Chapter 13 – Destiny

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 14 - Confrontation

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 13 – Destiny

Chapter 13 – Destiny. “It’s time to get going,” Kris said. “The ship is making preparations for departure.” John and Maria, Tim, Brent, David, George, and Emily got into their gear, put on their helmets, and boarded the sleds. A campfire burns outside under the ship, while the blizzard rages on overhead.

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 13 - Destiny
When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 13 – Destiny

George and his brothers returned and suited up as well for the ride back into town. Emily and David’s addition leave just one spare seat.

Things can be surreal on a snowmobile. Warm clothes and specialty suits keep you alive. You have a helmet that prevents you from freezing and protects your head at the same time. Unfortunately, this adds substantial blind spots and noise dampeners that throw off your perception a bit.

George sits at the front of the convoy; it’s the most critical job. Everyone is following George at speeds higher than one hundred miles per hour. George needs to be sure he’s not going to drive everyone over a cliff accidentally.

One by one, the snowmobiles start; George motions for John to come to the front. John accelerates slowly and maneuvers his way to the front.

“Where are we going in Minneapolis John,” George said. “Are we going to the Church or the television studio?”

“Set our course for the Church George,” John said. “I’d like for a couple of sleds to head to the television studio for security, just to be sure.”

“I’ll have two brothers Aaron and Isaac split off and go to the studio after were safely at the church. John, remember earlier when I mentioned I’d like to talk to my children again, to apologize for the life I’ve lived. I’m not going to have a chance to do that if we go up in a blaze of glory,” George said.

“I don’t need you in the Church George; I have an entire security team at my disposal once I get to the church. We need you to get us there, get out as fast as you can after that; it’s going to get ugly,” John said. “I wish I knew what to expect once we get there.”

“The fallen angels and the disembodied spirits are not omniscient,” Maria said. “They only know what they observe directly, and that information gets passed around second hand on the spiritual side. That is one reason we pray to ourselves, so the enemy doesn’t know our weakness, and what we need.”

“It’s possible Matthew knows something has gone wrong with your holiday. He knows something has happened to his Emily, but he’s not sure what. He knows something big is going down in the supernatural realm, everyone that’s in tune can feel it, but he may not realize it involves him.”

“However, once Matthew figures out what’s going on, he’ll probably try and stop the message from getting out in any way possible. Sabotage, breaking equipment, disrupting the signal, and even killing John if that’s what it takes. The infiltrators have ruled the Church since Jesus left this Earth. They’re not about to give it up without a fight,” Maria said.

“I’m just going to take the pulpit and pretend nothing is out of the ordinary,” John said. “That’s my best chance, I think, and the best way to ignore a problem is by pretending that it doesn’t exist. Salespeople have been using this method for decades,” John said.

Chapter 13 – Destiny – George signaled for Aaron and Isaac to pull upfront. John and Maria went to the back of the convoy when George’s brothers went upfront. Emily looked distraught like she had something she needed to get off of her chest.

“I’ll have your back long enough for you to get your message out, John,” Emily said. “I see you here, and you’re such a hero John; when we were dating, I fell for you a bit, you know, I need for you to know that was real for me too. I fell in love with you along the way. You have to understand; the priorities of a Nephilim like me are different than for an earth girl.”

“We’re taught early on that there can never be salvation for us; that Jesus Christ is the Kinsman Redeemer. And that He’s only here to save those that belong to Him. You can tell from our DNA that we are different from one hundred percent pure humans. Our handlers teach early on that His redemption was only for the humans.”

“We’re taught that we have a chance at winning this Holy War and that we are playing for the right team. And that Yahweh is wrong, and He is going to lose. I know after tonight that only Yahweh can save me.”

Maria was smiling at Emily. She had the same course in God’s love many years ago. She wonders what Emily might have been like under different circumstances, working for the Kingdom.

Chapter 13 – Destiny – Aaron and Isaac pulled their snowmobiles back to the end of the convoy again, pulling up the rear. A calm came upon the team members. This moment was a long time in the making.

God gives us free will, and it’s up to us to find our way back to him. However, provide free will back to God, asking for His will to be done instead of ours; that’s where fate can intersect.

Chapter 13 – Destiny – John and Maria were predetermined to be together before either of them was ever born. Everyone else here as well; throughout space and time, this group of believers assembled here to witness this event.

Shortly after John and Maria each surrendered their free will, in light of the bigger goals at hand, they started dreaming of each other. The spirit world knew, and they were not happy about it. The supernatural world attempted many times to keep them from meeting each other.

John remembers a time many years back, a time when he was confused and on his own, a weak moment in his life where he submitted to visiting a psychic, to get his future told.

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John told the physic about one of his dreams of Maria. The psychic hit John at a fragile moment in his life. She went on and on about a girl he would eventually meet named Maria. She told John he had been married over and over through many different lifetimes with Maria, and she was his go-to pick for almost every life.

But this life was different. He was due after working too much in other lives. John was to have an experience of relaxation, free of wanting anything or anyone. It wasn’t clear who would be the right girl. But the wrong girl was Maria whenever they were to meet.

John also remembered his encounter with the satanist in boot camp. It was then the realization hit John that most of his life was fighting the forces of evil. So many things went wrong in his younger days. He was a confused young man, like so many are.

John looks through his past events; one by one, it’s obvious now that almost everything in John’s life was just a diversion to keep him from becoming who fate says he must be.

It’s hard to say you’re doing it wrong, especially with something like a public prayer. Jesus told us to pray in a closet, far from the hypocrites who do it for status.

Jesus was always leaving to pray, even after the last supper, where he asked his disciples to remain ‘here’ while He went over ‘there’ to pray by himself. Prayer is a very intimate communication with the Creator of the universe. It’s also evident from the text that the thanks that Jesus gave for the bread and wine were not prayer as we know it; it was probably a prayer for Passover.

“Not one Church gets this right,” John said. “And the funny thing is they all think they’re the only ones getting it right. I’m not going to be the first person to toss a stone here. I’ve made all these mistakes before when I’ve led worship.”

“People do what they know; what their parents handed down from their parents and so on. Jesus told us to look out for this in Matthew chapter fifteen, verses eight and nine. ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.”

“We pray in public all the time; we hold hands and pray on television, we say grace in front of strangers at the restaurant. When we assemble, we have an opening prayer, a prayer for the offering, a prayer for the lesson, and then we close with a prayer. It’s just absurd,” John said.

After John’s rant, silence ensued.

It was very dark. The low clouds combined with the storm cast a pale shadow across the landscape. The ship couldn’t fly low enough to light the ground with the low visibility, so George triangulated their path by following the three primary lights on the craft.

The ship continued gaining in altitude, flying towards Minneapolis; George leads the convoy down the main roads. This area is slightly populous; with most property fenced off for agriculture and farming needs, it’s best to avoid off-roading here at night. Snowmobile riders and fences don’t get along well; they have a nasty habit of decapitating passengers who drive through them.

On the back streets in a rural Minnesota town, the riders get comfortable with their sleds. They race up the road in a game of tag. Snowmobiles are great for going incredibly fast speeds.

Brent and John were racing neck to neck, trying to keep up with George. They were running full throttle for the last several miles. Houses were going by so fast that you couldn’t count them anymore; they were just brief flashes of light. The quicker the snowmobile went, the more John’s eyes would tear, causing his helmet to fog up.

George honks his horn and pulls his sled over suddenly on the right side of the road. He slid to a stop in front of a mailbox, flashing his lights to get everyone’s attention. Brent and John were close, and the others pulled right in behind them. The adrenaline was surging through John from the ride. “Why did you pull over George,” John said?

“Because of the cliff, John,” George said.

“Because of what cliff George,” John said?

George got off of his sled and walked carefully towards the edge of the road. Just twenty-five feet ahead the roadway ended, George took out his flashlight. He shined it up the path the snowmobiles were taking. “Do you see that cliff, A few more feet, and everyone would have followed me off of it,” George said.

It’s one of those moments where mortality grabs you and shakes you a few times, reminding you of your short life. Like a close call in a car accident; time has the appearance of slowing down as your brain records everything it possibly can for examination later. The gravity of the situation doesn’t sink in right away. Only after you’ve had a short time to reflect, and realize just how close to death you came.

After a few minutes, most everyone regained their composure. George’s heart and breathing returned to a safe rhythm; he pegged the throttle, and the snowmobile sped off, throwing a trail of snow from the back. George hit a small hill while he was accelerating and pushed the throttle all the way. It launched his snowmobile almost eight feet into the air and landed with a cushy bounce. Everyone followed George back out of the neighborhood, paying closer attention from here on out.

George headed west for another couple of yards and then crossed the railroad tracks to get on the main highway. Civilization was a mere eight miles down the road. They approached the town from the east; no lights were visible from the majority of the homes. This morning was the first break in several days from the blizzard. Some residents were watching the storm; some gathered firewood, while others were helping those less fortunate than themselves.

The State Police declared a state of emergency; the roads were impassable from snowdrifts as high as twenty feet in some intersections. Snowmobiles are immune to these laws, having saved people in countless storms throughout winters past; snowmobiles are given a free pass from law enforcement during winter storms. It’s not like the police could catch them anyway.

Snow covered the roads. Underneath the snow was a blanket of ice at least one inch thick. The highway department ran out of salt, molasses, and other road treatment additives early in the storm.

The only movement was a few other snowmobiles and some dangerous snow removal equipment that was getting moved into position. The blizzard broke up as quickly as it started, visibility was improving, and the group traveled pretty quickly through the next several towns up to the interstate that runs to Minneapolis.

Chapter 13 – Destiny – Once everyone made it to the main highway, they stopped to refuel and have something to eat. George pulled out several bags of sweet bread that he shared with everyone.

“It had been a while since John and Marie and Kris had a meal. The three gorged on the food. “What is this, George,” John asked.

“I don’t know,” George said. “It fell from the ship when we were hungry on the ride to pick you guys up. There was so much left that I just bagged it and stashed it away for later.

“George, this is manna, like from the Bible, manna from Heaven, are you sure the ship dropped this,” Maria said.

“Yes, Maria, I’m sure,” George said.

“I knew it,” Maria said. “It’s what I believed all along; the Bible tells us all about UFOs. It is fantastic news George, just fantastic, thanks for sharing this with us.”

Emily approached the group after keeping to herself for a while. “Maria, can I talk with you for a moment,” Emily said?

“Sure, Emily, anything you want to ask me,” Maria said?

Chapter 13 – Destiny – The group listened very intently as Emily presented her case. “I need to know the answer to this,” Emily said. “It’s eating me up inside; everyone here witnessed Jerry and I both get second chances. The rest of you are Christian and have had a second chance. What about my Dad?”

“Yes, he’s a fallen angel, and yes, he’s made terrible choices in his life. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time on a celestial scale. Is there any forgiveness for him? I’m an absolute piece of shit, Maria; I wrecked Christian homes for fun. How can there be forgiveness for me? I’m a part human and part fallen angel. Do you think there is any forgiveness for my Dad? Is there any hope for him?”

“I don’t know the answer to that question, Emily,” Maria said. But I do think that God can and does change his mind. He seemed rather intent on wiping out the Mt. Sinai visitors after they made the Golden Calf. Moses talked God off the rocks on that one by telling Him that the surrounding nations would say He tricked His believers into wandering into the desert so He could kill them.”

“After some careful consideration, God followed His new plan instead of His old one. I guess I’m saying anything is possible, Emily. God works through me, and I was a terrible satanist back in the day. Are you saying your Dad wants to approach the throne of God and ask for forgiveness?

“I don’t know what I’m asking Maria. My Dad Matthew; he’s not your typical fallen angel either. He was a Watcher back in the days when the angels sinned when they fell from grace and took wives for themselves. Stranded on Earth with the other fallen angels.”

Daniel topped all of the snowmobiles up with ethanol-free gasoline. The weather was holding as the snowmobiles started for the last leg of the trip. George walked back to John and Maria’s snowmobile. “I’m putting Kris on the back of Daniel’s sleigh John. Something tells me to make sure that she gets to the television station before you go live with your lesson this morning.”

“When we get into town, you, Maria, Brent, and Tim follow me to your destination. Once you’re safely inside, everyone else will rendezvous at the television station with my brothers and wait in the control room for you to go on air, someone will meet us when we arrive to give us access.

“John, I’ll be dropping you and Maria at a safe house a couple of blocks from the church. The owner is expecting you and has a hot shower and a change of clothes arranged for each of you. He’ll make sure you get to church when you’re ready to go. In everyone’s interest, I want to avoid the fanfare of showing up with an unidentified flying object, and six snowmobiles loaded with personnel and supplies. It throws the element of surprise off.”

“I’ll help you, John, just like I promised,” Emily said. “If it’s OK with Maria, I’ll walk in with you. It will buy you some time.”

Chapter 14 – Confrontation

“And then I’m out, my friend,” George said. Thanks for giving me my life back brother, if I don’t get another chance to tell you, I wanted you to know I’m going to take advantage of the life you returned to me. My immediate need is to make up with my family. I’ve had a chip on my shoulder for a long time now, and I miss them. I hope to see you soon, John.”

Chapter 13 – Destiny – John stood up from his snowmobile and hugged George. “I can’t tell you how happy I was to see you return to the Kingdom and your family, George. God bless you, my friend. And keep in touch, the website has my contact information. ”

“Come on, Emily, you’re riding with me,” George said. Emily walked with George back to his snowmobile. She waited until George gave the signal for her to get on.

Maria threw her arms around John and kissed him on the neck playfully. “Are you OK with Emily helping out,” John said?

“Yes John, I’ll kill her if she so much as flirts with you though,” Maria said.

John laughed out loud. John knew Maria wasn’t kidding about Emily, though. John looked at his watch; it was three o’clock on Sunday morning. In less than five hours, his life and the life of everyone around him would change forever.

John was at the precipice, the point of no turning back. Millions of viewers are still in bed, sleeping comfortably across the world. Some were awake already; there was a massive advertising blitz for John’s Christmas Sermon. They’re not expecting John to break the mold; they’re hoping for a feel-good sermon. Christians aren’t agents of change per se. Not when it comes to faith. Many will be surprised.

“Are you ready to do this,” John said?

“Let’s get this behind us,” Maria said. “I have some plans for you later.”

Chapter 13 – Destiny – John tilted his head a little to the right and smiled. They kissed quietly, not trying to attract any attention to themselves. “I’m so glad I married you, Maria, my love.”

John was taking in the beauty of the freshly fallen snow. It’s so beautiful and pristine before humans come in contact with it. The ship had been circling the group’s position for a few minutes while the snowmobiles were refueling. The craft was now facing southeast, ready for the last leg of the journey.

George and Emily took the lead following the ship, and everyone else followed close behind them. The next couple of hours back to Minneapolis went fast. Once you hit your groove on the snowmobile, a long ride is no big deal, especially at these speeds.

The sun glimmered over the Horizon as the convoy drove into North Branch, Minnesota. From Ely Minnesota, the trip took about four hours. Dawn had arrived.

George pulled over to the side of the road, and everyone followed him. He stood up to stretch and removed his helmet. George yawned after the all-night drive. He motioned for everyone to gather together for a meeting.

Everyone removed their helmets and gathered around John and Maria’s sled. Kris knelt and transformed into Gabriel; “Congratulations, everyone; you’re just about to your destinations. The escort ship needs to break away to avoid any more attention.

We need to keep it out of sight at all costs. It does a great job staying off the radar at night, but it’s easily spotted during the day. We’re not ready to show our hand to everyone yet,” Gabriel said. “It’s not time.”

“You’re breaking into two groups now, Gabriel said. George is taking Brent, Tim, John, Maria, and Emily to the Church. He’ll drop them off and meet the rest of you downtown at the Coyote news headquarters on Eleventh Street downtown. Aaron knows the way; he’ll see to it that you get there safely. Kris, you’re in charge once you reach the station. Do whatever it takes to get the message and the new web site address you set up out to everyone.”

“Brent’s wife is the general manager for the Coyote Broadcasting station and has agreed to meet you at the studio at eight o’clock this morning to make sure the message gets out. Yes Brent, before you ask, I visited your wife and told her about your setup. I told her you were under a spell and she agreed to take you back. You’re welcome, Gabriel said.”

Chapter 13 – Destiny – Gabriel and Brent had an incredibly awkward moment. Some things are best left unsaid. How Gabriel ended the conversation with Brent said it all; Brent wasn’t entirely free of guilt from his rendezvous with Emily. But he wasn’t guilty either; good angels don’t lie. “Someone just got extremely lucky,” John said.

“These are fascinating times, everyone,” Gabriel said, “I’m proud of all of you. I’ll support you to the best of my ability John, and so will Michael. But you must make the first move John. May Yahweh bless you John, and all of you, keeping you close to Him. I must go, for now, John, we’ll see each other again, my friend,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel kneeled and transformed back into Kris; Aaron was the first to start his snowmobile. “Come with me, Kris, “Aaron said.” Daniel and Isaac are going with us to the television station; everyone else is pre-staging over at the church. George will join us after dropping off the others.”

John stood up and extended his hand to Maria. She stood up to join him. “I want to thank everyone for your help this weekend. And I’m sure I’ll see you all very soon. Don’t be strangers. The web site has our contact information. If you ever want to get together and worship, that would be great; it’s the way God intended us to do it, I believe, blessings to you all.”

Chapter 13 – Destiny – George and Kris walked over to hug John and Maria, as did the rest of the group. Everyone went back to their sleds and started them. The sun was rising, setting the sky ablaze with colors. The amount of snow that fell on Minneapolis was about five feet. “We’ll be digging out from this for a while,” George said.

George pulled up to the right, and Aaron pulled up to the left. George strapped on his helmet and other gear and took off for the church. In his rearview mirror, he could see his brothers turning south to head downtown.

George led the group through the mall, by the back of the church to a small home that Gabriel showed him. A nativity scene would be out front to mark the house. The snowmobiles rounded the corner and pulled out front for a moment to drop off their cargo.

Chapter 13 – Destiny – George, John, and Maria, and David and Emily took off their helmets and tucked them under their arms. They approached the house; when they reached the front door, it opened before they had a chance to knock. The kind gentleman who opened the door waved to George. George took off towards downtown leaving snowmobiles behind at the strangers’ house. He’d be back for them soon.