When I Woke Up This Morning

Chapter 7 – Training

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 7 – Training

Chapter 7 – Training. The Archangel Gabriel in human form walks in and closes the door behind him. Mike and John are suddenly alone, in the presence of two Archangel’s.

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 7 - Training
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 7 – Training

Mike drops to his knees to pray, and John stands in amazement. Gabriel’s face looks just like the old paintings that depict him. God’s messenger was standing directly in front of John, smiling at him. John approached Gabriel and extended his hand in friendship.

Gabriel amused that a human was not afraid of him, grabbed John’s hand, and shook it. A radiant power emanated from Gabriel. It was warm and comforting, like the sun, but with no visible light.

Michael transformed back into Maria; she rises from her transformation to find Mike on his knees. “Get up, Mike,” Maria said, helping him to his feet. Gabriel’s here to help us; he’s not here to hurt us.

“John and Maria; I have a message for you from Yahweh. God and his Holy Army have been at war with Satan and his angels for ages. This war is coming to an end. Your mission is to remind the world what the Church is, and what that walk with God looks like.”

“The battle line has been drawn with you, John. Specifically, you have the means to announce to the world the things that have been on your heart the last several days. The documents that Tim wrote, “Free to Be Just a Christian” and “Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked,” contains the simple truths to set the world free. Get these messages to the people and make sure they understand; then, walk away.”

“What do you mean, walk away,” John said?

“After telling people that the Institutional Church is not what God had in mind when he called his people, you’re going to have to send a message by walking away from the ministry yourself; it’s the only way that people will believe you.”

“Over three million people will be watching you on Sunday; people that have been searching for the truth. The word is out about you John. People trust you; teach them everything they need to know, give the people the truth.”

“Satan and his forces are entrenched in the largest Churches in the world, including your Church, John. They are going to do everything in their power to keep things the way they are. They don’t want the world to understand what the Church is, because they will lose control over the flock. And that is the goal, to return the believers to their Creator.”

“The Church has never been about a building; it has always been about a personal relationship with Yahweh. Adam and Eve, even Satan once had this relationship. The Church is merely an assembly, a collection of believers that believe Jesus Christ died for their sins; it has always been about a personal relationship between God and Humans. No more, no less”.

“Maria, Yahweh is very pleased,” Gabriel said. “You know what needs to happen here. I’ll arrange a driver and a security force to take you to the Church before Sunday morning. Do not drive; your safe here; however, the evil forces know where you are. May God bless us all.”

“John, may Yahweh guide your every step,” Gabriel said. “I’m endowing you with two gifts to ensure your success.” You now have the discernment to see when a fallen angel is masquerading as a human. You have also been given a protector, unlike any other, to help you through this time in your life.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria stood next to John. She kneels and grabs John’s hand, tugging for John to join her. John kneels with Maria; John looks deep into her eyes, Maria motions for John to bow his head, and close his eyes.

Holding hands John and Maria bow their heads in unison. John is transported back into the dream he was in just this morning. But this time he’s with Maria. “It’s me, John,” Maria said. It’s me you’ve been in love with your entire life, and I love you. I always have, and I will continue forever.

Maria disappears. John calls out to her. “Maria, where are you. I love you too.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Back in the cabin, Maria stands up; John is still bowing. The Archangel Michael transforms from John this time. Michael stands, releasing his sword from his sheath and points it towards Heaven again. “Praise Yahweh,” Michael says. Michael sheaths his sword upon seeing Gabriel. Michael bows again and transforms back into John.

When John opens his eyes, we see a man no longer held back by fear. “Michael is traveling with you for a while, John,” Gabriel said. “You do not control Michael, and you cannot summon him. However, you can follow the small silent voice that tells you to kneel when you feel moved. And let him take over.”

“You cannot fail at this task, John,” Gabriel said. “The war depends on this. I must go now and prepare the way for you. Yahweh will certainly bless you.” Gabriel turned and walked out the door. The door shut as quietly as it opened, and a clap of thunder not usually heard by mortals echoed through the forest.

Chapter 7 – Training – All the visions and dreams through John’s life came rushing back again. John was just a child when the first vision came. The dreams were subtle reminders that were waiting for today to surface. John was in love with Maria. It was all he could do to hold those feelings back.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” Mike said. “Are you feeling okay, John, you look a little out of it?”

“I’ll be fine in a minute,” John said.

“Just as Michael moves through John and me, an evil entity can move through any RH- positive person, which is eighty-five percent of the population,” Maria said.

“I’m going to check the camp. I’ll be right back,” Mike said.

Chapter 7 – Training – Mike put on his gear and headed outside; Maria walked over to John, looking him firmly in the eyes. “So, you’re going to change the world, eh?” John unzipped his backpack and pulled out the bulletins that Tim wrote and handed them to Maria.

“This is what Gabriel was talking about Maria; Tim gave these to me, he’s an Elder, and he discouraged me from taking the promotion. His last company fired him for handing these out with Bibles; I’m starting to see why.”

Mike came back in from outside; a blast of snow followed him into the cabin. “A storm is coming,” Mike said.

“Mike, we better get as much firewood, food, and water as we can into the cabin. We may have to ride out the storm in here for a while. You should make sure our campfire is blazing for now as well”, Maria said.

“Sorry, Mike, this isn’t exactly what I had planned for this weekend,” John said.

“Be sorry for what brother? Are you ashamed for following the lead of our Creator? The fact that He wants our help is simply mind-boggling. I love you, brother; there is no one else in the world that I would rather spend this time with, I love you, Johnny.” Mike bundled back up and returned outside.

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria approached John with Tim’s documents. “This is it, John, these are what God wants you to share with the world. They’re just baby steps in the grand scheme of things, and we’ll go through them, so you are prepared for Sunday.”

“What makes God choose an ex-satanist and a comfortably backslidden minister to bring his word to the world, Maria,” John said?

“That’s a great question, John; God doesn’t have a track record of picking people for these kinds of tasks that you’d imagine. He’s looking for all heart, not all show. He’s looking for people that know they have something to lose and are not afraid to put it all on the line for the Kingdom.”

“So tell me how you are doing, John? Two days ago you led a carefree life, and yesterday you were promoted. Today two Archangel’s have asked you to serve God in a way that will likely cost you your family, your fiance, and your job.”

“Are we going to have to give our lives, Maria,” John said?

“I don’t know for sure, John. I have a promise, though; you and I are going to be together for some time after this.”

“We have a connection to this time and place; it has always been our destiny to be here, John. I dreamed of you twenty years ago, and I’m sure you dreamed of me.”

“I dreamed of you this morning Maria. Was it real? After Gabriel arrived? We went to a place, and you told me you loved me?”

“Yes, John; that was very real, and I have always loved you.”

“Where is the little girl Maria?”

“What little girl John”?

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“When I had the vision, I was there with you, and a little girl was holding your hand that looked just like you.”

“I’m not sure, John; I’ll pray about it, though, and see what comes from it.”

“I love you, John, I always have,” Maria said. Tears of joy ran down Maria’s face. Maria put her arms around John.

“I love you too, Maria.”

Chapter 7 – Training – John opened his arms; Maria stepped fully into them; they embraced and shared the most passionate kiss either can remember. John and Maria both lost track of time. Until the front door of the cabin slammed shut.

Nothing is perfect on this planet. You could see that look in both John and Maria’s eyes.

“I didn’t think this thing through, Maria. I better go outside and talk to Mike.”

“I’m sorry, John.” I love you. I never meant to hurt Mike. Mike was the healthiest relationship that I have ever had. I hope I didn’t hurt your friendship.”

John put on his boots, coat, and outerwear and stepped outside. Mike had been staging water and food for some time by the front door.

“Mike’s over by the fire; I’ll be right back.”

“Hurry back, John.”

The brutality of nature makes it hard to think about anything else. The sky ominously lit by the moon. The storm clouds rolling in, and the snow was falling hard all around. John walked up to Mike, who was warming himself by the fire.

Chapter 7 – Training – No one said anything for a few minutes. They were the most uncomfortable few minutes John or Mike can ever remember. Mike broke the silence; “get over here, Johnny, and warm-up. You know, I thought that maybe I wasn’t the person Maria described to me from her vision. I never received a vision about her when I was younger, did you?”

“I did Mike; it was a long time ago. When I was just seventeen years old I was lying in bed, getting ready for sleep; when this vision took over is the best way to describe it. It was a place marker so I would know when I arrived here.”

“It was very detailed; I was holding hands with Maria and a young girl who looked just like her. Right here at this very cabin. I was in love with them and involved with them for quite some time. It’s all kind of fuzzy, but it feels right.”

“How come you never told me this John; we’re best friends, and I thought we told each other everything.”

“We are Mike, for some reason this stayed in the back of my mind until our new friend Michael joined me that is. When I transformed into Michael and returned, I remembered everything in detail.”

“I love you, Johnny,” you know, I’m bummed that it’s not me destined to be with Maria, it felt so right. And here we are on the precipice of changing the world. I’m going to stay focused on the job at hand here. That’s what God would have us all do, I imagine.”

“So you’re not mad, Mike, John asked? I’m disappointed in the situation, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important. Something tells me that Maria was meant to be with me until you came along. I was supposed to take care of her for you. I’m sure as hell not going to let this hurt our friendship or this amazing thing we are in together.”

Chapter 7 – Training – A gust of wind blows through the camp; big snowflakes are falling at an alarming rate. “You know John; it may take God’s help to get out of here before Sunday morning. When I first heard about Northern Minnesota, the thing I remember was how everyone celebrates the first big snow of the year.”

“It’s what I have looked forward to all year. This area normally gets five or six feet of snow during the first part of the winter. But it’s this first snow of the year, the base that sets the landscape for life on the Canadian Border.”

“Mike, have you pondered that God might use this storm for his benefit? Minneapolis is shut down under an inch of ice, with a heavy snowstorm bearing down. Minneapolis will be severely crippled.”

“One thing is for sure, John; if this storm keeps up like this for the weekend, we will need that miracle to get you out of here before Sunday.”

“Me, John replied? You and Maria are both coming with me to the Church on Sunday. God is going to need us all; I’m afraid.”

“I know John, that’s what I meant. And just so you know Johnny, there are no hard feelings over Maria. The jealousy that would normally have set in and eaten away at my sanity is gone, and peace of mind has replaced it. I wonder how many years this has been in Gods’ playbook?”

“At least since we have been alive, I suspect, Mike, maybe longer. The Bible tells us that God knows us, even in the womb, and knows how many hairs are on our head. This plan could have been in place since the beginning of time.”

“John, I need to go in and talk with Maria,” Mike said. “We’ve been together a year, and I need her to understand that everything is okay with this. It’s more than obvious to me that this is part of a larger plan, which is unfolding exactly how Heaven wants it to, who am I to get in the way of that?”

“If you could, give me a few minutes alone with Maria,” Mike said.
“No problem Mike, what can I help with?”

“Can you move that cured woodpile John, that I just uncovered to the cabin porch? I expect the weather to get worse, and it will be nice having the wood close.”

“No problem Mike.” I need a few minutes to reflect on life. I’ll see you two inside in a little bit.”

“We are destined to be here together for Glory John. It’s just not the lifetime destiny I was hoping for, and I’ll be okay with that. I’ll see you inside in a few minutes, my friend. It’s freezing, so don’t stay out here too long.”

“And John, it’s okay with me if you and Maria want to be together after this. But if for some reason things don’t work out for you two, I’ll always be here for her. And I need her to understand that. I’ll see you in a few minutes brother.”

John watched the snow for a while by the fire. John stacked the firewood evenly on the porch. The last few wheelbarrows full of fuel were each more difficult to push.

John had relocated about a cord of wood in the last thirty minutes. “It’s true; firewood warms you twice,” John said. The storm started picking up speed; the camp was nearing whiteout conditions. Not ready to go back inside, John decided to take the long walk up to the road to see just how adverse conditions were.

The camp was two-tenths of a mile from the county road, well hidden at the base of the forest, in a deep valley. The two people that probably know this place even exists are the tax assessor and the previous owner. “No one is going to find this place accidentally,” John said, walking into the central clearing.

An eerie silence encompasses the camp; the deep valley blocks most of the wind, while snow accumulates at a rapid rate. John stops at the base of the steep road out; he walks to the side of the incline to get traction in the lousy weather, and slowly makes his way to the top.

The higher John climbs, the more extreme the weather becomes. The warmth of the fire was gone, and John was getting cold. The only thing waiting for John back at the cabin was an awkward situation with Mike and Maria, so John pressed up the hill. The terrain was rough and unkempt in some areas. The same trees John used to steady himself on the walk up the clearing were pressing their frozen branches down his neck as he walked by.

As he crested the top of the hill, the wind was blowing the snow so hard the entire landscape was white. John saw what appeared to be people standing in the road. As he walked closer, John could feel the eyes of many people staring straight through him.

John’s new gift of discernment was working great. Most of the people had a visible red streak across their face. Spirits possessed these people. A few leaders in the small crowd had visible tails. “These must be the fallen angels that Gabriel spoke about,” John said.

The awkwardness of the cabin wasn’t such a pressing issue any longer. John followed his flight or fight reflex back down the hill, stopping only long enough to see if anyone followed him. At the base, John waited to catch his breath; he’s relieved that he’s alone for now.

After a few deep breaths, John made his way back to the cabin; as he approached the front door, it opens, it’s Maria. “We’ve been waiting for you, John, where have you been?”

“I needed to go for a walk and think things through,” John said. “Maria, a half dozen people, are wandering around by the entrance.

Chapter 8 – Clarity

“It’s okay, John; we expected them. Remember Gabriel told us that this property is safe, but the enemy knows we are here, that’s them on the road. They’re getting as close as they can.”

John walked into the warm cabin and took off his boots and cold-weather gear. Any animosity that Mike and Maria might have had between each other vanished, just like that. “We need to start John; there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it all.”

A small silent voice told John to keep an open mind. John pulled up a chair and sat down across from Maria and Mike. “Make yourself something to eat, John,” Maria said. A deli tray with a selection of meat, cheese, and vegetables adorned the table. Fresh coffee was finishing brewing, and the aroma was fantastic. John was looking around for a cup and other items when Mike spoke up.

“Make yourself at home, John, if you want something from the cabinets or refrigerator, just go ahead and grab it.” John got up and walked over to the cabinets and started opening each door one by one. He pulled out a coffee cup, three wine glasses, and a paper plate and moved to the refrigerator.

In the fridge, he grabbed a piece of cheese and dug to the back of the refrigerator to reach a bottle of red table wine that looked neglected. He went through the utensil drawer and found a wine opener and, with the precision of an excellent server, opened the wine and sat it on the table.

Chapter 7 – Training – Maria and Mike were both interested now in what John was doing. He gently placed the wine glasses on the table. He grabbed the bread basket and eloquently put a towel inside the basket. John took two pieces of bread, and using both hands, pulled the dough apart into small pieces.

He then poured about an inch of wine into each glass. “I cannot think of a better time or place to share communion with fellow Christians, John said.” John picked up the bread basket and took out a piece and passed it around to Maria and Mike. They each took a bit and waited for John to finish.

“Jesus told us to do this in remembrance of him. At the last supper, he shared wine and bread with his disciples, and I imagine it was probably a lot like this. I don’t have anything fancy to say; I want to spend a few moments with some great friends, remembering the reason we are all here today. I suggest we all say a prayer to ourselves and enjoy this meal together, just like Jesus did with his disciples.”

Chapter 7 – Training – Everyone closed their eyes for a moment; and said something personal to their Creator, and when finished, they ate the bread and had a small glass of wine in remembrance. “That was the greatest communion I have ever been a part of,” Maria said.

“Me too,” Mike said. Mike stood up and filled everyone’s glass with wine; let’s do a little more remembering.”

“I want you guys to understand what we are up against here,” Maria said. I am an empath now, thanks to God, but when I was worshiping Satan, I preyed on people who showed empathy. Most Christian never stood a chance against me because most Christians are just following the motions; they have no sense of discernment and zero sense about what they are supposed to be doing.

“Sociopathic behavior was normal for me; I hated Christians with everything I had. I lured men into affairs and destroyed their families; I broke Churches into splinter groups and sent people running in every direction.”

“I’d drive into towns late at night and pick up Christian Men; they’re so easy to spot, such an easy mark. Sure, they talk a good game on Sunday, or when several of them were together, but single one out with a scantily clad dress, and they fall right into your lap. It’s not even that hard to do.”

“Very few men ever had the willpower to resist me, and the ones who could, I’d try to kill. No one got away from me.”

“The ones that slept with me were ripe for demonic possession. God removes the hedge of protection from a Christian after they fall for the biggest sin of all. No one realizes this same pattern has been repeating since the beginning of time itself. It’s women; it’s what the Angels (The Watchers) who originally fell wanted.”

“It’s what happened to Brett, chosen as a mark at a college outreach program. Incidentally, this was one of my most successful cons when I played the game. You pretend to find Jesus; get baptized to desensitize everyone around you to your plan, everyone trusts a believer, right? You then fake an interest in learning everything you can about Jesus.”

“It’s easy to get the men to come to your apartment at morning, noon, or night to teach you. You keep luring them in, opening your body to them, letting them know it’s okay to come close, and then you make your move. After that, you continue sleeping with them as long as you can. Some men didn’t even need to be convinced to fall away.”

“Their conscience finishes the job; a death spiral with their faith begins. It shreds the family into pieces, the mother and the children, close relatives.”

“A secondary favorite of mine was to take a job as a Ministers assistant. When played correctly this will splinter a Church and send people running in every direction. Suddenly that person they have known all their life is just some guy sleeping with his secretary. Sure it looks innocent enough; the irony is these things happen during the height of a growth spurt, which is why we are there to stop the growth.”

“The Minister and I would become best friends; we flirted innocently enough in the Church building all day. One thing usually led to the next, an innocent back rub followed by a not so innocent kiss. And then the affair began. I’d lure the Minister back to my place where he would live out his sexual fantasies. Little did they know that I had cameras scattered throughout my apartment.”

“I’d collect pictures for a while and make duplicates, I’d send them to the Church elders with notes that the Minister had taken advantage of me, and I didn’t know what to do. I’d send pictures to the family and then simply quit my job and let nature take its course. By the time this was over, I could turn a blooming ministry into an empty house of worship. Salvation was hard to find in these places when I finished my work. Most of the Churches would dwindle in members until they closed their doors for good.”

“And here is the real kicker; it makes believers look insane, which causes everyone to think Christians are hypocrites. Since no one wants to be like Christians; it makes it easy to sweep Christianity conveniently under the rug and never give it a second thought. Satan is brilliant; most believers think he’s either stupid or unfortunate.”

“If a believer can’t keep it in his pants, why should anyone ever give a second thought to anything they stood for? An entire life’s work erased in a moment of stupidity. I would walk away scot-free and find my next victim and begin the cycle again.”

“I’m not proud of it, and Jesus has forgiven me for it. It’s just the way of the world. Look at the popularity of Atheism now; it’s growing unabated and gaining ground fast. I think we’ll see Christianity outlawed in our lifetime.”