While I do find fault in what has happened, there are enough unknowns to warrant an investigation before ending Brent’s career,” John thought. John stood up and looked into Brent’s eyes; a lost man stared back at him.

Chapter 3 – Awakening – John reached into his pocket and took off an extra key he had made for the apartment and gave it to Brent along with all the money he had in his pocket. “This is the key to my apartment; you can go there after I leave for my camping trip late this afternoon. There is a spare bedroom on the right. Make yourself at home.”

“Shower, relax, and get your head together. You’re on paid leave until this is all sorted out. Leave now and don’t talk to anyone on the way out. Dodge Matthew, like your life depends on it and Brent; God bless, I will be back before Sunday.”

Chapter 3 – Awakening – Brent hugged John and left quickly. “I need to get ready as well,” John said; he packed his backpack and headed for his car.

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara. John walked outside to find Austin waiting by his car. “John, what happened in there,” Dad said? “Brent ran out just in front of you.”

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 4 - Brent and Kara
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

“Well, I believe Brent, something peculiar is going on, and I would like the chance to sort it out.”

“Did he admit to it”?

“Yes he did, I find the circumstances suspect though.”

“Like what John?”

“The way Brent told the story, I have doubts. Brent indicated he tried to stop what was happening but was in a trance. Also, Kara moved out of her apartment that night. Brent went back first thing the next morning to confront her. She must have had help to move all of her things after dark. I see no other way.”

“Is there anything else, John?”

“Yes, Kara contacted Matthew directly; she didn’t come through a lawyer. How would she know to contact Matthew? She’s never been to the Church as far as I know.”

“John, you made a wise decision,” Austin said, “I will deal with Matthew; you better get going before you miss your one chance for relaxation before work begins.”

“Okay, Dad, I love you, give Mom this hug for me. I should be back late Saturday night.” You have to trick Austin into a hug, but he still smiled as he walked off.

“I love you, Son, be careful.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John’s cell phone vibrated, it’s Emily.

“Hi Emily”

“Have you forgotten about me, John”?

“No honey, it’s been a pretty stressful couple of days here, I’m sorry. I just finished talking with Brent. Brent had an affair with a young woman. I ended up putting him on paid leave while we investigate.”

“So that’s what Dad was keeping quiet. He is going to press you to fire Brent, you know.”

“I know how it seems, Emily, but like I just told my Father, there is something suspicious going on here. Can you do me a favor and help a fellow Christian in need?”

“Of course, John.”

“Brent is staying at my apartment for a little while, at least until I return from camping. Can you please check in on him for me while I am gone? He is seriously messed up by this whole thing and needs someone to care right now. I hate to ask, knowing that it could put you at odds with your Father. If you listen to his story, it will blow your mind. ”

“Of course, John, I will check on your place while you are gone. And if Brent wants to talk, I’ll listen to him. You know, honey, despite the implications of everything going on, it is lovely of you to help Brent. Call me before you leave, okay?”

“I will; I love you, Emily, goodbye.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John tossed the phone into his backpack; a reflection caught John’s attention. In the passenger’s seat was a gift with a card from Matthew. “Congratulations on your promotion John. I’m sorry I missed you John, and to cut your vacation a little short. Please accept this Fallkniven survival knife as a gift from me.” John couldn’t believe his eyes, a two hundred dollar survival knife, “maybe I misjudged Matthew?” John said. John had his eyes on this knife for years. He threw the new gift in his bag and started his car.

John drove out of the parking lot, looking forward to his time away. The temperature was dropping quickly, causing the melted ice to re-freeze. On the drive home, John thought about everything that Brent told him. The whole situation is beyond belief; little did John know that it would all be clear very soon. He pulled into the apartment complex and noticed a jeep parked in his spot; it was Mike.

John parked next to Mike’s Jeep and quickly exited. “You’re late,” Mike said. “Or I’m early, one of the two.”

“Mike, you look great, you’ve lost a lot of weight since I saw you last time. Come in and relax for a moment while I finish getting my things together.” John held open the door and motioned for Mike to walk in first; “make yourself at home, Mike; I can’t get over how great you look.”

“Thanks, John, I’ve been wondering about Pastor Brent; can you share with me what happened,” Mike said? John explained what Brent’s told him about meeting Kara and the events that followed.

“Where is Brent now?”

“I gave him the spare key to my apartment for the weekend. Emily promised to check up on him while we’re away.”

“That’s great, John; Brent needs people in his life who won’t give up on him. That’s a great way to help someone who is really in need. Remember when I told you that there are evil forces are at work?”

“Yes I do Mike, can you explain how evil forces tie in with Brent?”

“Call Brent and ask him to come over now if he can, he’s in danger. I’ll bring you up to speed on a scheme that Satan and his followers have used throughout history. I was going to save this for later, with a warm fire and cold drink. But now is a good time.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John called Brent, but there was no answer; John left a message for Brent to return the call as soon as possible. As he was leaving the message, Brent called back. “Hello, Brent,” John said.

“Brent, can you go ahead and come over here now? A friend of mine tells me that you’re in danger. He would like to talk with you if he can before we leave on our trip.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” Brent said. “John, thank you so much for the place to stay. I wouldn’t have anywhere to stay without you.”

” You’re welcome, Brent; I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

John flipped through his notes on ufos and aliens, and the book of Enoch. John looked at the cover of the book of Enoch and read the summary. Not only was first Enoch not a candidate for canonization, but it was also labeled as heresy and destroyed.

First, Enoch contains information about the fallen angels. Enoch tells their story in our past, present, and future. “It’s certainly a day for realizations,” John said.

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – Mike was returning from freshening up. “You’ve got that right; let me see what you’ve got there, John.”

John handed Mike the book of Enoch. “Oh yes, we’ll get into this later. Enoch shows us the lie, the lie Satan is using to deceive the masses. Let’s talk about Brent for a moment,” Mike said.

“He should be here in about fifteen minutes, Mike.”

“We have so much to catch up on John. I’ve meant to get together with you and bring you up to speed on what I have learned; it seems Brent has forced my hand.”

“John, the Church is under attack and has been since the beginning. I’m willing to bet Brent is being used to split your Church. Brent is just a pawn of Satan who hates us all. Most Churches are infiltrated by satanists whose job is to cause dissent and problems for the Church. They walk among us every day. , the enemy is organized unfortunately for us, and they are invisible because most Christians do not believe they exist. They work in the shadows.”

John stood up and began pacing across the room. “Mike, are you telling me there is probably a satanist in my Church”?

“More than one John, a Church your size probably has several, with a few of them in high places. There are many stories about what they wear and how they act, but they all have one thing in common, they like to give expensive gifts. It allows them access to your life, and direct access to tie up your best asset, your time.”
“It’s funny you should mention gifts,” John said. John reached into his bag and retrieved the Fallkniven survival knife that Matthew gave him. “This Fallkniven is worth at least two hundred dollars. It was a gift from Matthew, our Senior Elder.”

“Let me see that knife, John,” Mike said. John handed the blade safely to Mike.

Mike checked out the knife; he started looking concerned, “what’s wrong, Mike?”

“I’m getting a horrible feeling about this knife, John. Maybe it was used in human sacrifice or something. It’s the perfect gift to make sure you never succeed in your ministry on Earth. Please tell me you don’t want this, John?”

“Mike, if you have a bad vibe over this knife, I don’t want anything to do with it,” John said.

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“Has it harmed me in some way already?”

“No, John, I don’t think so; the gift creates a soul tie between you and the giver. Since you don’t want it, I think it will be okay as long as we get rid of it now. Why don’t you take a few moments in private to pray, ask God to break all soul ties brought upon you by this gift, and pray to ensure Gods’ hedge of protection is solidly in place. In the meantime, I’m going to get rid of this; I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes.”

John went into his bedroom and closed the door to pray. Mike took the gift outside to dispose of it.

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – When John returned to the living room, he found Mike was finishing praying as well. John stood silent for a moment while he finished. Mike stood up and walked over to John, “we sure dodged a bullet there, my friend.” A quiet knock came to the door,” let’s help Brent dodge one as well.”

John opened the door, “come in, Brent; I’d like you to meet my best friend, Mike.”

“Hi Mike,” Brent said.

“Hi Brent, nice to meet you,” Mike said.

“Mike and I went to college together, and we’ve shared some supernatural experiences. It was Mike’s advice to ignore Matthew’s requests to fire you if something seemed out of place.”

“What do you mean by out of place, John?”

“I mean the supernatural world, Brent.”

“Go ahead, Mike, I believe we are both interested in what you have to say,” John said.

“Brent, it would have been nice to meet you under better circumstances,” Mike said. “Please tell me in your own words what happened to you, Brent?”

Brent re-told the tragic story of how he met Kara in the college outreach program. “Kara approached me Mike; she wanted to get to know Jesus. Kara was an orphan; she just started college.”

How terrible John thought, to keep re-living a mistake. Brent had finished explaining the details, why he was powerless, how Kara moved the next day. “Brent, the bad news is you have some fault here. If there is any good news, it’s that you were setup. You were a target of opportunity for the forces of darkness. Churches are broken apart like this daily.”

“On to the bad news,” Mike said. “Brent, you have a hole in the protection that God extends to Christians. What you need to do is pray for protection and ask God to come back into your life Brent, it’s that simple. Nothing can ever separate us from God if we are willing.”

“People are spiritually injured by intimacy with people like Kara. That is her job, day after day she goes looking for Christians to deceive. Pastors are extra credit because it disrupts an entire group of believers and keeps their focus away from God.”

“Kara intends to destroy families. Let me rephrase that, Kara intends to destroy Christian families. She leaves non-believers alone to give the appearance Christians are worse with sexual sins than anyone, and it works. No one wants to hang out with hypocrites.”

“How do you know all of this, Mike,” Brent asked?

“When I was a young man, my mother had a period in her life where she was in a lot of spiritual danger. She started hanging with a bad group of people. One night during a séance, a hole in her protection from God opened up to spiritual possession by a disembodied spirit or demon, whichever term works better with your beliefs.”

“She took most of her belongings, pictures, jewelry, and clothes. She placed them all at the end of our driveway and set them on fire. I pulled into the driveway and found most of her belongings still on fire, but I could not find her outside, so I went in. I found her in a delusional state; she was asking if I saw the fireman that just left.”

“What firemen Mom I asked her? She was returning with another handful of her belongings to burn. As she opened the front door, two firefighters that were in full uniform each grabbed an arm and escorted her to the couch. They told her she didn’t want to burn anything else.”

“After they calmed her down, they wished her well and left with the sirens blazing. No firefighter had ever been there Brent because firefighters would have put out the fire in the driveway. Records later showed that no firemen ever came. In the end, we believe angels intervened and kept her inside and calmed her down before I could get home.”

“The trouble was beginning; she suffered many spiritual attacks. Every Church we turned to for help asked us to leave. People we had known for our entire lives shut the door on us as soon as the topic of possession came up in conversation. In the end, we had nowhere to turn except the psychiatric hospital, and they turned us away as well. Her insurance declined.”

“In the end, we found a deliverance Church for Mom that dealt with this sort of thing, and they laid hands on her and prayed for her, and cast the spirits out. The only way that spirit left her was with the name of Jesus Christ.”

“What you need Brent is to seal up that hole in your hedge of protection, before a spirits set up a house.”

“John where can Brent go to pray by himself,” Mike said?

John stood up and asked Brent to follow him and to bring his things. John escorted Brent to the guest room; “this is your room, for now, Brent.”

Mike walked over to Brent’s room and placed his arm around him.

“I love you because you’re family Brent, in the largest sense of the word. You need to pray and ask God to send his angels down to surround you and protect you. Ask for forgiveness and ask God to close any holes in your hedge of protection that opened when you sinned. Also, pray the same for your wife. I know from experience that nothing is more powerful than a true believer on his knees, praying. It can cause hell to shake at its very seams.”

Chapter 5 – Portal

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – Thank you, Mike, I’m going to get started right now on the praying. Brent closed the door behind him, and Mike and John went back to the small living room to set back down.

“Mike, where did you learn all of this about the supernatural? I remember your mother. Where did you get all of this new information”?

“John, it’s hidden in plain sight in the Bible, Proverbs 9:17-18 “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious! But little do they know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of the grave.”

“A couple of Bible translations I own translate the dead as giants or evil spirits that are with this woman; she is calling out to everyone who passes to lead men astray. These traps cause sexual sins to destroy more families than most other sins combined. ”

“It severs families, rips children from their parents, which in turn can cause problems with them later in life. I have so much more to tell you, John. I’m worried about Brent and his family. I do not doubt that Brent can fix the problem with his relationship with God and undo what the evil forces have done to him. Even when he wins this challenge, he has to face a wife that is unlikely to understand anything I just explained to you. It’s what caused the fall of humanity, John. The fallen angels wanted it very badly; that is why sex is such a core sin.”

“Sorry, Mike, this isn’t exactly how I planned on starting our camping trip. What’s new with you, by the way?”

“What I haven’t told you John is I have a new woman in my life, her name is Maria. She grew up in Nigeria in a small village, the daughter of a missionary from America. She was a firsthand witness to the many bizarre things befalling Christians back then. Maria was eventually recruited and is an ex-satanist, and one of the most powerful Christians that I know. Maria is an intercessor John; she’s been asking a lot about you. It spurred our camping trip this weekend.”

“Maria is how I knew about the knife and soul ties; she worked for the dark side for a long time. She found Jesus while torturing Christians. Her group abducted and was torturing a Christian, a native from Nigeria, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was screaming in Latin while they carved his body up. He didn’t know Latin John; it was then that Maria prayed and asked Jesus to prove that He was more powerful than Satan. Jesus came through John and saved that man’s life, and Maria became a Christian, It’s an amazing story.”

“That is why I said we are in a battle for our souls. John, most Christians never give it a second thought. Maria’s handlers stated that the goals were simple; to bring division into the Church, to bring disbelief to the Church, and to prey upon any married believers that they can infiltrate. Brent was a target for infiltration.”

“There are plenty of times that people fall in love with other people, and that can be devastating as well. But nothing equals the powers of evil when you invite it into your life. Brent’s case is typical; she is attracted to him by a revival outreach meeting and spots her prey. She feigns interest in Christ, which looks very real to the preacher or Pastor, and she sticks around after the service. Nothing makes a believer happier than bringing a lost soul to Christ.”

“She might invite herself over to talk about God or invite the Pastor over. Either way, it is the same if the Pastor doesn’t have the gift of discernment. If he fails to recognize her for who she is, he is doomed. It’s what happened to Brent, and I have seen this footprint a hundred times now. Brent’s case is a little unusual as this girl was not a member, is that correct John?”

“That’s correct, Mike; Brent said he met her at an outreach event on campus, and it all started from there, pretty much the way you just described. The other odd part is that she vanished; her entire apartment was empty the next day with a cold trail and no way to find her.”

“Exactly, John, and that makes me wonder if Brent is the actual target. Satan knows his time is short, and he is working feverishly to trick as many people as he can. If Christians knew what their adversaries know about them, they would be unstoppable.”

“What’s behind the sudden promotion, John?”

“Dad got sick and admitted to the hospital; I ended up preaching the last three weeks. Our ratings went through the roof; Matthew, who is our Senior Elder, approached me about taking over as lead pastor, my Dad was in on it as well. Dad sends his greetings by the way”.

“What kind of rating increase are we talking about here”?

“Our ratings went from a million to a million and a half in just three weeks. I was very excited about that.”

“You should be excited, John, what a testament of your talents. I want you to ponder this for a second; maybe what happened to Brent was a well-orchestrated plan to halt your evangelism and Church growth”?

“An attack against me, John said?”

“When people start turning to God in large numbers, it disrupts Satans’ plans, and he has to do something about it. To me, it sounds like you’re too good of a preacher. You’re rocking the boat. You affected viewing ratings, which means people are talking about you. These people are telling their friends and so on; eventually, this word gets back to the adversary.”

“And it’s only my second day,” John said.

Mike and John both laughed hard for a moment, but both knew that this was serious. “Let’s get out of here, John, before anything else happens.”

“I agree, I would like to hear more about the supernatural though when we get an opportunity, Mike.”

“We’ve barely scratched the surface, John; I have so much to share with you this weekend.”

“John, you need to keep praying for God to open your heart to these things. You will see everything clearly in a day or two at the camp, I promise.”

“What is the camp?”

“We haven’t talked in a little over a month, John; I bought some wooded acreage about five hours north of here in Superior National Forest that is our destination. Bring all of your cold-weather gear; we’ll be roughing it to some extent.”

“Be patient with me, John; I’ll bring you up to speed on what I have learned, and we’ll tie it together with the help of Maria. She’s waiting for us at the campsite.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John knocked on Brent’s door on the way out to tell him he would see him in a few days. Mike and John grabbed the bags and headed out the door.

“What time does it get dark today,” Mike said? About 5:00 PM, I think, are you ready to get going, Mike”?

“Yes, I do have a detour I would like to make on the way out of town. Think of it as peeling back another layer of the onion.” Mike helped John carry the gear down to the Jeep. John felt like he was eight years old again.

Chapter 5 – Portal

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 5 – Portal

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 5 - Portal
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 5 – Portal

Chapter 5 – Portal – John and Mike walked outside into a snowstorm. A half an inch of snow had fallen since they went inside, and was accumulating on the ground. The low hanging clouds smothered the fading light. The snowflakes were huge; in the distance, a particularly dark cloud hung ominously. Mike pointed to the clouds in the distance. “What is over in that direction,” Mike said?

“That’s over by the Church, Mike.”

“I want to drive by there on the way out of town,” Mike said.

“Mike, thanks for helping Pastor Brent.”

“I am hoping that he is making his peace with God.”

“Me too, brother, it is great to see you finally,” Mike said.

“We have a lot of catching up to do; when do you need to be back home, John?”

“Sometime Saturday evening Mike, I lead worship service early Sunday morning.”

“So, where are we going, Mike?”

“I bought a retreat property that borders Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota. It’s a small place on the Canadian border with the most amazing backyard. Maria and I have a good-sized cabin and a nice travel trailer for guests.”

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike started the Jeep; “I’m hoping we can outrun this weather; which way to your Church John?”

“It’s on the way to I-35, just get back to the highway and get on 394 and drive to northwest Minneapolis.”

“So when did all of this start, John?”

“After Dad got sick, I started preaching full time; I was having a great time with it because I was filling in, I didn’t have much skin in the game at that point. And now, the day after my promotion, all hell breaks loose.”

“John, what if I told you all of this was happening because of your promotion?”

“You’d have to prove it. Mike, I have five dollars with your name on it if my promotion caused all of this mess.”

“Get your money handy, Johnny.” As Mike and John got closer to the church, they noticed that the storm seemed to center directly over it. “Where can we get a look at the Church without being seen,” Mike said?

“Pull off at this exit and drive behind the shopping mall, it faces the rear of the Church.” The sun was setting; it was almost five o’clock when Mike pulled behind the church.

“Grab your binoculars, Johnny, and let’s go.” Mike knew right where his binoculars were; John had to fumble for his after getting out of the Jeep. The snow was picking up fast. The trees were bare – the weight of the ice on the branches causing them to droop towards the ground.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike ran for the closest pine tree grove and took cover. John was right behind him. A flash of light turned the sky red and shook the ground with an explosion; it was thundersnow. If you’ve never seen thundersnow, it looks like the end of the world. The sky is blood red. Every time the lightning strikes, it seems like it is raining fire.

Mike and John were lying prone under the trees. “What is that at two o’clock, John, over close by the Church?”

“That looks like Matthew,” John said. “Take a good look John, what do you think he is doing?”

“It looks like Matthew is walking backward around the Church; reading something, what in the hell is he doing?”

Chapter 5 – Portal – A cluster of lightning struck all around the church. The thunder was as loud as bombs going off, the ground shook, and John and Mike felt like they were taking enemy fire in a war movie. That’s when it happened; three lightning strikes came together in one point over the church for almost 10 seconds. A strange spiral was now visible over the church, turning slowly. You could tell by the look on Mike’s face he was scared.

“What the hell indeed, John, I’ve heard stories about this.”

“What’s going on, Mike?”

“Matthew is walking backward around the Church, saying the Lord’s Prayer in reverse John.”

“What the hell is that round thing spiraling above the Church?”

“I’m not sure, Mike; I think it’s a portal of some kind.”

And then it dawned on John.” Matthew’s the enemy, isn’t he?”

“I’m afraid so John, he gave you the knife; I’ll bet he set up Brent too, but I don’t know why.”

“What were you praying for when you felt Gods’ presence, John?”

“When I felt God’s presence, I prayed for wisdom.”

“Congratulations, John, you got it, let’s get the hell out of here. Mike shouted.”

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike stood up and ran back to his Jeep. John couldn’t believe it; he stayed and watched as Matthew walked backward around the Church three times. Matthew stopped and stared in John’s direction; John did his best to keep hidden. Lightning struck the row of trees John was hiding behind. “Well, that escalated quickly; time to get the hell out of here,” John said. John ran back to the waiting Jeep.

Mike backed up the Jeep and turned it around. “What are you going to do with all this new understanding, John?”

“I don’t know Mike; I will tell you when I figure it out.” Mike floored the accelerator and squealed out of the parking lot and back on to the highway.

Mike has spent the last two years piecing together the greatest deception ever brought against humanity. Mike and John both sat quietly as the Jeep sped back onto the highway. Mike wasn’t driving safe, and John didn’t seem to mind. Whatever would put some distance between themselves and the church.

The snow started to slow as they moved away from town. Mike broke the silence. “John, let’s talk about the book of Enoch. Enoch was not a candidate for canonization John, The Catholic Church destroyed the book of Enoch around 300 A.D., and any surviving copies were buried deep beneath the Vatican. But, God provided a way for these books to survive.”

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“The book of Enoch survived foremost through the Ethiopian Church. Some believe they were probably carried back with the Queen of Sheba when she left Solomon’s Palace; the Bible tells us that Solomon gave Sheba everything she asked for and more. I will go into this more in detail later, but there is a book called the Kebra Nagast, that tells the story.”

“So the book of Enoch talks about the origins of the Fallen Angels?”

Yes, John, several other books mysteriously disappeared from our Bible as well, the books of Jashar and Jubilees. Jashar and Jubilees both tell about the fallen angels coming to Earth to mate with the women they chose.

“Their offspring; the giants were the real cause of the flood John, not men. The book of Jubilees is also in the Ethiopian canon right after Enoch. And Enoch is placed directly after Deuteronomy and before Joshua. That is how important these books are to the world.”

“The Dead Sea Scrolls was the second major find. And John, it’s not like they found a couple of copies. They found twenty-five copies of Enoch compared to twenty-four of Genesis. The notes I found on the subject are obvious; the books of Enoch and Jubilees were essential; we know this because of their preservation. There were twenty-one copies of Jubilees found compare to eighteen copies of Exodus.”

“You’ll need to read these books for yourself to get the full understanding. If I were going to sum it up in a sentence, it would be, God has a DNA problem. Once the angels fell, they taught witchcraft and all sorts of things to their women.”

“John, I believe the reason that God caused the great flood was to wipe these Nephilim Giants from this planet. Some texts show that these giants were cannibals. After they exhausted all of the resources on the planet, they started eating people John. God saw his creation wiped out, and He brought the flood to stop it. In Genesis 6:4, right after the giants are mentioned, God decides to destroy the world.”

“God was saving his lineage John; that he would soon use to bring Jesus Christ into this world. He had to do something about it.”

“Do you remember what Jesus said the last days would be like John?”

“Yes, He said they would be like the days of Noah.”

“Are you telling me they’re coming back,” John said?

“They’re already here, my friend; welcome to the last days.”

Chapter 5 – PortalThat was quite a revelation John thought, that the end times would be just like the days of Noah. Things were quiet for a while on the drive while thoughts came and went. “It all makes sense, too; I finally have an answ – er for some of the toughest Bible questions ever asked,” John said. “I just have a funny feeling that no one is going to believe it, not the believers, nor the Agnostics, nor Atheists.”

“Welcome to the grand delusion Johnny.” The Bible says that something will cause a great falling away, and that’s just the believers John. They don’t want to believe it, and as sad as it is going to be, some will abandon the faith.”

“Mike, there is a truck stop ahead, can you pull over for a moment please?”

Mike pulled off the highway at the next exit and parked at the truck stop.

“I need to use the facilities; I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Mike stayed behind to fill the Jeep up with gas. John walked into the truck stop, and Mike had a moment to reflect. Mike turned on the radio. The national weather service was warning of blizzard-like conditions for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. The forecast for the camp was about the same. They didn’t have the freezing rain on the border, but a good base of snow was accumulating.

John walked through the restaurant on his way to the bathroom. All eyes were on him as he made his way to the back. An old jukebox was playing George Jones, rose-colored glasses. People were milling around the service desk area. John walked into the bathroom; an obnoxious mold and mildew smell penetrated the air. Graffiti lined the walls; the cleanest part of the bathroom was the condom machine.

John finished up and was washing his hands when a shadow in the mirror startled him. In the mirror, John could see the stranger looking at him in anger, although he wasn’t saying anything. John dried his hands and turned around to leave. “Hi, my name’s George,” the stranger said.

Chapter 5 – Portal = George did not look good; he hadn’t bathed in a while; his hair and beard were in serious disarray. “You look familiar to me,” George said while extending John an unwashed hand. John swallowed his pride and shook his hand anyway, not wanting to offend George, “I can always rewash it later.” John thought.

“I know you from T.V., don’t I?”

“Yes sir, I’m the Pastor at the Glass Cathedral Church in Minneapolis, perhaps you have seen our T.V. show? George started hurling profanities at John, mocking God as well. George continued his tirade, shouting that God wasn’t real and that John was one of the worst kinds of human beings ever to be born.” John didn’t know what to do; his instinct kicked in “in Jesus’ name shut up, John said.” George was terrified; He turned around without saying another word and walked out.

John must have washed his hands at least three times before he left that bathroom. Mike came into the truck stop as John was walking out. “Are you OK, John?” John explained the incident with George, and Mike became concerned. “Let’s get out of here, John.”

The manager approached Mike and John; “what happened?” “I’m not sure,” John said.

“We don’t want any trouble here; you need to be on your way.”

“We didn’t do anything. George cornered me in the bathroom and went insane on me. We’ll be on our way.” Mike noticed the truckers standing up and following us outside.

George was wandering around aimlessly in the parking lot. A small crowd of people gathered around. George saw us, and the obscenities resumed as he headed our way. “John, you’re going to have to cast the evil spirit out of that man.”

George was known for being a loudmouth and tough guy at the truck stop. Mike kept the crowd calm as John approached George. “What do you want from us,” George asked? “Leave us alone; it’s not the appointed time. “Oh yes, it is, in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of this man, John said.”

Every exorcism is a little different; George was thrown to the ground by an unseen force and tossed back and forth as screams penetrated the night air. Many spirits possessed George; the cries sounded like a horror movie where many people died.

The crowd looked on in amazement as John helped George up from the ground. There was no more foul mouth lunatic, just a child of God.

“Where am I,” George said?

“You’re at the truck stop, George.”

“What just happened? Did I pass out; did I get in a fight? What happened?”

“I cast several evil spirits out of you after you went crazy on me in the restroom; I hope you’ll be OK, George.”

“You’re the Pastor from T.V., aren’t you?”

“Yes, George, my name is John.”

“I’ll see you on Sunday morning,” George said. George is a big guy, so he caught John off guard when he hugged him. “Thank you; thank you for giving me my life back.”

“You’re welcome, George.”

“I have to go, but I mean it, I’ll see you Sunday.”

Applause broke out from the small crowd, which made John feel awkward. “Let’s go, Mike.”

Mike and John walked back to the Jeep. Mike revved the engine and squealed the tires, pulling out of the truck stop. Mike broke the silence.

“We may not have as much time as I originally thought,” Mike said.

“Enough time for what?”

“John, I need to tell you something, and I need you to keep an open mind. Do you know what an intercessor is?”

“Yes, that is someone who God talks to in a dream or vision, and they have a message to share with you, right?”

“I had an intercessor tell me that it was my duty to share with you everything that I had learned. They believe that you will share it with the world. In my opinion, it couldn’t happen at a better time because the world is becoming an entirely weird place.”

Chapter 6 – Michael

“For whatever reason, John, we are now a direct threat to them. And they will do their best to throw us off track, or try to kill us. But we have God on our side.”

“I knew there was something wrong about the truck stop. It felt like there were hundreds of eyes all focused on me at once.”

“So you felt it, the evil that was in that place?”

“Yes, it felt cold, and the hair stood up on my arms when George was staring at me.”

“Good, your spirit of discernment is working quite nicely. Now that you know what to look for, always be on the lookout when you feel that again.”

John was thinking about Emily and how she would react to the news of all of this? Will Emily still love John after he explains that giants walked the Earth? How is Emily going to respond to the report that satanists most likely infiltrate our church, and her dad is probably one of them?

“I’m going to lose Emily over this, “John said.

“Not if she is a Christian with the spirit of discernment. Once you understand the events behind these sacred texts disappearing, it becomes apparent that someone buried the truth.”

“Emily is a smart girl; don’t give up on her just yet, John. Give her a chance to come around to the truth; she will believe you based on the merits of the sacred texts alone, or she won’t. Either way, you owe her the truth, John.”

” We are fighting a race against time, John. The truth needs to get out before the forces of evil get out their version and deceive the very elect, just like the Bible says.”

“What is the real story, Mike?”

Mike paused for a second. “You have no idea what the forces of evil are planning to do, John. We have been tricked by the media, the internet, and the government to some extent, that UFO’s are real. Even though disclosure hasn’t happened yet, the list of people that have gone on the record saying UFOs are real is amazing. There are sightings everywhere, and Hollywood continues to condition us to accept these as normal with movies.”

“I believe in UFO’s,” John said. “When I was a small child, one of my first memories is a visitation that happened in my bedroom. I went to bed one evening, and my bedroom door quietly swung open. A small ship the size of a Frisbee flew in and landed on the end of my bed. These tiny gray alien creatures, no taller than six inches tall, got out and inspected me.”

“That’s very interesting, John. An open mind makes this much easier. John, I have some good news and bad news,” Mike said. “Which do you want first?”

“I’ll choose good news.”

“The good news is aliens are real; the bad news is that they are disembodied spirits working for Satan. They plan to bring the end game that will catch many Christians unaware. Have you ever wondered what the strong delusion might be that spoken of in second Thessalonians?”

“Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

“This audience of that message is Christians according to the text. Let me ask you this, John. What would cause a Christian to abandon the faith? Would Islam cause a Christian to lose faith in Jesus or God? Does Judaism deceive us? How about Hinduism or Buddhism? What else could cause a Christian to abandon everything they believe? I’ll tell you what, alien ships hovering over every major city, with a possible landing in D.C. and an official disclosure.”

“Maybe they will tell us they are the gods that history records? Or that they seeded the universe and are here to help us reach our next level of ascension. Most pastors, preachers, or whatever it is that we call you folks these days are not going to have an answer for their flock. There are some great pastors out there that know the truth and are trying to wake people up. But they are far and few between.”

“Is any of this starting to make sense, John”?

“Indeed, it does, Mike. I’m trying to take all of this in, and it’s a bit much”.

“I understand John, why don’t you take some time to reflect for the rest of the ride. I’m here if you want to talk. How about some Classic Rock,” Mike said. “That sounds great, Mike.” Mike turned on the stereo, which immediately put John at ease.

Chapter 5 – Portal – John thought back on his childhood. He had memories from the age of three forward. Before being adopted, his stepfather beat him and locked him in the basement regularly. Being choked was John’s first memory; stop it. He tried to yell, but he couldn’t. He was being held against the ceiling, seven feet off of the floor by his neck.

John thought beatings were part of growing up. He never remembered being locked in the basement all day; he just remembered the nightmares.

John recalled the UFO visit; he wasn’t afraid; the visitors made John feel calm.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike and John exited off of the highway and drove another ten miles before the dirt roads began. You couldn’t even see the entrance to Mike’s property. The driveway was a thousand yards long. Mike put the Jeep into four-wheel drive. About halfway down, he stopped the Jeep and turned on the off-road lighting. There was a gate hidden in the hill. Mike got out and unlocked the gate, and then pulled the Jeep onto the property.

At the bottom of the hill, the road ends, nothing else in sight. Everything camouflaged from prying eyes. “Welcome to the retreat,” Mike said.

Mike and John opened the back of the vehicle and grabbed the bags. “Follow me, John,” Mike said. Mike led John down a narrow path where Mike’s cabin and travel trailer were located, nestled deep in the woods.

As they approached the cabin, the door opened; the most beautiful woman John had ever seen stepped out to welcome John. “You must be John,” Maria said?

“I am, and you must be Maria,” John said?

“Welcome to our home John; I trust you guys had a safe trip?”

“A weird trip is more like it; I got to exorcise my second spirit this week,” John said.

“Oh, really, welcome to the club, John,” Maria said.

“Indeed, welcome, my friend,” Mike said. We’re thrilled you’re here”.

“The travel trailer is yours for the next few days, John,” Maria said. “Please make yourself at home; unpack and relax a little if you like. Mike will be starting a campfire shortly; we can relax a bit and get to know each other better with a drink.”

“Thanks, Maria,” John said. “I do need to relax a little; what time will you get started with the fire.” “In about an hour, John,” Mike said.

Chapter 5 – Portal – John thanked Maria and Mike and went to his trailer. John lay down on the bed and tried to relax. His mind was racing with everything that had happened today. Mike was right; John was already starting to view the world differently. It is not the sanctuary that he remembered. It’s a spiritual battlefield.

John took a moment to pray. He asked God for protection from evil. John asked God to reveal the truth to him and give him the wisdom to understand it. John must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, a knock came to the door. “Wake up, John,” Mike said. “Come outside and join us.”

Mike wrapped up and went outside; Mike and Maria were waiting by the fire. Maria made spiked hot chocolate, and before you know it, Mike and John were reminiscing about the old days. Maria told Mike and John about her life growing up as a missionary’s daughter. It was apparent to John that Maria was brilliant and a great Christian who walked a fantastic walk with her Creator.

Maria didn’t go to church anymore, but she knew more about the scriptures than John did. Her belief and faith were contagious.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Everyone laughed and talked until the early morning. Finally, the need for sleep overcame John. John excused himself to go and lie down for the evening. Back in the trailer, John changed into warm pajamas and slipped into his warm sleeping bag. It was great to get back to nature; it all made John feel very close to God.

Chapter 6 – Michael

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 6 – Michael

Chapter 6 – Michael – John held the woman he loved. He’s been in love with her as long as he can remember. “I love you, John,” the beautiful woman says. She is holding hands with a little girl; “who is the girl,” John said. “Is that your daughter?”

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 6 - Michael
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 6 – Michael

They are standing in a common wooded play area. John has been here before and met this amazing woman several times but doesn’t know her name. But he has never been happier than at this moment, nothing compares.

While the little girl plays, John embraces his love and kisses her. “I love you too,” John said.

A distraction causes John to look away. He glances back, and they are gone. John awakens to the real world, another dream; a solitary tear runs down his face. John’s loss only lasts a moment; the transition from the dream world to the real world now complete.

Chapter 6 – Michael – John woke up this morning, a different man. Armed with a purpose in life, He was no longer a spectator or the occasional leader: He is a badass demon-exorcizing Christian, just like the seventy that Jesus sent on the great commission.

John doesn’t know his calling yet, but that’s why he’s here, at this time and place. “I know Maria is the intercessor that Mike was talking about,” John said.

Chapter 6 – Michael – John begins his day on his knees, praying. He used to pray for things he wanted in life, how selfish in retrospect. John’s prayers are not one way anymore; the Holy Spirit is indwelling him and guiding him.

John prays for the lost, for the Kingdom, and for Gods’ will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. His prayers are actively lead, a discussion with the Creator of the universe.

After prayer, John dresses for the cold day ahead. John sees Mike from the window, splitting logs and building a campfire. He steps out to join him.

It’s cold this morning on the Canadian border. Heavy snow is falling on the campsite; a feeling of awe surrounds everything here. You can hear Woodpeckers and Owls nearby.

The snow blankets the camp in white. You can hear the snowflakes landing all around you.

“Good morning John,” Mike said. “Join me by the fire and warm yourself up.”

“Thank you Mike, how about a cup of that coffee?”

Mike grabbed the percolator from the fire; and poured John a cup of coffee the way he likes it, black with sugar. John and Mike often enjoy nature without saying a word. The next few minutes were reflecting and enjoying great coffee.

John’s memory of his dream was fading fast, as thoughts do. He interrupted the silence before it fleeted forever.

“I had the dream again last night, Mike.”

“Which dream, the dream of the two girls?”


“I wonder what’s changing.”

“What do you mean, changing Mike”?

“You usually tell me about these dreams when things are changing in your life. Besides the obvious, what’s changed?”

“I have no fear anymore, Mike; I wonder how people would feel if they could face the rest of their life with no fear? I still worry, I worry that Emily won’t love me anymore, that my parents won’t talk to me anymore, or that I won’t have a job paying money. But in the end, none of that matters.”

Maria opened the cabin door. “Good morning, boys; breakfast is ready in five minutes. I trust you slept well, John?”

“Yes, Maria, I fell asleep fast; something is calming about your retreat.”

“That’s the protection that this place enjoys right now, John. We take great steps to ensure that nothing evil is permitted anywhere around this property; we’re safe here. I’ll show you what I mean later after we talk. I’ll see you in a few.”

Chapter 6 – Michael – Maria closed the cabin door, and John returned to his seat by the fire; Mike refilled John’s coffee. “Keep an open mind with Maria, she can seem a bit unconventional, but I assure you, she’s genuine, and has the backing of the Kingdom as you’re about to find out. These are fascinating times John, exciting times indeed.”

“You look at peace for someone who has gone through everything that you have in the last twenty-four hours. You’re not harboring any regrets about the new path you’re life has taken,” Mike said?

“No Mike; I had a one on one talk with the Creator of the universe through the Holy Spirit this morning. I don’t know how to juxtapose a few personal issues that are unfolding in my life right now to something this grand.”

“And while a happy ending would be fantastic, it’s not realistic, and somehow I’m OK with that right now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what’s going to happen yet; or what exactly my next steps are going to be, honestly I’m still sorting all of this out, and looking for guidance.”

“I think that’s a great way to feel about it,” Mike said. It comes from inner strength, and it’s who you are. I’ll tell you this, John; God has us all together for a reason, and if that reason is to fight evil, I’m in it to the end with your brother, and I think you already know that.”

“I do, Mike, and I know you understand this goes both ways. Mainly I’m worried for the people caught in the middle, my parents, Emily, and I’m concerned about being guilty concerning Christians who might fall away because of what’s happening.”

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Chapter 6 – Michael – The Bible explicitly says that a large falling away must occur before the Kingdom can come, and it’s happening right now. Those people will be believers, even the very elect as the Bible says. It’s a sad but inevitable fact of being in a spiritual war; there will be casualties. When you pray later you should ask about it, John; you never know, it could bring you some more peace and clarity,” Mike said.

“John, let me share something with you that I have arrived at after much careful thought and prayer. I used to spend a lot of cycles worrying about agnostics, and atheists in particular, that I was failing them, failing to help them see what was so crystal clear for me.”

“But the harsh truth is; if there were no Agnostics or Atheists, our Bibles would be lying to us. Most believers are currently on the broad path to destruction for one reason or another along with the rest of the world.”

“It’s time for breakfast; let’s clean off our boots up and head into the cabin. Knowing Maria, she probably has prepared a feast for us, and I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

Mike and John left the warm fire, the snow crunching under their boots. “This place is peaceful, Mike; I can see how you fell in love with it.”

“Maria picked it out,” Mike said. “Late last summer, Maria was moved to find this place, and she convinced me to move us here. It wasn’t too hard to convince me. I’ve always loved the outdoors, and there is something extraordinary about this place. I think you’ll see that after breakfast. Come on; let’s go inside.”

Chapter 6 – Michael – Mike opened the door, and they stepped inside. The warm cabin quickly fogged John’s glasses. “Here you go, John,” Maria brought John a soft cloth to clean his glasses.

“Please hang your gear over by the door and have a seat at the table, John.”

“What a spread, Maria, it looks spectacular.” A breakfast of farm fresh eggs, biscuits and gravy, and fried potatoes waited for them.

“Maria, would you lead us in prayer,” Mike said? “I’m not a big fan of praying out loud, but we have protection here.”

Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads.

“Dear God, thank you for bringing us all together. Whatever plans that you have for us; we ask that you make those clear. There is no room for misunderstandings; we want to do Your will. While we fill our stomachs, please fill our souls, and fill our lives with you will. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.”

“This breakfast looks fantastic, Maria, thank you very much,” John said. “As a bachelor, I don’t eat like this very much.”

“Me either,” Mike said, bringing an uncomfortable laugh to the table and a strange look from Maria. “Just kidding, honey,” Mike said, desperately trying to dodge that bullet.”

“Tell me about you, John; I’ve heard some stories from Mike, but I would like to hear them from you as well. You must be RH- negative John, so we won’t have to start there.” Maria said.

“How would you know that,” John said? Everyone working at this level in the spiritual world does John. In short, it’s what allows God’s Angels to access our bodies, for the Kingdom.”

“That’s interesting,” John said, “as Mike probably told you my adoptive parents started the Crystal Cathedral Church many years ago in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. I grew up most of my life there; until I went to college in South Carolina and met Mike.”

“I had three real supernatural experiences before the age of eighteen Maria; those experiences cemented my faith. I followed in my adoptive Father’s footsteps wanting to be a preacher someday myself. That is a dream that just came true, and my life has changed so much since then. After college, I moved back home to Minnesota and went to work at my Dad’s Church. An assistant Pastor position, created just for me, which allowed me just to be myself. It never really challenged me. I’ve been stagnating for some time now,” John said.

“About a month ago, my Dad got pretty sick with the flu, and that turned into a bad case of pneumonia. After being admitted to the hospital, The leadership approached me to step into my Father’s shoes and lead the Church while he was out. The results were in yesterday; viewership went up half a million people two weeks after I took over.”

“Very interesting, John,” Maria said.

“Don’t forget, Brent,” Mike said.

“Oh yes, on my first day as Senior Pastor, I interviewed our Outreach Pastor Brent. He admitted to having an affair with a new eighteen-year-old convert. She moved out of her apartment the next day and called Matthew. I gave Brent the benefit of the doubt, at Mike’s request and did not fire him, I placed him on a paid sabbatical, and in fact, he’s hanging out at my apartment now trying to get his life back together.”

“On the way here last night, Mike and I found my lead elder walking backward around our Church. Lightning blasted everywhere, and thundersnow broke out. And something appeared over the Church.”

“A spiral,” Mike said.

“John, it sounds like you have a very active infiltration going on around the TV Show,” Maria said.

“Oh, I almost forgot, John received a two hundred dollar survival knife from Matthew, the creepy Elder guy left it in his car as a gift,” Mike said.

“No, he didn’t, Maria said while looking scornfully at Mike.”

Maria stood up and threw her hands in the air; “with everything that’s going on, you forgot that,” Maria said?

“Honey, John exorcized his second demon last night. Excuse me if things are getting a little blurry here.”

“Well John, Matthew wants to control you, that’s why he gave you the knife. It always starts with an expensive gift, and then a friendship. The gift allows Matthew to consume more and more of your time until you are unable to do the things you need to for the Kingdom.”

“Make no mistake, John; you are the target, not Brent. That knife was probably used to sacrifice a child or an abductee to Satan. If you had accepted that knife, it would have opened a soul hook between you and Matthew.”

“Speaking of abductees John, did you know that anywhere between eight or nine million children go missing in the world every year? Some children run away; some change lives, but many people disappear without a trace every year. That’s almost three people a second, John. In the United States alone, there are probably around one hundred thousand open missing person cases at any time.”

“Is this something new, Maria,” John said?

“No, John, it’s not a new phenomenon; it’s been going on since the beginning of time. In nineteen thirty-seven, an entire Japanese division of three thousand troops vanished in China. They found empty trenches, no corpses, and no signs of military action. In one hundred and eight BC the Roman IX Legion comprised of six thousand troops suddenly vanished. Rome was never able to contact them, and no signs of them ever turned up. They vanished without a trace.”

“Tell me about your girlfriend John,” Maria said.

“I’ve been in love with Emily for almost two years now.” Matthew is her Father. He gave his permission to ask for her hand in marriage yesterday. And it was yesterday, Mike, and I caught Matthew doing the devils walk around the Church.”

“Matthew also gave me the knife; I’m less than optimistic about how this is going to turn out in relation with Emily, I don’t want to lose her, things have changed so fast I’m not sure what I want anymore.”

“Hold that thought for right now, John. If you think things are bad now, wait. That’s a promise,” Maria said.

“Something deep inside told John that Maria was right and that he could expect things to get eerier before he ever sees normal again.”

Chapter 6 – Michael – After breakfast, everyone crowded in the small kitchen area to help clean up the dishes and put things back into order. John noticed a few looks from Maria with a smile that caught his attention. There is something familiar about Maria, but John can’t quite place it.

Mike excused himself after we finished, he put on his gear and headed back outside for a moment. Maria invited John over to the couch; she carefully stoked the fire after adding more wood.

John was nervous; he had no reason to be, but he was. The fire was warm, the radiated heat was comforting, and the small pops from the fire were mesmerizing.

Things were quiet for a moment, as I looked over at Maria. She smiled at me. She told me not to be afraid. She bowed her head as if to pray, gently bending her torso, closing her eyes, and folding her hands.

Chapter 6 – Michael – When her eyes opened, something was different; they looked like someone else’s eyes, which quickly scanned the room. As Maria stood up and raised her head, a warrior stood right up out of her body. She morphed directly into a seven-foot-tall male warrior, with a sword, long hair, and a very commanding voice.

He looked right through John.

“I will not allow you to hurt this woman.”

“Who are you,” John said?

The warrior pointed his sword to the ceiling and knelt, “I am a Warrior for the highest God Yahweh, and I protect this woman. I am Michael,” the angel said. “If you ever tell anyone who Maria is, I will kill you. Do you understand?”

“I won’t,” John said. “I understand.”

“Praise Yahweh,” Michael said as he sheathed his sword.

The angel bowed his head like Maria did, and morphed back into Maria as she raised her head from prayer. John was scared. He was nervous. And he needed to get away from Maria; John was sure the angel was going to come back and kill him, and Maria could see it in his eyes.

Chapter 7 – Training

Maria grabbed John by both hands and pulled him close; “don’t be scared, John,” Maria said. “Michael is protective of me at first with new people; it’s his standard welcome message. The fact that you are alive at all is a testament to who you are and what you are here to do John. Don’t tell Mike any of this do you understand John”?

Yes, Maria, I understand John said. Catching John by surprise, She threw her arms around John and embraced him in a long passionate kiss, sending shock waves running through his body.

The kiss paralyzed John. It was the same kiss he dreamed about this morning and all of his life.

John was mesmerized by Maria. Maria’s kiss started a tingling sensation that traveled up and down John’s spine in a wild tryst of emotions. “The chemistry between us John is the fulfilling of a prophecy given to me many years ago.”

“I know you can feel the chemistry John, I can feel your heartbeat, and your breath. I have never felt anything like this before either,” Maria said. “What does this mean,” John said? “Michael, the Archangel appearing was a sign from the Kingdom John. You’re the right person for a long-overdue task.”

“You will force the world to reconsider the way it views the Church. I believe we were destined for this time together. Mike was instructed to share with you that I used to be a satanist. How does that make you feel about me, John? I’m like Saul, who was persecuting Christians, and then with direct intervention by Jesus; I came home.”

“My late teen years and early adult life I don’t talk about anymore. The unspeakable things I have done to Christians haunts me. But that’s my past. Tell me about your childhood, John? I have my suspicions, but I would prefer to hear it from you.”

“My childhood was rocky for the first few years, Maria. I was sick the entire first year of my life with a terrible infection. I was near death for the first year of my life, with my biological Mother and Grandmother by my side, praying for me every day.”

“After a year, I got better after my real Mom met a Doctor who prescribed a miracle antibiotic. I remember she called him a Saint, and she told me I was better in just a few days. My Mom and I were on our own soon after my biological Father left us. Drinking and gambling took a toll on him. There wasn’t food in the house for anyone. My Mom had to leave him, but things would only get worse.”

“She met an abusive man named Jack who she married. Jack loves to administer discipline, and I used to believe I was flying before I was old enough to know that I was being held against the wall, close to the ceiling, by my throat. The beatings were daily, and would often happen while Mom was away at work. I would be locked in the basement all day. I don’t have any memories of that, only the nightmares.”

“The nightmares began every evening; they started with an attempt at escaping from the basement; only I never made it out. What happened to me in the basement. I don’t know.”

“When I started elementary school, the apparent abuse finally got investigated, and they pulled me out of my home, away from my biological Mom, and placed me with this great older couple.”

“I grew in the Church after that, and I wanted to be like my new Dad, I wanted to become a preacher as well. After they adopted me my childhood problems were a thing of the past. Five years of terror had now turned into a memory that was fading, and the nightmares stopped.”

“Wow, John, so it’s safe to say that for your first four years of life, that someone or something was constantly trying to end your life?”

“I never thought of it like that Maria, but it sounds legitimate, John said.”

“John, I believe there is a special reason why you’ve had all of these supernatural experiences, so that you never waiver at the task at hand, in your walk with God.”

“That’s not all, John,” Maria said. “Twenty years ago, I received a vision, a prophecy of our meeting today. God wanted me to know that I was in the right place, at the right time, for a reason. And that is why I kissed you; I’ve been in love with you since then, Maria whispered, holding John’s hands. It’s our destiny John to be in this together.”

“What about Mike and Emily,” John said?

“Don’t let this cloud your judgment, John; I did what I did because it’s true for me. I don’t expect you to reciprocate right away; for me, this has been culminating for twenty years. I can wait a little while longer.”

“What next Maria,” John said?

“John, we’ve been brought together for a reason, through time and space no less, be patient, I don’t think it will take very long for that reason to become apparent. We’ve been preparing for this our entire lives, through our experiences. It’s the war, the war between good and evil that has been raging in this universe since creation began. It’s culminating now, in these latter days.”

“You and me, everyone that has tried to influence you, one way or another, are all in this battle together. It all revolves around your TV show and something the Kingdom wants you to do with it, a message for humanity perhaps?”

Chapter 6 – Michael – Mike came in, hauling a big load of firewood, unaware of anything that had transpired in the cabin, and fully trusting in everything that Maria was doing. Mike is committed to God as well, and to whatever happens here, everyone views this as their destiny, through the lenses of their individual lives.

“How’s it going in here,” Mike said? He filled the firewood bin. “Well,” Maria said, “I’m just getting to know John. Come join us here when you’ve finished, Mike.”

“Sure thing,” Mike said, “I’m just finishing up now.” Mike cleaned up the area and hauled out the trash.

Chapter 6 – Michael – After stowing his gear, Mike came back over and sat down with Maria and John. Maria extended a hand to each of Mike and John, and they each held her hand. “Don’t be scared, Mike,” Maria said. “John has already seen this, so take your cues from him.”

Mike turned to John and gave him a confused look. John tried to shrug his shoulders, but Mike could tell he was frightened. “If Michael is coming back, I’m scared,” John thought.

Chapter 6 – Michael – Maria bowed her head as if she was going to pray, and she again morphed into the Archangel Michael as she sat back up. Michael immediately drew his sword and said: “I will not allow you to harm this woman.” Mike’s eyes were huge; he was scared. “It’s OK, Mike,” John said. “From what I understand, if he didn’t like us, we’d be dead already, that’s his modus operandi.”

“Who are you,” Mike asked? I am a warrior for Yahweh; the Archangel Michael said while raising his sword to the Heavens and kneeling on one knee. “Angels travel this way sometimes,” John said, “with people who are RH – negative. I believe this is why the Bible tells us that sometimes we entertain Angels without knowing it.”

“I’ve prepared the way for the Archangel Gabriel; he has a message from Yahweh. It has taken us a while to get here. The war is heating up in the Heavens, and its effect will be felt on Earth very soon. We are entering a critical battle in the war, and you have been preparing for this your entire lives. Come in, Gabriel,” Michael said.

Chapter 7 – Training

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 7 – Training

Chapter 7 – Training. The Archangel Gabriel in human form walks in and closes the door behind him. Mike and John are suddenly alone, in the presence of two Archangel’s.

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 7 - Training
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 7 – Training

Mike drops to his knees to pray, and John stands in amazement. Gabriel’s face looks just like the old paintings that depict him. God’s messenger was standing directly in front of John, smiling at him. John approached Gabriel and extended his hand in friendship.

Gabriel amused that a human was not afraid of him, grabbed John’s hand, and shook it. A radiant power emanated from Gabriel. It was warm and comforting, like the sun, but with no visible light.

Michael transformed back into Maria; she rises from her transformation to find Mike on his knees. “Get up, Mike,” Maria said, helping him to his feet. Gabriel’s here to help us; he’s not here to hurt us.

“John and Maria; I have a message for you from Yahweh. God and his Holy Army have been at war with Satan and his angels for ages. This war is coming to an end. Your mission is to remind the world what the Church is, and what that walk with God looks like.”

“The battle line has been drawn with you, John. Specifically, you have the means to announce to the world the things that have been on your heart the last several days. The documents that Tim wrote, “Free to Be Just a Christian” and “Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked,” contains the simple truths to set the world free. Get these messages to the people and make sure they understand; then, walk away.”

“What do you mean, walk away,” John said?

“After telling people that the Institutional Church is not what God had in mind when he called his people, you’re going to have to send a message by walking away from the ministry yourself; it’s the only way that people will believe you.”

“Over three million people will be watching you on Sunday; people that have been searching for the truth. The word is out about you John. People trust you; teach them everything they need to know, give the people the truth.”

“Satan and his forces are entrenched in the largest Churches in the world, including your Church, John. They are going to do everything in their power to keep things the way they are. They don’t want the world to understand what the Church is, because they will lose control over the flock. And that is the goal, to return the believers to their Creator.”

“The Church has never been about a building; it has always been about a personal relationship with Yahweh. Adam and Eve, even Satan once had this relationship. The Church is merely an assembly, a collection of believers that believe Jesus Christ died for their sins; it has always been about a personal relationship between God and Humans. No more, no less”.

“Maria, Yahweh is very pleased,” Gabriel said. “You know what needs to happen here. I’ll arrange a driver and a security force to take you to the Church before Sunday morning. Do not drive; your safe here; however, the evil forces know where you are. May God bless us all.”

“John, may Yahweh guide your every step,” Gabriel said. “I’m endowing you with two gifts to ensure your success.” You now have the discernment to see when a fallen angel is masquerading as a human. You have also been given a protector, unlike any other, to help you through this time in your life.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria stood next to John. She kneels and grabs John’s hand, tugging for John to join her. John kneels with Maria; John looks deep into her eyes, Maria motions for John to bow his head, and close his eyes.

Holding hands John and Maria bow their heads in unison. John is transported back into the dream he was in just this morning. But this time he’s with Maria. “It’s me, John,” Maria said. It’s me you’ve been in love with your entire life, and I love you. I always have, and I will continue forever.

Maria disappears. John calls out to her. “Maria, where are you. I love you too.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Back in the cabin, Maria stands up; John is still bowing. The Archangel Michael transforms from John this time. Michael stands, releasing his sword from his sheath and points it towards Heaven again. “Praise Yahweh,” Michael says. Michael sheaths his sword upon seeing Gabriel. Michael bows again and transforms back into John.

When John opens his eyes, we see a man no longer held back by fear. “Michael is traveling with you for a while, John,” Gabriel said. “You do not control Michael, and you cannot summon him. However, you can follow the small silent voice that tells you to kneel when you feel moved. And let him take over.”

“You cannot fail at this task, John,” Gabriel said. “The war depends on this. I must go now and prepare the way for you. Yahweh will certainly bless you.” Gabriel turned and walked out the door. The door shut as quietly as it opened, and a clap of thunder not usually heard by mortals echoed through the forest.

Chapter 7 – Training – All the visions and dreams through John’s life came rushing back again. John was just a child when the first vision came. The dreams were subtle reminders that were waiting for today to surface. John was in love with Maria. It was all he could do to hold those feelings back.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” Mike said. “Are you feeling okay, John, you look a little out of it?”

“I’ll be fine in a minute,” John said.

“Just as Michael moves through John and me, an evil entity can move through any RH- positive person, which is eighty-five percent of the population,” Maria said.

“I’m going to check the camp. I’ll be right back,” Mike said.

Chapter 7 – Training – Mike put on his gear and headed outside; Maria walked over to John, looking him firmly in the eyes. “So, you’re going to change the world, eh?” John unzipped his backpack and pulled out the bulletins that Tim wrote and handed them to Maria.

“This is what Gabriel was talking about Maria; Tim gave these to me, he’s an Elder, and he discouraged me from taking the promotion. His last company fired him for handing these out with Bibles; I’m starting to see why.”

Mike came back in from outside; a blast of snow followed him into the cabin. “A storm is coming,” Mike said.

“Mike, we better get as much firewood, food, and water as we can into the cabin. We may have to ride out the storm in here for a while. You should make sure our campfire is blazing for now as well”, Maria said.

“Sorry, Mike, this isn’t exactly what I had planned for this weekend,” John said.

“Be sorry for what brother? Are you ashamed for following the lead of our Creator? The fact that He wants our help is simply mind-boggling. I love you, brother; there is no one else in the world that I would rather spend this time with, I love you, Johnny.” Mike bundled back up and returned outside.

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria approached John with Tim’s documents. “This is it, John, these are what God wants you to share with the world. They’re just baby steps in the grand scheme of things, and we’ll go through them, so you are prepared for Sunday.”

“What makes God choose an ex-satanist and a comfortably backslidden minister to bring his word to the world, Maria,” John said?

“That’s a great question, John; God doesn’t have a track record of picking people for these kinds of tasks that you’d imagine. He’s looking for all heart, not all show. He’s looking for people that know they have something to lose and are not afraid to put it all on the line for the Kingdom.”

“So tell me how you are doing, John? Two days ago you led a carefree life, and yesterday you were promoted. Today two Archangel’s have asked you to serve God in a way that will likely cost you your family, your fiance, and your job.”

“Are we going to have to give our lives, Maria,” John said?

“I don’t know for sure, John. I have a promise, though; you and I are going to be together for some time after this.”

“We have a connection to this time and place; it has always been our destiny to be here, John. I dreamed of you twenty years ago, and I’m sure you dreamed of me.”

“I dreamed of you this morning Maria. Was it real? After Gabriel arrived? We went to a place, and you told me you loved me?”

“Yes, John; that was very real, and I have always loved you.”

“Where is the little girl Maria?”

“What little girl John”?

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“When I had the vision, I was there with you, and a little girl was holding your hand that looked just like you.”

“I’m not sure, John; I’ll pray about it, though, and see what comes from it.”

“I love you, John, I always have,” Maria said. Tears of joy ran down Maria’s face. Maria put her arms around John.

“I love you too, Maria.”

Chapter 7 – Training – John opened his arms; Maria stepped fully into them; they embraced and shared the most passionate kiss either can remember. John and Maria both lost track of time. Until the front door of the cabin slammed shut.

Nothing is perfect on this planet. You could see that look in both John and Maria’s eyes.

“I didn’t think this thing through, Maria. I better go outside and talk to Mike.”

“I’m sorry, John.” I love you. I never meant to hurt Mike. Mike was the healthiest relationship that I have ever had. I hope I didn’t hurt your friendship.”

John put on his boots, coat, and outerwear and stepped outside. Mike had been staging water and food for some time by the front door.

“Mike’s over by the fire; I’ll be right back.”

“Hurry back, John.”

The brutality of nature makes it hard to think about anything else. The sky ominously lit by the moon. The storm clouds rolling in, and the snow was falling hard all around. John walked up to Mike, who was warming himself by the fire.

Chapter 7 – Training – No one said anything for a few minutes. They were the most uncomfortable few minutes John or Mike can ever remember. Mike broke the silence; “get over here, Johnny, and warm-up. You know, I thought that maybe I wasn’t the person Maria described to me from her vision. I never received a vision about her when I was younger, did you?”

“I did Mike; it was a long time ago. When I was just seventeen years old I was lying in bed, getting ready for sleep; when this vision took over is the best way to describe it. It was a place marker so I would know when I arrived here.”

“It was very detailed; I was holding hands with Maria and a young girl who looked just like her. Right here at this very cabin. I was in love with them and involved with them for quite some time. It’s all kind of fuzzy, but it feels right.”

“How come you never told me this John; we’re best friends, and I thought we told each other everything.”

“We are Mike, for some reason this stayed in the back of my mind until our new friend Michael joined me that is. When I transformed into Michael and returned, I remembered everything in detail.”

“I love you, Johnny,” you know, I’m bummed that it’s not me destined to be with Maria, it felt so right. And here we are on the precipice of changing the world. I’m going to stay focused on the job at hand here. That’s what God would have us all do, I imagine.”

“So you’re not mad, Mike, John asked? I’m disappointed in the situation, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important. Something tells me that Maria was meant to be with me until you came along. I was supposed to take care of her for you. I’m sure as hell not going to let this hurt our friendship or this amazing thing we are in together.”

Chapter 7 – Training – A gust of wind blows through the camp; big snowflakes are falling at an alarming rate. “You know John; it may take God’s help to get out of here before Sunday morning. When I first heard about Northern Minnesota, the thing I remember was how everyone celebrates the first big snow of the year.”

“It’s what I have looked forward to all year. This area normally gets five or six feet of snow during the first part of the winter. But it’s this first snow of the year, the base that sets the landscape for life on the Canadian Border.”

“Mike, have you pondered that God might use this storm for his benefit? Minneapolis is shut down under an inch of ice, with a heavy snowstorm bearing down. Minneapolis will be severely crippled.”

“One thing is for sure, John; if this storm keeps up like this for the weekend, we will need that miracle to get you out of here before Sunday.”

“Me, John replied? You and Maria are both coming with me to the Church on Sunday. God is going to need us all; I’m afraid.”

“I know John, that’s what I meant. And just so you know Johnny, there are no hard feelings over Maria. The jealousy that would normally have set in and eaten away at my sanity is gone, and peace of mind has replaced it. I wonder how many years this has been in Gods’ playbook?”

“At least since we have been alive, I suspect, Mike, maybe longer. The Bible tells us that God knows us, even in the womb, and knows how many hairs are on our head. This plan could have been in place since the beginning of time.”

“John, I need to go in and talk with Maria,” Mike said. “We’ve been together a year, and I need her to understand that everything is okay with this. It’s more than obvious to me that this is part of a larger plan, which is unfolding exactly how Heaven wants it to, who am I to get in the way of that?”

“If you could, give me a few minutes alone with Maria,” Mike said.
“No problem Mike, what can I help with?”

“Can you move that cured woodpile John, that I just uncovered to the cabin porch? I expect the weather to get worse, and it will be nice having the wood close.”

“No problem Mike.” I need a few minutes to reflect on life. I’ll see you two inside in a little bit.”

“We are destined to be here together for Glory John. It’s just not the lifetime destiny I was hoping for, and I’ll be okay with that. I’ll see you inside in a few minutes, my friend. It’s freezing, so don’t stay out here too long.”

“And John, it’s okay with me if you and Maria want to be together after this. But if for some reason things don’t work out for you two, I’ll always be here for her. And I need her to understand that. I’ll see you in a few minutes brother.”

John watched the snow for a while by the fire. John stacked the firewood evenly on the porch. The last few wheelbarrows full of fuel were each more difficult to push.

John had relocated about a cord of wood in the last thirty minutes. “It’s true; firewood warms you twice,” John said. The storm started picking up speed; the camp was nearing whiteout conditions. Not ready to go back inside, John decided to take the long walk up to the road to see just how adverse conditions were.

The camp was two-tenths of a mile from the county road, well hidden at the base of the forest, in a deep valley. The two people that probably know this place even exists are the tax assessor and the previous owner. “No one is going to find this place accidentally,” John said, walking into the central clearing.

An eerie silence encompasses the camp; the deep valley blocks most of the wind, while snow accumulates at a rapid rate. John stops at the base of the steep road out; he walks to the side of the incline to get traction in the lousy weather, and slowly makes his way to the top.

The higher John climbs, the more extreme the weather becomes. The warmth of the fire was gone, and John was getting cold. The only thing waiting for John back at the cabin was an awkward situation with Mike and Maria, so John pressed up the hill. The terrain was rough and unkempt in some areas. The same trees John used to steady himself on the walk up the clearing were pressing their frozen branches down his neck as he walked by.

As he crested the top of the hill, the wind was blowing the snow so hard the entire landscape was white. John saw what appeared to be people standing in the road. As he walked closer, John could feel the eyes of many people staring straight through him.

John’s new gift of discernment was working great. Most of the people had a visible red streak across their face. Spirits possessed these people. A few leaders in the small crowd had visible tails. “These must be the fallen angels that Gabriel spoke about,” John said.

The awkwardness of the cabin wasn’t such a pressing issue any longer. John followed his flight or fight reflex back down the hill, stopping only long enough to see if anyone followed him. At the base, John waited to catch his breath; he’s relieved that he’s alone for now.

After a few deep breaths, John made his way back to the cabin; as he approached the front door, it opens, it’s Maria. “We’ve been waiting for you, John, where have you been?”

“I needed to go for a walk and think things through,” John said. “Maria, a half dozen people, are wandering around by the entrance.

Chapter 8 – Clarity

“It’s okay, John; we expected them. Remember Gabriel told us that this property is safe, but the enemy knows we are here, that’s them on the road. They’re getting as close as they can.”

John walked into the warm cabin and took off his boots and cold-weather gear. Any animosity that Mike and Maria might have had between each other vanished, just like that. “We need to start John; there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it all.”

A small silent voice told John to keep an open mind. John pulled up a chair and sat down across from Maria and Mike. “Make yourself something to eat, John,” Maria said. A deli tray with a selection of meat, cheese, and vegetables adorned the table. Fresh coffee was finishing brewing, and the aroma was fantastic. John was looking around for a cup and other items when Mike spoke up.

“Make yourself at home, John, if you want something from the cabinets or refrigerator, just go ahead and grab it.” John got up and walked over to the cabinets and started opening each door one by one. He pulled out a coffee cup, three wine glasses, and a paper plate and moved to the refrigerator.

In the fridge, he grabbed a piece of cheese and dug to the back of the refrigerator to reach a bottle of red table wine that looked neglected. He went through the utensil drawer and found a wine opener and, with the precision of an excellent server, opened the wine and sat it on the table.

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria and Mike were both interested now in what John was doing. He gently placed the wine glasses on the table. He grabbed the bread basket and eloquently put a towel inside the basket. John took two pieces of bread, and using both hands, pulled the dough apart into small pieces.

He then poured about an inch of wine into each glass. “I cannot think of a better time or place to share communion with fellow Christians, John said.” John picked up the bread basket and took out a piece and passed it around to Maria and Mike. They each took a bit and waited for John to finish.

“Jesus told us to do this in remembrance of him. At the last supper, he shared wine and bread with his disciples, and I imagine it was probably a lot like this. I don’t have anything fancy to say; I want to spend a few moments with some great friends, remembering the reason we are all here today. I suggest we all say a prayer to ourselves and enjoy this meal together, just like Jesus did with his disciples.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Everyone closed their eyes for a moment; and said something personal to their Creator, and when finished, they ate the bread and had a small glass of wine in remembrance. “That was the greatest communion I have ever been a part of,” Maria said.

“Me too,” Mike said. Mike stood up and filled everyone’s glass with wine; let’s do a little more remembering.”

“I want you guys to understand what we are up against here,” Maria said. I am an empath now, thanks to God, but when I was worshiping Satan, I preyed on people who showed empathy. Most Christian never stood a chance against me because most Christians are just following the motions; they have no sense of discernment and zero sense about what they are supposed to be doing.

“Sociopathic behavior was normal for me; I hated Christians with everything I had. I lured men into affairs and destroyed their families; I broke Churches into splinter groups and sent people running in every direction.”

“I’d drive into towns late at night and pick up Christian Men; they’re so easy to spot, such an easy mark. Sure, they talk a good game on Sunday, or when several of them were together, but single one out with a scantily clad dress, and they fall right into your lap. It’s not even that hard to do.”

“Very few men ever had the willpower to resist me, and the ones who could, I’d try to kill. No one got away from me.”

“The ones that slept with me were ripe for demonic possession. God removes the hedge of protection from a Christian after they fall for the biggest sin of all. No one realizes this same pattern has been repeating since the beginning of time itself. It’s women; it’s what the Angels (The Watchers) who originally fell wanted.”

“It’s what happened to Brett, chosen as a mark at a college outreach program. Incidentally, this was one of my most successful cons when I played the game. You pretend to find Jesus; get baptized to desensitize everyone around you to your plan, everyone trusts a believer, right? You then fake an interest in learning everything you can about Jesus.”

“It’s easy to get the men to come to your apartment at morning, noon, or night to teach you. You keep luring them in, opening your body to them, letting them know it’s okay to come close, and then you make your move. After that, you continue sleeping with them as long as you can. Some men didn’t even need to be convinced to fall away.”

“Their conscience finishes the job; a death spiral with their faith begins. It shreds the family into pieces, the mother and the children, close relatives.”

“A secondary favorite of mine was to take a job as a Ministers assistant. When played correctly this will splinter a Church and send people running in every direction. Suddenly that person they have known all their life is just some guy sleeping with his secretary. Sure it looks innocent enough; the irony is these things happen during the height of a growth spurt, which is why we are there to stop the growth.”

“The Minister and I would become best friends; we flirted innocently enough in the Church building all day. One thing usually led to the next, an innocent back rub followed by a not so innocent kiss. And then the affair began. I’d lure the Minister back to my place where he would live out his sexual fantasies. Little did they know that I had cameras scattered throughout my apartment.”

“I’d collect pictures for a while and make duplicates, I’d send them to the Church elders with notes that the Minister had taken advantage of me, and I didn’t know what to do. I’d send pictures to the family and then simply quit my job and let nature take its course. By the time this was over, I could turn a blooming ministry into an empty house of worship. Salvation was hard to find in these places when I finished my work. Most of the Churches would dwindle in members until they closed their doors for good.”

“And here is the real kicker; it makes believers look insane, which causes everyone to think Christians are hypocrites. Since no one wants to be like Christians; it makes it easy to sweep Christianity conveniently under the rug and never give it a second thought. Satan is brilliant; most believers think he’s either stupid or unfortunate.”

“If a believer can’t keep it in his pants, why should anyone ever give a second thought to anything they stood for? An entire life’s work erased in a moment of stupidity. I would walk away scot-free and find my next victim and begin the cycle again.”

“I’m not proud of it, and Jesus has forgiven me for it. It’s just the way of the world. Look at the popularity of Atheism now; it’s growing unabated and gaining ground fast. I think we’ll see Christianity outlawed in our lifetime.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 – Clarity

Chapter 8 – Clarity.”Wow; just wow, Maria, “John said. “Listening to your side is unnerving to put it lightly.”

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 - Clarity
When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 – Clarity

“It’s a bit much to hear at first,” Mike said. “It’s happening around the world, John. It’s personal now; it happened inside your Church.”

“When Maria shared this with me, I was puzzled. I try my best to remember we’re at war, John. There are hundreds of millions of spirits roaming the Earth; they would do anything for a chance at redemption.”

“Why do Satan and his fallen angels hate us so much,” John said?

“Excellent question John; we believe there are two separate creation accounts in Genesis One and Two. Allow me to explain.”

“In the original Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, you’ll see two different words translated as God in Genesis one and two. Careful examination of the text shows the ‘ben Elohim’ were in charge of creation in Genesis One, notice the creation order. Humans created after the other animals. And the first man and woman were created simultaneously.”

“In Genesis two, Yahweh ‘YHWH’ is the Creator, notice the creation order. God created man first, then the animals, and lastly, the woman from the man’s rib. In Genesis Two, God breathed life into them. It’s not a summary of Genesis one as some suspect. Yahweh, of course, is God’s name, revealed to Moses at the burning bush.”

“Who are the ‘ben Elohim,'” John said?

“The ‘ben Elohim’ are angels, Maria said. The literal translation is the Sons of God. An important distinction is that ‘ben Elohim’ is used both for good and bad angels. In the beginning, they decided to make man in their image, in the image of God and his angelic created beings.”

“So, think cavemen and dinosaurs, those sorts of things. The fallen angels on Earth were rebelling. They perverted Yahweh’s creation plan. Why was the mark of Cain needed? To protect Cain from what exactly? Why was Cain afraid? Could it have been the other humans running around that the Bible hints of?”

“We know there were two separate times in history where angels rebelled. The first was the Watchers; the second was Satan and his angels.”

“Satan was in charge of this planet and others before his fall from grace. Satan refused to stop, so Michael and his angels came to Earth and settled the score.”

“Sometime after Satan’s defeat, Yahweh Himself created man and woman, and this time He blew the breath of life into them.”

“The first to fall were the Watchers, Genesis chapter six tells about a race of giants that were born from the union of the sons of God’ ben Elohim’ and the daughters of men. These fallen angels took wives for themselves.”

“Their offspring, the Nephilim giants, devoured all available resources on Earth and then turned against humans. The Bible introduces the giants in Genesis, chapter six, verse six, and a few verses later, God brings the deluge to destroy them from the face of the Earth. It wasn’t humanity turning wicked as the Institutional Church suggests.”

“The second fall was a rebellion, a war in Heaven. Satan was the leader; he wasn’t an average angel. Satan was God’s number one anointed Cherub. In Ezekiel, he is called the covering Cherub; the Bible says that he was covered from head to toe in jewels and is one of the most beautiful creations ever made by God.”

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“He covered and protected the throne of God himself. But he wanted more; he wanted to be like the most high. He wanted the worship for himself. Satan convinced an entire third of Heaven, millions of angels, to go to war. Satan and his angels lost the war. Expelled from Heaven, they brought the war to Earth.”

“Satan and his fallen angels still wander this Earth, as do the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim giants. The disembodied spirits can possess most any RH- positive person, and they can jump to any other RH- positive person when needed. Satan is not stupid, John; he still has his rank. Even Michael the Archangel could not rebuke Satan himself when a dispute arose over Moses’s body, he could only say ‘The Lord rebuke you.'”

“Each of these evil spirits or demons, whatever you call them, they have personalities, they are angry with God, and they hate us. The short answer is the believers who go to Heaven; are taking the place of the angels, who rebelled. That’s why they hate us so much; they know what we’re going to inherit when we leave this world. And they know their time is short.”

“This is huge, Maria,” John said.

“Stay with me, John, it gets better,” Maria said.

“At the First Council of Nicaea; in 325 AD the fallen angels had thoroughly infiltrated the Catholic Church, any books that mentioned their existence was destroyed and denied Canonization.”

“God made provisions for the safe storage of these documents through the relationship of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Sheba is Ethiopia in the current day. The books were also in the Qumran cave of the Dead Sea scroll find in 1947.”

“The first copies of Enoch found were in Ethiopia. Today Enoch is part of the Ethiopian Bible Old Testament and is considered to be Canon.”

“The scientists here on Earth have evidence that proves the Earth is millions or billions of years old, and they are probably right. Churches that are infiltrated fight amongst themselves to be technically correct about the age of Earth; the reality is we are all probably wrong. No one knows how long the Earth has been here.”

“After the flood, the second wave of Nephilim Giants swarmed the Promised Land. They hoped to pollute the DNA so Jesus could never be born into this world. These giants were the tribes that ended up getting slaughtered in the Old Testament”, Maria said.

“There were many attempts on Jesus’ life; His first thirty-three years He lived in secrecy. They were trying to kill him before he was even born.”

“Think about the Baptism of Jesus. After Jesus came up out of the water, the spirit of God descended upon him like a dove. Jesus then heads off into the Judean Desert to be tempted by Satan for forty days. My point is; the moment His identity as the Son of God was confirmed, Satan shows up.”

“It helps me to do two things whenever I hear new information like this, John. One, I ask the Holy Spirit if it is true, the Holy Spirit will let you know when you’re on the right track. Secondly, I ask myself what difficult Bible questions are solved knowing the new information?”

“What difficult Bible verses do you have trouble resolving with the rest of the Bible,” Mike said?

“Why did God command the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman, and child, including the animals of tribes they encountered when entering the Promised Land,” Maria said?

“The villages were filled with Nephilim Giants and their offspring John. The same Nephilim Giants that God tried to kill off with the flood. The Bible tells us that some survived, but it doesn’t say how. Before the flood, they were practicing DNA mutation on animals and humans, and they were back to their ways”.

“Salvation was coming to the Earth via the Son of God and specifically through the family of David. Satan knew this, and tried to pollute the DNA with as much of his seed as possible, to thwart God’s plans.”

“The Giants practiced child sacrifices, which is what passing through the fire means, sacrificing to Baal. The Bible continues that there shall not be found anyone who uses divination, an observer of times, an enchanter, or a witch. The fallen angels taught this way to their wives and children.”

“God needed their bad DNA wiped from the face of the Earth, the same with Jericho when the Israelites took the city. Remember the unfavorable report the spies sent to Joshua? They told Joshua that we are like grasshoppers to them. They had a reason to be afraid, John; these were a race of Giants they were going up against.”

“I’m not saying that they had a good reason to be afraid; they had God on their side; regardless, they were afraid of trying to take the Promised Land from these giants.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria got up and walked to the cabin window. “I think we’re going to get our first foot of snowfall this year,” Maria said.

“That’s not good news,” Mike said. How are we going to get John to Minneapolis by Sunday morning”?

“Gabriel went to find a way,” Maria said. “Guys, let’s get the rest of the firewood inside the cabin that John staged earlier. Let’s stay together from here on out. If anything happens, it happens to all of us; I don’t want to separated,” Maria said.

“Everyone dressed in their cold gear and headed outside. Another six inches of snow blanketed the woods since we had been in the cabin. After dusting off the covered woodpiles, everyone formed a line and passed all of the firewood inside. Maria had prepared a spot on the floor to contain the mess.”

“I’m afraid we are going to need more wood, though. Can we pre-stage a secondary pile? Half by the campfire, and the other half on the porch, Maria said.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike and John went over to the campfire; the flames were just about out, except for a few hot coals. Mike put a few pieces of firewood on, and the wood started smoking, but no fire. “I got this, John,” Mike said. “Why don’t you grab your gear out of the trailer and take it back to the cabin before it gets too cold?”

“Good idea Mike, you don’t need help with this fire,” John said? Mike laughed, raising a small container of gasoline. Mike was always great at starting fires, and he never messed around when starting them in adverse conditions. John went to the trailer and gathered his backpack, sleeping bag, and other personal items from the camper and carried them back to the cabin.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria was waiting in the cabin door and took the items from John. As John handed Maria his backpack, he felt something warm behind him; he also noticed a massive fireball in the background. Maria smiled at John. “Don’t burn down the cabin Mike,” Maria said. “We need to check it every hour or so to make sure it keeps burning.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity = Mike had several other cords of wood that were covered and seasoned. After locating one of them, we started moving firewood back to the cabin porch and covered it with tarps to keep it dry. With that finished, everyone went back into the cabin to warm up.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria turned on the emergency weather radio she had available, and we were all shocked to hear Minneapolis declared a disaster. The storm stalled over downtown Minneapolis all day with a warm front from the south holding it in place. Minneapolis is probably one of the best cities around to deal with snow.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – However, Minneapolis had just taken an inch of freezing rain before the warm front moved out, leaving a solid ice base. And then the snow started. Minneapolis was officially shut down, with Christmas a day and a half away; it would be unlikely if anyone even made it to Church after this.

“Satan is going out of the way to make sure that John’s Sunday morning address to the Church doesn’t happen as planned,” Mike said. “Never give up hope in God, Gabriel himself said he was going to get us a ride into town, and we’ll have to trust that Mike,” John said.

“What happens in the event of a city shutdown John,” Maria said. How does the show go on if no one can get to Church?”

“The TV show has been going on for almost two decades,” Mike said. They installed redundant connectivity to the TV Station and the internet years ago. Also, we have emergency generators at the Church just in case. In the event the building is destroyed, we can go directly to the TV station and broadcast from there.”

Maria grabbed the documents that John gave her earlier and spread them across the table. Each paper was at least twelve pages long.

“John, where is your pre-written lesson for Sunday,” Maria said.

John unzipped his backpack and retrieved it for her. “With everything going on, Maria, I have barely glanced at this.”

Maria proved the documents quickly and decided where to steer John’s training best.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria took the two large documents from Tim and laid them to the side. Maria went over John’s Christmas Lesson in detail. Mike was stoking the fire inside the cabin, and John was finishing getting his items from the trailer organized. “What other things are the Institutional Church lying about Maria”?

“Come over here to the table, John,” Maria said. She finished looking through the lesson for Sunday. “OK, John, your Christmas lesson looks great, and it has a lot of truth. It talks about all of the great things Jesus did on the Earth to redeem us back to the Kingdom. I’ll teach you Satan’s trick, then you try and tell me what is incorrect with the lesson, OK”?

“Sure, Maria, what is Satan’s trick anyway”?

“It’s pretty simple, John; it consists of a lie, blended in with a lot of truth. Your Church is non-denominational, but still a mega Church by most any standard. You teach mainly a prosperity doctrine and tend to shy away from controversial teachings. In other words, you don’t have any fire and brimstone lessons. Still, you perpetuate the idea of eternal torment instead of annihilation which Jesus taught.”

“I didn’t realize we did that, Maria?”

“Well, you don’t teach against it, John, it’s the same thing. Here is an excellent example. Read your closing paragraph and invitation over again, please. Do you see it? Maria spins the document around to John.

“The last paragraph offers the invitation; it invites people to make a decision; one of those decisions is to give your life to God through Jesus. The second part talks about indecision; if you don’t choose to give your life to God, and spend eternity in Heaven, then you have no choice but to spend eternity with the Satan and his angels, in Hell.”

“Maria, are you telling me there is no Hell,” John said?

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike walks over to the table from stoking the fire; “I see things are about to get interesting over here.”

“No, John, Maria continued. I’m not telling you that there is no Hell, I’m telling you that Hell, however it exists, is not a place of eternal punishment. The New Testament translates four different and distinct words in the Bible into one single word, Hell. Four different words, John; if this isn’t a setup by the translators, I don’t know what is.”

“And while I do believe Hell exists, I cannot believe it to be the place of eternal torment that men have made it. It may be a place for annihilation, but certainly not a place of eternal torture.”

“Also, it doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of a God who loves us. And who gave his Son’s life for us, so that we could be with Him forever. It doesn’t make any sense to me, John; does it make sense to you?”

“No, Maria, it doesn’t make sense, is this being used to divide Churches as well”?

“John, it also gives the Atheists and Agnostics ammunition to reject the gospel as pure nonsense.”

“The doctrine of eternal punishment was borrowed from the Catholic Church, Platonism, and Paganism, and is no more biblical than the doctrine of limbo. This doctrine is not scripture; you cannot arrive at this understanding without proof-texting.”

“Jesus taught us ‘not be afraid of those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in Hell.’ Killing the soul would be annihilation, not eternal torture.”

“The four words are Gehenna, Hades, Tartarus, and Sheol. Gehenna was the literal garbage dump in Jerusalem back in Jesus’s day, located in the valley of Hinnom, Mike said.”

Chapter 9 – Help

“Jesus compared being lost with being tossed into that consuming garbage pit outside Jerusalem’s walls. Hades and Sheol refer to the grave, and Tartarus refers to the location where the angels who left their first abode are chained, awaiting judgment.”

“The translation of four different words into one single word should cause red flags to go up in discerning minds,” Mike said.

“Mike, these translations are very troubling, how does this not signify the deliberate tampering of Scriptures by translators, John said”?

“We have a winner,” Mike said.

“It’s not only the tampering John; it’s also the deliberate removal and destruction of three books that answer many of these missing pieces, so let’s go back to Enoch, Jashar, and Jubilees,” Maria said.

“Notice the word perish, John, juxtaposed to eternal life. It backs up the scripture, which shows we are not immortal beings yet. Everyone forgets in first Timothy that Paul writes ‘God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.'”

“Since humans are not immortal, we cannot be punished endlessly.”

“Ezekiel tells us about the sins of Sodom’ Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen’.”

“Sodom was guilty of the worst kind of inhospitality. To keep it simple, they did things like give visitors gold when they visited the city, but refused to allow them to use that gold to buy food, until they starved to death in their city streets, with bystanders anxiously looking on.”

“Visitors that were too tall for the beds would have their legs chopped off. Visitors that were too short for their beds would be stretched on a rack until they were tall enough, and of course, dead.”

“Any local could pick up a rock and hurl it at a visitor’s head, causing them to bleed profusely, and demand payment for medical services rendered. Next, they would take the visitors to court if they didn’t pay for these medical services, because such was the way in their land. I promise you, John, once you read Jashar in its entirety, you will never look at this agenda the same way again.”

“Sodom was destroyed by eternal fire. But that fire isn’t still burning, is it? So it’s the consequences that are Eternal. Not the act of destruction. Does this make sense, John,” Maria said?

“Wow, Maria, that is amazing. I have never put all of these pieces together before. How many people believe this, Mike,” John said? John, unfortunately, those of us that believe this are in the minority. But there is hope as we educate more people to the truth. As we get people to understand, Hell is not a place of eternal punishment, the rest of the Gospel makes more sense. Just like Joshua makes more sense knowing the Israelites were not killing people at the whim of God, but cleansing the planet of bad DNA. It’s a war, John, and it has been since the beginning of time.”

“This is a lot of information to take in at once,” John said. “Having said that, I know I am here for a reason. Gabriel was here for a reason, as was Michael, and that reason cannot be wrong. It’s time for us as humans to stop labeling people and putting them in boxes that make us feel superior, at someone else’s expense.”

Maria excused herself and walked over to the kitchen window. “Oh my goodness, guys, you’ll never believe the snowfall out there. It’s going to be dark soon, let’s make one last sweep of the camp before nightfall. It’s all in God’s hands now; there is nothing we can do to get out of this camp on our own.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike and John hurried to the window. This storm was not a snowfall anymore; it was now a blizzard. A blizzard this area has not experienced since the Duluth blizzard of 1991. Unfortunately, this blizzard had a twist; one inch of solid ice underneath the snow in Minneapolis would render most of the snow removal equipment ineffective.

“John, something tells me you’re going to need these documents on the Internet to get your message across,” Mike said. “You may not have the time to say all of this; there are at least 100 Bible verses in one document alone; with the supporting text, you are looking at sixteen to twenty pages of text. That is almost forty-five minutes of solid reading at a good pace.”

“Let me build a web site and place all these on the Internet for you real quick. What should I call the website,” Mike said?

“When I woke up this morning is a good name,” John said. “See if is available to register the website. And here; Tim gave me electronic copies on a USB stick.” John grabbed the media out of his bag and handed it to Mike.”

“Thanks, Mike,” John said. I don’t know what I would do without your brother.”

John helped Maria clean up the kitchen while Mike was busy building the web site. Things were still awkward between them. John would look at Maria and find her gazing at him, and he would look away, pretending not to have noticed.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – The back and forth went on for a short time until Mike came out of the bedroom with his laptop, displaying the web site he just created. “How did you do that so fast,” John asked?

“I have my secrets John; this web site will take about four hours before it goes live everywhere,” Mike said.

John went through the documents online, “they look great, Mike.”

“Thank Tim when you see him,” Mike said. He had them all pre-formatted. I just created the site, copied the files to the website, and linked them,” Mike said.

Maria’s attention was outside. The campfire is going out guys; we’d better fix this right away.”

Chapter 9 – Help

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 9 – Help

Chapter 9 – Help. Mike, Maria, and John returned outside to find the temperature was dropping fast and the camp in near whiteout conditions.  Mike was tending to the campfire. John noticed how small the clearing felt; the whiteout skewed visibility and contrast. The winds howled in the distance.

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 9 - Help
When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 9 – Help

“We’ll need to take turns standing watch tonight,” Mike said. “The fire is our lifeline, and it won’t last the night without help. John, we’re going to need you rested for tomorrow’s trip, why don’t you take the first watch,” Mike said.

The winds were picking up to blizzard speeds of thirty-five miles per hour outside the camp; as soon as you left the protection of the valley, massive snowbanks were appearing wherever snow could collect.

“I have an idea,” Mike said. “Let’s go get some help.”

“What help? What are you talking about John,” Maria said?

” When I was out here earlier, moving the rick of firewood, I took a walk out of the camp, to the main road. People are wandering around out there by the property entrance,” John said. “Let’s go get them.”

“John, those people are likely all possessed, and they are waiting for us outside the property line. We’re enjoying protection from the forces of evil here. Gabriel told us they would be close,” Maria said.

“Jesus, what would He do in this situation,” John said?

“Jesus would have helped those demon-possessed people John; there is no doubt about that. But you’re not Jesus,” Mike said.

“I know that Mike, but we’re going to need more help than you two realize to get out of here,” John said. “Let’s try and save one person and see what happens.” Mike and Maria reluctantly agreed to accompany John to the property border. “Hang on a second,” Mike said. “We’re going to need a few supplies.”

“John, help me carry some of the emergency food supplies out of the trailer,” Maria said.

The trailer was positioned directly in front of the cabin; in the center of the valley. Mike and Maria had a stash of water and MRE’s in the trailer.

Chapter 9 – Help – The wind always blew a certain way in the clearing. The airflow made campfires safe and predictable. John and Maria took a few minutes to carry the supplies from the guest trailer to the main cabin.

“So, what’s going on in your head John,” Maria said? “What’s going to happen when we get to the top of the hill to the property line?”

“I’m just going to go up that hill and into the street, and cast the spirit out of one of those hijacked souls. If it works, I’ll move to the next person and cast out the spirit, and I’ll keep doing that for as long as I can.”

“I need you and Mike to talk with these people after the spirits have gone. And I’ll explain to them what is going on. Some of these people are going to be waking up out here, and it’s going to be a huge mind trip for them. Some of them will want to know the Gospel, and some won’t. We’ll help those that want help, and they can help us in return.”

Chapter 9 – Help – Mike came around the back of the cabin, pulling a sled.” Great idea, Mike,” John said.

“John, there is a cave at the top of the hill,” Mike said. “We have firewood, propane heaters, and rifles stashed up there. What’s the plan, John?”

“I’m going to toss a few spirits out of the people up there to get us some help, what are you going to do Mike?”

“I’m going to go ahead of you and start a fire. We’ll need a warm place to call base for now.”

Chapter 9 – Help – Marie grabbed Mike and Johns’s hand and pulled them both close for prayer. Everyone joined hands. Maria asked God for protection and for God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

After the prayer, Mike gathered some extra blankets, his trusty can of gasoline, and the water and MRE’s. He tied the supplies carefully to the sled.

“Guys, we’ll have near-blizzard conditions coming out of the valley. I’ll need to be able to ID you so I can protect you.” Mike took a green glow stick and attached it to John and Maria’s jackets and bent each in half to activate them. Maria took one of the glow sticks and connected it to Mike as well.

“I’ll take the rest of the glow sticks and space them out to the top of the hill. I’ll place one every fifteen feet or so. When I get to the top, I’ll start a fire close to the road and start the heaters in the cave.”

“There is orange paracord tied from here to the top of the hill,” Mike said. “I’ll attach the glow sticks to that.”

“Give me a fifteen-minute head start to get these glow sticks in place, and get a fire started. You guys follow the lights up the hill, pull the sled, and stay together. John, you stay close to Maria. She knows the terrain pretty well.”

“Make sure and stoke the campfire well before you go, this fire serves as a lighthouse to find our way home,” Mike said.

Mike walked slow and steady out of the camp and disappeared into the whiteout. The glow sticks left a trail, a green glow to guide the way in the inclement weather.

“John, I need a few minutes to myself before we go up,” Maria said. “Mike told us to wait fifteen minutes before following him, come inside with me, and warm up for a moment.”

“Thanks, Maria, I better get this fire stoked first,” John said. Maria walked to the cabin and opened the door; she turned around and smiled at John before stepping in. She is so beautiful, John thought, ignoring Maria’s infamous past.

Chapter 9 – Help – John added new firewood to the fire; he stirred and stoked the fire until it was blazing. As he walked by the cabin window, he could see Maria inside. She was praying on her knees. Mike turned away as he didn’t want to ruin this solemn moment by gawking at Maria.

Mike closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. John prayed for Maria and Mike, and all the lost souls awaiting them at the top of the hill.

Chapter 9 – Help – When Maria returned outside, she handed John a walking stick. They held hands and proceeded to walk out of the camp together, pulling the sled behind them. The first two hundred feet was smooth because the trees sheltered it. Now positioned at the bottom of the hill, they look up to see the green glow of the lights disappearing in just a hundred feet.

Maria and John started climbing slowly. One foot after the next, they pulled the sled behind them as they hiked out of the valley. About a third of the way up, they came to an open property gate that is usually locked. “Mike must have left this gate open for us,” Maria said. “Let’s shut it behind us to be safe, John.”

John wasn’t scared; he didn’t know if it was confidence from his team or something more spiritual in nature. The small silent voice that put the idea in John’s head about saving the people on the road continued to encourage him to press on.

God’s Message on the Web Podcasts

John didn’t realize the gate was a couple of feet longer than the road. He grabbed the gate at the end and walked it into the closed position falling into the ditch by accident. To complicate matters, John slipped under the gate while trying to stand up. Ice covered everything.

John could hear Maria calling out for him, but he couldn’t see her. He removed the green glow stick from his jacket and waved it in the air. Suddenly a light was shining a few feet behind him; it was Maria lying down on the road and offering him a hand.

Chapter 9 – Help – Maria guided John just a few feet further where he could find some traction on some old concrete blocks that were left in the ditch to help secure the gate. “I think this is why Mike left the gate open,” Maria said. “So we wouldn’t be tempted to close it, I’m sorry John, are you OK?”

Maria helped John out of the ditch, and they retrieved the sled, which stuck under the main gate. “Anything broke, John,” Maria said? “I don’t think so Maria, let’s get up there and make sure Mike is OK before he heads back down looking for us.”

They started back up the hill together, pulling the sled. John used the walking stick more to maintain his balance.

Out of breath, Mike and Maria crested the top of the hill. In the distance, a spark transforms magically into thirty-foot flames. “Mike sure knows how to start a fire,” John said.

“Yes, yes, he does,” Maria said. Mike was still busy working the fire when Mike and Maria caught up with him, but the flames were warm and felt fantastic.

Chapter 9 – Help – John and Maria joined Mike at the fire. The weather conditions at the property line were not as kind. When you’re wrapped in gear from head to toe for cold weather, a unique tunnel vision skews reality. Like a horse with blinders on, you can only see straight ahead unless you turn your head.

John was holding his leg from the fall earlier. “What’s wrong, John,” Mike said?

“I was closing the gate and fell into the ditch; then, I slipped on the ice when I tried to stand and fell under the fence. Maria helped untangle me,” John said.

“That’s my fault,” Mike said. I’m sorry; I left the gate open so you wouldn’t fall into that trap.

That’s OK Mike; these things happen, I’m more concerned with what we have to do up here,” John said.

“I don’t see anything out there, John; I have a terrible feeling about this. Let’s go back to the cabin, please,” Mike said.

“They’re out there all right; I can feel their eyes on me right now. John stood up and backed away from the fire. Mike, go back to the cabin if you need my friend. I have to do this.”

“Can you feel it, Maria, it’s like an entire wall of darkness moving this way. It’s hard to describe,” John said.

“Yes, I feel it John, I can feel the eyes of those people staring right through me too,” Maria said.

As soon as Maria spoke, a few deer that had sheltered in-place for the storm immediately left the encroaching area, running right past the group as if they weren’t even there. A few owls took flight as well.

Chapter 9 – Help – Using his new gift John looked up into the night sky. At first, just the storm was visible. This view gave way as John concentrated on seeing with his spiritual eyes. He saw the outline of forty-foot tall angels that stood shoulder to shoulder, protecting the property.

Guy’s, I’ll be back, John said. Mike stood up with his shotgun and cocked it. Maria tried to talk Mike into calming down, but he didn’t listen. John strolled for the next hundred feet and approached the dividing line. He was leaning heavily on his walking stick but pushing forward.

Faint whispers in John’s head began; intrusive thoughts grew more frantic with each step he took. The intrusive thoughts strengthened his resolve; John’s courage kicked into full gear. Being spiritually attacked is usually a good indication that you’re doing something right.

The wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult for John to stand, but he kept pressing forward. Vague shadows moved in the distance, getting closer, he continued. A few feet from the road, John counts six people in his field of vision.

A woman in a dress walks towards John; she had the red streak on her face, possessed. “Come out of her, in Jesus’ name,” John said. The spirit came out of her with a scream. She slipped and fell on the road.

“What in the hell is going on here, the young lady asked? I’m freezing; the last thing I remember was I had a few drinks with friends after work, and now I’m in a blizzard? Where in the Hell am I? And who are you?”

“I’m John, Mam, and you are?”

“I’m Andrea.”

“Andrea, allow me to help you up,” John said. Are you a believer?”

“A believer in what; what’s going on here, Andrea said,”?

“Andrea, I’m John Smith. Let me give you my patented ‘Pastor John’ rundown. I just booted a disembodied spirit from you. If you have trouble believing this concept ask yourself what you’re doing on the Minnesota/Canadian border during a blizzard with another ten possessed people closing in on you and a random pastor. Come into the camp, Andrea, and warm up while we sort the rest of this out.”

Chapter 9 – Help – Andrea had this look; she wanted to believe, she just never got around to it. “Given the situation, I’m inclined to believe you, Pastor,” Andrea said.

“Go on in the camp, Andrea,” John said. “Mike will take you over to the fire to warm up. Maria is waiting over there for you.”

John noticed as Andrea passed through the property line, she was allowed to enter by the guardian angels. “Thank you, John,” Andrea said as she headed for the fire.

The people kept coming, one after the other, all with the same result. The disembodied spirits fled from everyone that approached John through the power of Yahushua, Jesus Christ.

A young woman named Kris walked right into the camp. She was allowed to pass and went to the fire and sat down, an apparent believer to step right in.

Not everyone believed, though, and even some who said they were believers were not allowed to enter. For one reason or another, most were not allowed to come into the camp.

One lost soul came back after being turned away; “you’re that preacher from TV, aren’t you”?

“Yes, Sir, I’m John, what’s your name?”

“Hi, my name is Jerry; look, John, I know I was stubborn at first, I just watched you cast spirits out of three more people. If evil is real and spirits are real, then God must be real too.”

“I’m not sure what I believe, to be honest, John, but I don’t want to die out here with these people I don’t know. Please let me in your camp and teach me what you know?”

“I will,” John said. The guardian angels let Jerry walk through with John. Jerry made his way to the fire to meet the others.

John walked back to the campfire and put his arm around Mike. “Please, Mike, load the sled with all the remaining supplies and take it to the people still out there. Maybe they’ll come around; I know I’m kidding myself; it just hurts, leaving them out here.”

Mike took the sled to the road and left it for those who couldn’t join them.

“What kind of Christian leaves people out in the middle of nowhere to die, one stranger asked Mike?”

“We’re people, you know; my name is Jack. I’m from Boston; you can’t just leave us out here to die.”

“Jack, we’re not leaving you here to die,” Mike said. “There are enough supplies here to help you make it out of here if you choose.”

“How did you get here tonight, Jack?”

“I don’t know.”

“Look, Jack, you’re on the wrong side of this war. You have the ammunition you need to believe if you want to entertain the idea seriously. But we both know you don’t.

“Most of you have seen spirits thrown out of the others. But something doesn’t allow you to make the connection? We are in a supernatural war.”

“Thanks for nothing, asshole,” Jack said. “You guys are all stupid, following a spaghetti monster.

“Where are we,” a stranger asks?

“You’re about a half a mile from the nearest road.” Mike pointed to the east; “follow the road to the end and take a left to go into town, just follow the tree line out of here.”

Chapter 10 – Precipice

“Maybe we should just take your camp by force,” Jack said. The strangers rushed the line but stopped from crossing by an unseen force, the guardian angels. “Angels protect this place,” Mike said. “If I were you, I’d get as far away from here as you can and don’t come back.”

The strangers reluctantly headed down the road. John noticed the leader of the disheveled group Jack, had what appeared to be a tail as they walked away. “That man is a fallen angel,” John said.

John and Mike walked back to meet their new guests; Andrea, Jerry, and Kris. They were cold, tattered, and scared. Maria and Kris seemed like old friends by the time John got to the fire. Andrea was staring at Jerry, longing for the days when her faith was like his, like a child’s faith.

Jerry became a believer today; it’s incredible to witness. His eyes were opened for the first time, full of belief and wonder. Jerry’s faith is unshakable, for now, anyway. Time has a way of making miracles lose their magic, though. Many in Jesus’ day didn’t believe, and they witnessed His miracles.

Jerry re-evaluated his life today; He saw John throw spirits out of three people tonight. For Jerry, if there is an evil side, there has to be a good side too. That makes God real for him, and that’s all that matters right now.

Andrea has a lonely past, not letting anyone get close to her. Her brush with the supernatural would awaken even the deepest sleeping Christian. And Kris is a Seer; it’s her destiny to be here with us.

Seers are different than Prophets. They see into the future as they are allowed, and that’s what they know. They don’t speak for God. They serve as a compass; they keep believers on track.

“Welcome,” John said. I wanted to invite everyone to come back to the cabin with us, warm-up, and get something to eat.” Everyone stood, staying close to the fire.

There is a certain awkwardness in the first few minutes of any new group. People are reserved, even kinder, for a moment as they size up everyone in the group and figure out their pecking order.

“I’m Maria, and this is Mike,” Maria said. “You have already met John.” The grim situation was evident; life would never seem the same again.

John and Mike re-built the fire before taking the guests down to the cabin. “I’ll stay behind and watch the fire,” Mike said. “The fire has to be kept burning.

Mike threw John a rope retrieved from the cave earlier. “It’s pretty slick going down the hill,” John said. “The rope will safely guide us into the valley. We’ll follow the green glow and stay to the left at the gate.”

John tied the rope around a fence post and led everyone down the hill. They followed John safely to the halfway point. “Down is sure a lot easier than up,” John said.

The rest of the hike wasn’t very hard, “just a couple hundred feet to go,” Maria said. The wind was much calmer in the valley; the visibility was clearing up, you could see for hundreds of feet now.

In the distance, the campfire flickered, a welcome sign for Maria, and John, a promising sign for their new friends.

A short walk and everyone gathered in the clearing. The fire was barely burning, but the coals were red hot; Maria added a few logs, and the campfire took off again.

“John, why don’t you take everyone into the cabin where they can warm up? I’ll be right in,” Maria said.

John opened the door and held it while everyone walked in. The great room of the cabin greeted visitors with a warm fire immediately when entering. The gloves were the first to come off as the hands warm, then the hats and scarfs, and finally the jackets.

The fire filled the air with a familiar aroma. “Welcome to the cabin, everyone,” John said.

“Thanks for helping us back there John, I truly don’t have words for your kind help,” Jerry said.

John started some coffee brewing. “Make yourselves at home,” John said.

“I’m here to help you with your web sites. John; where is the computer,” Kris said? Kris is a renowned website developer. “Let’s get you set up at the table, Kris,” John said. When Kris was comfortable at the table, John slid the laptop over and brought Kris up to speed on the message, as the coffee finished brewing.

“A Minister telling people to not go to church; you’re certainly going to be Mr. Popular,” Kris said.

Jerry and Andrea were both intrigued; they joined John and Kris at the table. When the coffee finished brewing, John poured everyone a cup. Maria came in and joined us after the campfire was burning strong.

John explained the different documents; and why they were needed. “Originally, these files were supposed to be a backup; in case I couldn’t get the message out in time,” John said. “This is great because I don’t know how long I’ll have.”

“How long you’ll have before what,” Andrea said? It hadn’t clicked with Andrea yet that this mission could be dangerous. “I’m not ready to die yet,” Andrea said. She looked distraught and walked back over towards the fire.

“These files are going to play a pivotal role now. Get the web addresses out over your broadcast John, while you have a signal. The web site will do the rest.”

“I’m going to go and help Mike,” Jerry said. “Maria, do you have anything warm I can borrow; It’s numbing out there.”

Chapter 9 – Help – Maria walked to the coat tree and returned with a ski mask, warm gloves, and a scarf for Jerry. A camouflage jacket as well, Jerry looked right at home as soon as he donned the gear. Maria handed Jerry a knife, just in case Mike wouldn’t trust a stranger with his rifle. “Good luck Jerry,” Maria said. Jerry walked out of the cabin and into the clearing.

As John explains the last few days to Kris, the backstory builds into keyword and search tags, META information that will drive web traffic. Kris turns John’s everyday PDF documents into an award-winning web site with graphics, downloadable books and tools, comments, and more. Kris found the password(s) cached for the web site. She logged in, made quick backups of the old web site, uploaded the new one, and registered the site with the search engines.

Your web site should be number one in the search engines in about twenty-four hours,” Kris said.

“Well done,” John said. “Well done, Kris, that’s a fantastic job on the web site.” Kris looked somberly at John. “What’s wrong, Kris.”

“I’m a Seer John; I can see what you’re giving up to get your story across; it’s heartbreaking.”

“Most of your family and friends will disown you. The Church will give you the left foot of fellowship; they’ll excommunicate you and strip you of your title. Your promotion, your fiancé, and your family are all on the line,” Kris said.

“I’m not worried about any of that anymore, Kris,” John said.

Andrea, on the other hand, was having a come to Jesus moment, spawned by the choices she made in her life. John thanked Kris for all of the help. He walked over to Andrea, who was crying by the fireplace.

“I don’t deserve to be here,” Andrea said. “I haven’t done anything in my life that deserves saving. The only thing I’ve ever been good at is stepping on people on my way up the corporate ladder.”

“That’s why it’s called grace; Andrea, it’s unmerited favor,” John said. “You can’t do anything to earn your way to Heaven. Your either a Christian or you’re not. I do need to know if you’re with us or not, Andrea.”

“Yes, I am John, just tell me how to help,” Andrea said.

“I will as soon as I know,” John said.

Chapter 10 – Precipice

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 10 – Precipice

Chapter 10 – Precipice. John noticed Maria was smiling at him. John can’t help the way he feels about Maria; he is in love for the first time. Maria stood and made her way over to the fireplace, and extended a hand to Andrea in friendship.

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 10 - Precipice
When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 10 – Precipice

“Hi Andrea,” Maria said, “Welcome.” Maria sat down and held Andrea’s hands for a moment, giving her the courage to push back the tears. After a moment of silence, Andrea squeezed Maria’s hand in return. “Hi Maria,” Andrea said.

Kris made her way over as well. Maria was distraught over the situation. Kris sat down next to Maria and put her arm around her. “I don’t know what God has planned for us, Andrea,” Kris said. “I’m thrilled John saved us, though.”

“I seem to be the odd person out; everyone seems to have a purpose except me. I don’t have a purpose, Kris, and I’m scared. My last memory was leaving my work Christmas party; in the back of a limo alone, I’m always alone”.

“Tell me about Andrea,” Maria said.

“There’s not much to tell Maria. I’m a divorced mother; I poured my life into my son Craig. All Craig wanted to do was get away from me as soon as he could, just like his father.”

“I’m a bitch to everyone I know; it’s a defense mechanism to keep people from rejecting me. When people get too close, bad things start to happen. It’s been that way since I’ve been a child. I push everyone away for their benefit; I’m cursed;” Andrea said.

“I’m not scared of you, Andrea,” Maria said. “God has joined us together for a reason. What’s going down in Minneapolis with John will be written in the history books, Andrea. We’re glad you’re here with us.”

“What going on in Minneapolis John,” Andrea said?

“I’m going to announce to the world during our Christmas worship that we’re doing it wrong,” John said. “Christ came into this world to set us free from religion, not to invite us into another one.”

Chapter 10 – Precipice – He wants a personal relationship with all of us. He doesn’t wish to have pew warmers. He wants us to love Him, the way He loves us.”

“Wow, I thought I was the most unpopular person around,” Andrea said. “Not by a long shot, Andrea,” John said. “By this time on Monday, I predict everyone will hate me. People don’t like change Andrea, and we’re talking traditions here, beliefs that have been passed down from fathers to sons, from mothers to daughters over thousands of years.”

“People are going to be pissed,” Maria said. “Try explaining to people they’ve been sold out by King James and his interpretation of the Greek word Ekklesia. King James ordered the Greek word Ekklesia to translate to Church; instead of its original intent, an assembly, a calling out of believers to gather together.

“This makes a lot of sense,” Andrea said. I’ve never felt welcome at Church, I don’t belong, and it sounds like I’m not alone.”

A solitary tear ran down Andrea’s face, so much pain over the years, released in just a few minutes. John, Maria, and Kris got down on their knees and asked Andrea to join them. “We’re not into group prayer; it’s a personal thing between God and us,” Maria said.

“And you’re not alone, Andrea, most people feel like failures to some extent. We project this façade that our lives are great; that we’re always having a great time, and that life is easy. I have a secret for you; everyone feels like a failure at some point in their life. And everyone is scared.”

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads. Everyone talked personally with God. They prayed like Jesus taught everyone to pray, for God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, not for their wants and needs.

John was disturbed by something stirring outside as he finished his prayer. He opened his eyes; the smile on Andrea’s face brought peace to John and Maria.

John and Maria’s eyes locked. “I love you;” Maria didn’t say it out loud, her lips silently forming the words to John. “I love you, Maria,” John answered the same way.

It was getting brighter outside. John walked to the cabin door and looked out; it was Mike, stoking the campfire. Mike motioned for John to join him outside. Mike looked tired; John hurried and grabbed his cold gear.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” John said. “Mike’s back,” John stepped outside, closing the door behind him. Andrea’s smile faded quickly after her prayer. She was looking frantically around the cabin, trying to locate the voice speaking to her.

“What’s wrong, Andrea,” Maria said?

“I hear whispers, Maria; coming from different locations, do you hear it? It’s just a word; wacko, repeating over and over, and faster with more variations. It sounds like ten different people whispering to me at the same time.”

“Did you say, wacko,” Maria said? “Do you have any idea what it means, Andrea?”

“This is how I hear important things from the spiritual world, sometimes Maria,” Kris said. “When the Watchers are trying to get my attention for something significant, it happens just this way.”

“Let’s go outside and join the men, just to be safe,” Maria said.

“I agree,” Kris said. Kris and Maria gathered all of the coats and cold weather gear, staging them by the door.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this, Maria,” Kris said. Let’s gather the equipment as well. “Come with me, Kris,” Maria said. Andrea was holding her hands over her ears, trying to quiet the voices; she didn’t understand what they were trying to say.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Maria and Kris carried several large bags of items from the bedroom. Maria opened several expandable carryalls and grabbed all of the warm clothes, the dried food, and the computer equipment and staged them by the cabin door as well.

Mike and John noticed the hasty activity and went inside to find Maria and Kris staging most of the belongings by the door. Andrea was covering her ears mumbling wacko. John knew right away; this wasn’t good.

“Everyone outside,” John said. “Take the goods and move them now to the clearing on the opposite side of the fire.”

“Why John,” Maria said?

“Just trust me, Maria,” John said. John’s world went into slow motion, just like the bicycle accident a couple of days earlier.

The human brain knows when we’re in trouble; when we have passed the point of no return in a dangerous situation. Our mind begins taking in large amounts of information to store away for later. We’ll learn from this experience, so we know exactly how to react the next time something like this happens, it’s a defense mechanism and a part of the flight or fight reflex. But it comes with a price tag, an ominous feeling that we are entirely out of control. John watched as everyone grabbed the gear and ran outside. He was powerless to help, only an observer.

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His eyes focused on Andrea, who was still in the cabin, still holding her ears. John could understand what she was saying now. Andrea wasn’t saying wacko; she was saying Waco. After a moment John regained control, his mind moving at an average speed again, John ran up to the porch to Andrea.

“Are you saying Waco, like Waco Texas,” John said? Andrea’s eyes lit up; “That’s it, John; it’s Waco. “Take cover,” John said. “Everyone runs for the clearing, on the far side of the camp.”

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Maria and Kris yelled at Andrea, who was still at the cabin door. “Run, Andrea, hurry and get out of there. Mike stood up and went to Andrea’s rescue. But he was too late. The cabin exploded with a force that sent Mike flying backward in the air, landing on his back in the snow.

Andrea is dead.

The cabin explosion was deafening, and the percussions rippled through everything. “Mike,” Maria screamed. The fireball mushroomed into the sky forty feet. Maria tried running for Mike, but she couldn’t get close. Mike wasn’t moving, and the heat from the fire was unbearable for a human.

John and Kris were too close when the cabin exploded; they were knocked unconscious for a few seconds.

Maria stepped back and unrolled the blanket out of her backpack on the ground. She grabbed a gallon of water from the case of supplies and poured it over the blanket while debris rained down everywhere throughout the camp. Maria wrapped the blanket over her head and then wrapped it around her body.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – John and Kris both tried getting up from the ground after regaining consciousness. Kris witnessed Maria’s daring dash to rescue Mike. Maria got close enough and grabbed Mike’s legs. She pulled with everything she had. The fire burned Maria right through the wet blanket. The heat is so intense it produced steam from the water in the quilt.

She dragged Mike’s body far enough away from the fire; then collapsed on the ground next to him. Kris tried to help John up, but he didn’t have the strength to stand. The whine of a small turboprop drone was barely noticeable. The aircraft flew slowly over the camp, surveying the devastation it just caused.

John was speechless from the trauma. Kris noticed the confused look in John’s eyes. She grabbed him by the hand and sat down next to John. “You’re in shock, John,” Kris said. “Set down here for just a moment while I help Mike and Maria.”

John lay down on the snow; it didn’t even feel cold. Kris shoved a backpack under his legs to get the blood pumping to his organs again.

Kris checked Mike’s pulse; “Mike’s alive, John.” Kris moved next to Maria; and checked her pulse; it was good, but Maria seemed out of it. Maria swung at Kris, barely missing. “Where am I and who are you, get away from me,” Maria said. She looked around and tried to stand up and walk, staggering a few yards before fainting and falling next to John.

Kris knew what to do; she sprang into action removing the steaming blanket from Maria and unzipping her coat. Maria’s was burning up; her temperature was dangerously close to the critical 104 degrees Fahrenheit limit. Kris packed snow around Maria’s body to quickly cool her down.

“Maria has a dangerous combination of heatstroke John from the heat and the exertion,” Kris said. “She’ll be brain dead in a few minutes if we can’t drop her body temperature. I need your help, John, please get up.”

Chapter 10 – Precipice – At that moment, Kris closed her eyes and lifted her hands into the air, “Please help us, God; please, I beg of you. I know you didn’t save us just so I could watch everyone die, I’m sure of it. Please help,” Kris said.

Hearing Kris’s prayer helped John regain his strength enough to set up. He kneeled forward on his knees and bowed his head. “Are you OK, John? That’s not the best position for you right now.”

Kris was interrupted by the returning drone flying back towards them. The fire died down enough that the handlers could now target them. “John, it’s now or never,” Kris said.

Kris’s eyes grew huge; she watched John as he transformed into Michael; standing up, he towered over Kris, almost seven feet tall. “Don’t be afraid, my child,” Michael said. He drew his sword as the drone flew towards the clearing, “all glory to Yahweh,” Michael said, raising his sword to the heavens.

Michael wound back like a pitcher, targeting the drone. He threw the sword with precision. The sword flew up, breaking the propeller of the aircraft in two. The drone crashed somewhere behind the remains of the cabin.

Michael knelt next to Maria and held both of her hands. He bowed his head, transforming back into John. Maria turned briefly into Michael and then back to herself. Maria healed immediately.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – When John morphed back into Michael, his sword was available again. The sound of an incoming chopper got everyone’s attention. “Let’s go, everyone,” Maria said. Michael picked up Mike and placed him on his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

Maria grabbed her firearm and holster from her backpack. She grabbed Kris by the hand and took off running towards the clearing. Michael was following closely behind carrying Mike.

The helicopter wasn’t searching for them; it was looking for the drone. The aircraft fired a small missile that erased all of the evidence of the campsite and the drone. A secondary explosion rocked the entire area; the woods lit up brightly for a few moments.

Maria led the run up the hill towards the cave. When they reached the property line, Maria pointed towards the entrance where the fire was. It was smoking, and Jerry’s whereabouts were unknown. Maria led everyone a couple of hundred more feet to the east, towards the entrance of the cave.

Maria moved the camouflage to the side that hid the cave entrance; everyone followed her into the cave. The dim light emanating from the cave was a crank type emergency light that looked like an old lantern. She picked up the lamp, turning the crank twenty times, the light became much brighter.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – The winds were still howling outside. Maria checked the new propane heaters; they were working nicely. Michael knelt silently on the cave floor; He bowed his head, transforming back into John. Maria turned to find John just a few inches from her face, staring into her eyes. “I thought I lost you,” John said.

“This is amazing,” Kris said. “The Bible says there is a war going on since the beginning of time. I never believed it was physical, though; I thought it was just spiritual.”

“Maria, your burn marks are all gone,” Kris said. It’s like you were never burned at all when you pulled Mike from the fire. It’s a miracle,” Kris said.

Everyone huddled together in the cave, waiting for the sound of the helicopter to go away. After a few minutes, it was quiet; the blizzard winds were oddly soothing.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Mike opened his eyes and looked around. His eyes told the story of confusion, “what happened,” Mike said? Mike was weak and spoke quietly. “The last thing I remember is Andrea freaking out at the cabin, and then a flash before everything went dark.”

“It’s all gone, Mike; Andrea died when a drone dropped something on the camp. You were too close when the explosion hit and you were knocked unconscious. Michael saved us,” Maria said.

“That’s terrible about Andrea,” Mike said.

“Save your strength, Mike,” Maria said. “We thought we lost you for a moment.”

“I’m so glad you’re alive, I thought we lost you too,” John said.

“God works in mysterious ways, Mike, “Maria said. She gave her life back to God right before she died. I’ve noticed this pattern over the last several years. I believe God takes his children out of this world as soon as possible, when needed, for their spiritual safety. So they don’t have a chance to fall away again.”

“I’m surprised any of us are alive. What in the heck happened back at the campsite with you and John,” Kris said?

Chapter 11 – Arrival

“We’re just vessels,” Maria said. Angels have used people like us throughout history; for whatever reason, they choose people who are RH- Negative.”

“I’m RH- Negative,” Kris said.

“It’s the same way the powers of darkness can use anyone who does not have God’s hedge of protection around them, Kris.

“How did you get here, Kris,” Maria said?

“It’s a bizarre story, Maria.”

“We have a few minutes, Mike said.

“I woke up early, at two o’clock in the morning, which is very unusual for me. I’m a great sleeper. I fought the rest of the night to get back to sleep; sometime before daybreak, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen,” Kris said.

“I felt moved to take some pictures of the sunrise, not being able to get to sleep. I packed my camera equipment and headed for the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

“I’ve been there before,” Maria said. “That is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

“Isn’t it,” Kris said? So, I’m driving through the mountains on the curvy highway in total darkness; I remember because I had lost the suction cup to my GPS. The GPS was sitting on the dash of the rental car. As I turned, it slid across the dashboard out of reach, as I rounded the next corner, it slid back and bounced off of the dash and onto the floor.”

“I’m not sure why, but this enraged me, but my reaction was to start cussing. I’m human, and like everyone else, I make mistakes. But I flew into this rage Maria. I had turned from a reasonable human being into a raving lunatic.”

“I used to worship Satan,” Maria said. “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Wow, Maria, I want to hear more about that later. So anyway, I arrive at the park and set up my tripod and camera and get everything ready for the best light of the day. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a car parked behind me several hundred feet.”

“I didn’t think much about it; I was pissed to be sharing this breathtaking experience with a stranger. The morning filled with juxtapositions.”

“With the sun in the perfect position, I took about a hundred photos in rapid succession. The view was awesome. Being a part of something so beautiful was awesome. Even though I was tired, I was feeling fantastic.”

“So, I’m packing up my equipment when I notice movement from the car. I was alone, and normally I would never have approached that car, it seemed to call out to me. I packed my camera and equipment in my rental car, and I see the driver. It looks like he has blood on his face. At first, I thought he probably got too drunk and got into a fight, or fell down a hill in the dark. He looked like he needed help, and was having trouble sitting up, so I went to help.”

“As I walked closer, I noticed a note on the dash. Did this guy piss off his girlfriend and she left him out here? I didn’t focus on the note; my attention focused on his face. It looked like he was trying to say something. His face was bloodier than I imagined. His head kept bobbing back and forth like he was falling asleep and waking back up; I didn’t know what to think.”

“So, I knocked on the window, no response. I knocked again; hey buddy are you OK in there I shouted? That’s when the feeling hit me; something was wrong. When I bent down to look into the car his face bobbed back up. There was blood everywhere, Maria; it was dried all over the windshield, the car seat, and his face.”

“Somehow, he managed to turn his head. I’ve never seen anything like it. His face was totally out of place; he had blood still streaming down his face; it was dried all over his clothes and everywhere in the car.”

“That’s when I looked at the note. It was titled to “Whoever finds me,” and the letter read, “I’m sorry for the mess, I am. I just returned from the war in the Middle East. Doing my job has been the cause of much pain and death. I cannot live with myself anymore, so I’m ending it all here at the Garden of the Gods.”

“Oh my God,” Maria said. “What happened then?”

“So, I called 911; when emergency answered, they didn’t believe me at first, “What does it look like they asked?”

“I told them it looked like someone tried to kill themselves, but they missed. The bullet ricocheted off of the skull, ripping the face-off. It was just hanging there, totally not functional. The guy was breathing, but he couldn’t talk. He was very close to death.”

“The operator asked me if I could see the gun anywhere. I looked briefly inside the car and couldn’t see a gun when I told the lady that, she told me to run. Get as far away from the car as you can and wait for the police to arrive.”

“After she asked my location, my phone chirped, and it locked into emergency mode. It was the longest ten minutes of my life, waiting for the police to show up. The things that went through my mind were terrible. The intrusive thoughts were off the hook.”

“When the first responder arrived, he talked with me for a moment; to make sure I didn’t kill the guy, I guess. When my story checked out, he drew his gun and ran up from behind the car, screaming at the guy, where’s the gun, sir, where is it?”

“He had his gun in one hand and his flashlight in the other. Once he located the gun, he relaxed a little, putting his gun away and radioing some information back. That was what he needed to see; I guess the cops get very nervous when a weapon is unaccounted for.”

“I was supposed to work that day, but I never made it in. The police wouldn’t let me leave as they cordoned off the area, and I was the only witness per se.”

“This is where things start to get hazy. The detective is questioning me; and I start feeling hot, next came the dizziness and the ringing in the ears, and to the best of my knowledge I passed out. The next thing I know, I’m standing in the middle of the road in front of your property, freezing my ass off, while John is exorcizing spirits out of a group of people. I didn’t know a Christian could get possessed; I guess I was wrong about that.”

“It was tough seeing Andrea get killed back there, but for some reason, I feel like I’m where I am supposed to be.”

“We’re glad to have you, Kris,” John said.

“And I thought I was having a weird day,” Mike said.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Mike was sitting up and looked much better. “I’m glad you’re OK, Kris,” Mike said. “I don’t know what happened to Jerry, but I’m glad you’re here with us.”

“So Maria, you were a satanist,” Kris said?

“That’s a story for another time, Kris, but yes, Jesus saved me from that life,” Maria said.

“I’m feeling better,” Mike said. Mike smiled as John and Maria both extended him a hand. Mike closed his eyes to pray, and he prayed out loud for once. “I’m not praying for what I want anymore. I want Your will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Father,” Mike said. A clap of thunder echoed through the valley.

In the distance, a faint noise approached. The sound gradually grew louder until everyone noticed.

“What in the hell is that sound,” Mike said? Maria stood up and retrieved her rifle and a sidearm for everyone else.

“Do you know how to use these Kris,” Maria said?

“I do,” Kris said.

The sound was like a rhythmic thrust, like a crane pounding a steel beam into the ground.

Chapter 10 – Precipice – Mike sat up and chambered rounds into all of his weapons. “This might be it, folks, let’s get ready,” Mike said.

“Mike put that down,” Maria said. “Gabriel said he would be back for us.”

“I’m not taking any chances,” Mike said. “Get the gear ready, Maria.”

The faint roar of engines broke through. Mike put on some additional winter gear and headed outside the cave. “Go with him, John,” Maria said.” There is no telling what he will do. Kris and I will be right behind you.