When I Woke Up This Morning

Chapter 8 – Clarity

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 – Clarity

Chapter 8 – Clarity.”Wow; just wow, Maria, “John said. “Listening to your side is unnerving to put it lightly.”

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 - Clarity
When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 8 – Clarity

“It’s a bit much to hear at first,” Mike said. “It’s happening around the world, John. It’s personal now; it happened inside your Church.”

“When Maria shared this with me, I was puzzled. I try my best to remember we’re at war, John. There are hundreds of millions of spirits roaming the Earth; they would do anything for a chance at redemption.”

“Why do Satan and his fallen angels hate us so much,” John said?

“Excellent question John; we believe there are two separate creation accounts in Genesis One and Two. Allow me to explain.”

“In the original Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, you’ll see two different words translated as God in Genesis one and two. Careful examination of the text shows the ‘ben Elohim’ were in charge of creation in Genesis One, notice the creation order. Humans created after the other animals. And the first man and woman were created simultaneously.”

“In Genesis two, Yahweh ‘YHWH’ is the Creator, notice the creation order. God created man first, then the animals, and lastly, the woman from the man’s rib. In Genesis Two, God breathed life into them. It’s not a summary of Genesis one as some suspect. Yahweh, of course, is God’s name, revealed to Moses at the burning bush.”

“Who are the ‘ben Elohim,'” John said?

“The ‘ben Elohim’ are angels, Maria said. The literal translation is the Sons of God. An important distinction is that ‘ben Elohim’ is used both for good and bad angels. In the beginning, they decided to make man in their image, in the image of God and his angelic created beings.”

“So, think cavemen and dinosaurs, those sorts of things. The fallen angels on Earth were rebelling. They perverted Yahweh’s creation plan. Why was the mark of Cain needed? To protect Cain from what exactly? Why was Cain afraid? Could it have been the other humans running around that the Bible hints of?”

“We know there were two separate times in history where angels rebelled. The first was the Watchers; the second was Satan and his angels.”

“Satan was in charge of this planet and others before his fall from grace. Satan refused to stop, so Michael and his angels came to Earth and settled the score.”

“Sometime after Satan’s defeat, Yahweh Himself created man and woman, and this time He blew the breath of life into them.”

“The first to fall were the Watchers, Genesis chapter six tells about a race of giants that were born from the union of the sons of God’ ben Elohim’ and the daughters of men. These fallen angels took wives for themselves.”

“Their offspring, the Nephilim giants, devoured all available resources on Earth and then turned against humans. The Bible introduces the giants in Genesis, chapter six, verse six, and a few verses later, God brings the deluge to destroy them from the face of the Earth. It wasn’t humanity turning wicked as the Institutional Church suggests.”

“The second fall was a rebellion, a war in Heaven. Satan was the leader; he wasn’t an average angel. Satan was God’s number one anointed Cherub. In Ezekiel, he is called the covering Cherub; the Bible says that he was covered from head to toe in jewels and is one of the most beautiful creations ever made by God.”

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“He covered and protected the throne of God himself. But he wanted more; he wanted to be like the most high. He wanted the worship for himself. Satan convinced an entire third of Heaven, millions of angels, to go to war. Satan and his angels lost the war. Expelled from Heaven, they brought the war to Earth.”

“Satan and his fallen angels still wander this Earth, as do the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim giants. The disembodied spirits can possess most any RH- positive person, and they can jump to any other RH- positive person when needed. Satan is not stupid, John; he still has his rank. Even Michael the Archangel could not rebuke Satan himself when a dispute arose over Moses’s body, he could only say ‘The Lord rebuke you.'”

“Each of these evil spirits or demons, whatever you call them, they have personalities, they are angry with God, and they hate us. The short answer is the believers who go to Heaven; are taking the place of the angels, who rebelled. That’s why they hate us so much; they know what we’re going to inherit when we leave this world. And they know their time is short.”

“This is huge, Maria,” John said.

“Stay with me, John, it gets better,” Maria said.

“At the First Council of Nicaea; in 325 AD the fallen angels had thoroughly infiltrated the Catholic Church, any books that mentioned their existence was destroyed and denied Canonization.”

“God made provisions for the safe storage of these documents through the relationship of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Sheba is Ethiopia in the current day. The books were also in the Qumran cave of the Dead Sea scroll find in 1947.”

“The first copies of Enoch found were in Ethiopia. Today Enoch is part of the Ethiopian Bible Old Testament and is considered to be Canon.”

“The scientists here on Earth have evidence that proves the Earth is millions or billions of years old, and they are probably right. Churches that are infiltrated fight amongst themselves to be technically correct about the age of Earth; the reality is we are all probably wrong. No one knows how long the Earth has been here.”

“After the flood, the second wave of Nephilim Giants swarmed the Promised Land. They hoped to pollute the DNA so Jesus could never be born into this world. These giants were the tribes that ended up getting slaughtered in the Old Testament”, Maria said.

“There were many attempts on Jesus’ life; His first thirty-three years He lived in secrecy. They were trying to kill him before he was even born.”

“Think about the Baptism of Jesus. After Jesus came up out of the water, the spirit of God descended upon him like a dove. Jesus then heads off into the Judean Desert to be tempted by Satan for forty days. My point is; the moment His identity as the Son of God was confirmed, Satan shows up.”

“It helps me to do two things whenever I hear new information like this, John. One, I ask the Holy Spirit if it is true, the Holy Spirit will let you know when you’re on the right track. Secondly, I ask myself what difficult Bible questions are solved knowing the new information?”

“What difficult Bible verses do you have trouble resolving with the rest of the Bible,” Mike said?

“Why did God command the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman, and child, including the animals of tribes they encountered when entering the Promised Land,” Maria said?

“The villages were filled with Nephilim Giants and their offspring John. The same Nephilim Giants that God tried to kill off with the flood. The Bible tells us that some survived, but it doesn’t say how. Before the flood, they were practicing DNA mutation on animals and humans, and they were back to their ways”.

“Salvation was coming to the Earth via the Son of God and specifically through the family of David. Satan knew this, and tried to pollute the DNA with as much of his seed as possible, to thwart God’s plans.”

“The Giants practiced child sacrifices, which is what passing through the fire means, sacrificing to Baal. The Bible continues that there shall not be found anyone who uses divination, an observer of times, an enchanter, or a witch. The fallen angels taught this way to their wives and children.”

“God needed their bad DNA wiped from the face of the Earth, the same with Jericho when the Israelites took the city. Remember the unfavorable report the spies sent to Joshua? They told Joshua that we are like grasshoppers to them. They had a reason to be afraid, John; these were a race of Giants they were going up against.”

“I’m not saying that they had a good reason to be afraid; they had God on their side; regardless, they were afraid of trying to take the Promised Land from these giants.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria got up and walked to the cabin window. “I think we’re going to get our first foot of snowfall this year,” Maria said.

“That’s not good news,” Mike said. How are we going to get John to Minneapolis by Sunday morning”?

“Gabriel went to find a way,” Maria said. “Guys, let’s get the rest of the firewood inside the cabin that John staged earlier. Let’s stay together from here on out. If anything happens, it happens to all of us; I don’t want to separated,” Maria said.

“Everyone dressed in their cold gear and headed outside. Another six inches of snow blanketed the woods since we had been in the cabin. After dusting off the covered woodpiles, everyone formed a line and passed all of the firewood inside. Maria had prepared a spot on the floor to contain the mess.”

“I’m afraid we are going to need more wood, though. Can we pre-stage a secondary pile? Half by the campfire, and the other half on the porch, Maria said.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike and John went over to the campfire; the flames were just about out, except for a few hot coals. Mike put a few pieces of firewood on, and the wood started smoking, but no fire. “I got this, John,” Mike said. “Why don’t you grab your gear out of the trailer and take it back to the cabin before it gets too cold?”

“Good idea Mike, you don’t need help with this fire,” John said? Mike laughed, raising a small container of gasoline. Mike was always great at starting fires, and he never messed around when starting them in adverse conditions. John went to the trailer and gathered his backpack, sleeping bag, and other personal items from the camper and carried them back to the cabin.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria was waiting in the cabin door and took the items from John. As John handed Maria his backpack, he felt something warm behind him; he also noticed a massive fireball in the background. Maria smiled at John. “Don’t burn down the cabin Mike,” Maria said. “We need to check it every hour or so to make sure it keeps burning.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity = Mike had several other cords of wood that were covered and seasoned. After locating one of them, we started moving firewood back to the cabin porch and covered it with tarps to keep it dry. With that finished, everyone went back into the cabin to warm up.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria turned on the emergency weather radio she had available, and we were all shocked to hear Minneapolis declared a disaster. The storm stalled over downtown Minneapolis all day with a warm front from the south holding it in place. Minneapolis is probably one of the best cities around to deal with snow.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – However, Minneapolis had just taken an inch of freezing rain before the warm front moved out, leaving a solid ice base. And then the snow started. Minneapolis was officially shut down, with Christmas a day and a half away; it would be unlikely if anyone even made it to Church after this.

“Satan is going out of the way to make sure that John’s Sunday morning address to the Church doesn’t happen as planned,” Mike said. “Never give up hope in God, Gabriel himself said he was going to get us a ride into town, and we’ll have to trust that Mike,” John said.

“What happens in the event of a city shutdown John,” Maria said. How does the show go on if no one can get to Church?”

“The TV show has been going on for almost two decades,” Mike said. They installed redundant connectivity to the TV Station and the internet years ago. Also, we have emergency generators at the Church just in case. In the event the building is destroyed, we can go directly to the TV station and broadcast from there.”

Maria grabbed the documents that John gave her earlier and spread them across the table. Each paper was at least twelve pages long.

“John, where is your pre-written lesson for Sunday,” Maria said.

John unzipped his backpack and retrieved it for her. “With everything going on, Maria, I have barely glanced at this.”

Maria proved the documents quickly and decided where to steer John’s training best.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Maria took the two large documents from Tim and laid them to the side. Maria went over John’s Christmas Lesson in detail. Mike was stoking the fire inside the cabin, and John was finishing getting his items from the trailer organized. “What other things are the Institutional Church lying about Maria”?

“Come over here to the table, John,” Maria said. She finished looking through the lesson for Sunday. “OK, John, your Christmas lesson looks great, and it has a lot of truth. It talks about all of the great things Jesus did on the Earth to redeem us back to the Kingdom. I’ll teach you Satan’s trick, then you try and tell me what is incorrect with the lesson, OK”?

“Sure, Maria, what is Satan’s trick anyway”?

“It’s pretty simple, John; it consists of a lie, blended in with a lot of truth. Your Church is non-denominational, but still a mega Church by most any standard. You teach mainly a prosperity doctrine and tend to shy away from controversial teachings. In other words, you don’t have any fire and brimstone lessons. Still, you perpetuate the idea of eternal torment instead of annihilation which Jesus taught.”

“I didn’t realize we did that, Maria?”

“Well, you don’t teach against it, John, it’s the same thing. Here is an excellent example. Read your closing paragraph and invitation over again, please. Do you see it? Maria spins the document around to John.

“The last paragraph offers the invitation; it invites people to make a decision; one of those decisions is to give your life to God through Jesus. The second part talks about indecision; if you don’t choose to give your life to God, and spend eternity in Heaven, then you have no choice but to spend eternity with the Satan and his angels, in Hell.”

“Maria, are you telling me there is no Hell,” John said?

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike walks over to the table from stoking the fire; “I see things are about to get interesting over here.”

“No, John, Maria continued. I’m not telling you that there is no Hell, I’m telling you that Hell, however it exists, is not a place of eternal punishment. The New Testament translates four different and distinct words in the Bible into one single word, Hell. Four different words, John; if this isn’t a setup by the translators, I don’t know what is.”

“And while I do believe Hell exists, I cannot believe it to be the place of eternal torment that men have made it. It may be a place for annihilation, but certainly not a place of eternal torture.”

“Also, it doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of a God who loves us. And who gave his Son’s life for us, so that we could be with Him forever. It doesn’t make any sense to me, John; does it make sense to you?”

“No, Maria, it doesn’t make sense, is this being used to divide Churches as well”?

“John, it also gives the Atheists and Agnostics ammunition to reject the gospel as pure nonsense.”

“The doctrine of eternal punishment was borrowed from the Catholic Church, Platonism, and Paganism, and is no more biblical than the doctrine of limbo. This doctrine is not scripture; you cannot arrive at this understanding without proof-texting.”

“Jesus taught us ‘not be afraid of those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in Hell.’ Killing the soul would be annihilation, not eternal torture.”

“The four words are Gehenna, Hades, Tartarus, and Sheol. Gehenna was the literal garbage dump in Jerusalem back in Jesus’s day, located in the valley of Hinnom, Mike said.”

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“Jesus compared being lost with being tossed into that consuming garbage pit outside Jerusalem’s walls. Hades and Sheol refer to the grave, and Tartarus refers to the location where the angels who left their first abode are chained, awaiting judgment.”

“The translation of four different words into one single word should cause red flags to go up in discerning minds,” Mike said.

“Mike, these translations are very troubling, how does this not signify the deliberate tampering of Scriptures by translators, John said”?

“We have a winner,” Mike said.

“It’s not only the tampering John; it’s also the deliberate removal and destruction of three books that answer many of these missing pieces, so let’s go back to Enoch, Jashar, and Jubilees,” Maria said.

“Notice the word perish, John, juxtaposed to eternal life. It backs up the scripture, which shows we are not immortal beings yet. Everyone forgets in first Timothy that Paul writes ‘God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.'”

“Since humans are not immortal, we cannot be punished endlessly.”

“Ezekiel tells us about the sins of Sodom’ Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen’.”

“Sodom was guilty of the worst kind of inhospitality. To keep it simple, they did things like give visitors gold when they visited the city, but refused to allow them to use that gold to buy food, until they starved to death in their city streets, with bystanders anxiously looking on.”

“Visitors that were too tall for the beds would have their legs chopped off. Visitors that were too short for their beds would be stretched on a rack until they were tall enough, and of course, dead.”

“Any local could pick up a rock and hurl it at a visitor’s head, causing them to bleed profusely, and demand payment for medical services rendered. Next, they would take the visitors to court if they didn’t pay for these medical services, because such was the way in their land. I promise you, John, once you read Jashar in its entirety, you will never look at this agenda the same way again.”

“Sodom was destroyed by eternal fire. But that fire isn’t still burning, is it? So it’s the consequences that are Eternal. Not the act of destruction. Does this make sense, John,” Maria said?

“Wow, Maria, that is amazing. I have never put all of these pieces together before. How many people believe this, Mike,” John said? John, unfortunately, those of us that believe this are in the minority. But there is hope as we educate more people to the truth. As we get people to understand, Hell is not a place of eternal punishment, the rest of the Gospel makes more sense. Just like Joshua makes more sense knowing the Israelites were not killing people at the whim of God, but cleansing the planet of bad DNA. It’s a war, John, and it has been since the beginning of time.”

“This is a lot of information to take in at once,” John said. “Having said that, I know I am here for a reason. Gabriel was here for a reason, as was Michael, and that reason cannot be wrong. It’s time for us as humans to stop labeling people and putting them in boxes that make us feel superior, at someone else’s expense.”

Maria excused herself and walked over to the kitchen window. “Oh my goodness, guys, you’ll never believe the snowfall out there. It’s going to be dark soon, let’s make one last sweep of the camp before nightfall. It’s all in God’s hands now; there is nothing we can do to get out of this camp on our own.”

Chapter 8 – Clarity – Mike and John hurried to the window. This storm was not a snowfall anymore; it was now a blizzard. A blizzard this area has not experienced since the Duluth blizzard of 1991. Unfortunately, this blizzard had a twist; one inch of solid ice underneath the snow in Minneapolis would render most of the snow removal equipment ineffective.

“John, something tells me you’re going to need these documents on the Internet to get your message across,” Mike said. “You may not have the time to say all of this; there are at least 100 Bible verses in one document alone; with the supporting text, you are looking at sixteen to twenty pages of text. That is almost forty-five minutes of solid reading at a good pace.”

“Let me build a web site and place all these on the Internet for you real quick. What should I call the website,” Mike said?

“When I woke up this morning is a good name,” John said. “See if wheniwokeupthismorning.com is available to register the website. And here; Tim gave me electronic copies on a USB stick.” John grabbed the media out of his bag and handed it to Mike.”

“Thanks, Mike,” John said. I don’t know what I would do without your brother.”

John helped Maria clean up the kitchen while Mike was busy building the web site. Things were still awkward between them. John would look at Maria and find her gazing at him, and he would look away, pretending not to have noticed.

Chapter 8 – Clarity – The back and forth went on for a short time until Mike came out of the bedroom with his laptop, displaying the web site he just created. “How did you do that so fast,” John asked?

“I have my secrets John; this web site will take about four hours before it goes live everywhere,” Mike said.

John went through the documents online, “they look great, Mike.”

“Thank Tim when you see him,” Mike said. He had them all pre-formatted. I just created the site, copied the files to the website, and linked them,” Mike said.

Maria’s attention was outside. The campfire is going out guys; we’d better fix this right away.”