When I Woke Up This Morning

Chapter 5 – Portal

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 5 – Portal

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 5 - Portal
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 5 – Portal

Chapter 5 – Portal – John and Mike walked outside into a snowstorm. A half an inch of snow had fallen since they went inside, and was accumulating on the ground. The low hanging clouds smothered the fading light. The snowflakes were huge; in the distance, a particularly dark cloud hung ominously. Mike pointed to the clouds in the distance. “What is over in that direction,” Mike said?

“That’s over by the Church, Mike.”

“I want to drive by there on the way out of town,” Mike said.

“Mike, thanks for helping Pastor Brent.”

“I am hoping that he is making his peace with God.”

“Me too, brother, it is great to see you finally,” Mike said.

“We have a lot of catching up to do; when do you need to be back home, John?”

“Sometime Saturday evening Mike, I lead worship service early Sunday morning.”

“So, where are we going, Mike?”

“I bought a retreat property that borders Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota. It’s a small place on the Canadian border with the most amazing backyard. Maria and I have a good-sized cabin and a nice travel trailer for guests.”

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike started the Jeep; “I’m hoping we can outrun this weather; which way to your Church John?”

“It’s on the way to I-35, just get back to the highway and get on 394 and drive to northwest Minneapolis.”

“So when did all of this start, John?”

“After Dad got sick, I started preaching full time; I was having a great time with it because I was filling in, I didn’t have much skin in the game at that point. And now, the day after my promotion, all hell breaks loose.”

“John, what if I told you all of this was happening because of your promotion?”

“You’d have to prove it. Mike, I have five dollars with your name on it if my promotion caused all of this mess.”

“Get your money handy, Johnny.” As Mike and John got closer to the church, they noticed that the storm seemed to center directly over it. “Where can we get a look at the Church without being seen,” Mike said?

“Pull off at this exit and drive behind the shopping mall, it faces the rear of the Church.” The sun was setting; it was almost five o’clock when Mike pulled behind the church.

“Grab your binoculars, Johnny, and let’s go.” Mike knew right where his binoculars were; John had to fumble for his after getting out of the Jeep. The snow was picking up fast. The trees were bare – the weight of the ice on the branches causing them to droop towards the ground.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike ran for the closest pine tree grove and took cover. John was right behind him. A flash of light turned the sky red and shook the ground with an explosion; it was thundersnow. If you’ve never seen thundersnow, it looks like the end of the world. The sky is blood red. Every time the lightning strikes, it seems like it is raining fire.

Mike and John were lying prone under the trees. “What is that at two o’clock, John, over close by the Church?”

“That looks like Matthew,” John said. “Take a good look John, what do you think he is doing?”

“It looks like Matthew is walking backward around the Church; reading something, what in the hell is he doing?”

Chapter 5 – Portal – A cluster of lightning struck all around the church. The thunder was as loud as bombs going off, the ground shook, and John and Mike felt like they were taking enemy fire in a war movie. That’s when it happened; three lightning strikes came together in one point over the church for almost 10 seconds. A strange spiral was now visible over the church, turning slowly. You could tell by the look on Mike’s face he was scared.

“What the hell indeed, John, I’ve heard stories about this.”

“What’s going on, Mike?”

“Matthew is walking backward around the Church, saying the Lord’s Prayer in reverse John.”

“What the hell is that round thing spiraling above the Church?”

“I’m not sure, Mike; I think it’s a portal of some kind.”

And then it dawned on John.” Matthew’s the enemy, isn’t he?”

“I’m afraid so John, he gave you the knife; I’ll bet he set up Brent too, but I don’t know why.”

“What were you praying for when you felt Gods’ presence, John?”

“When I felt God’s presence, I prayed for wisdom.”

“Congratulations, John, you got it, let’s get the hell out of here. Mike shouted.”

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike stood up and ran back to his Jeep. John couldn’t believe it; he stayed and watched as Matthew walked backward around the Church three times. Matthew stopped and stared in John’s direction; John did his best to keep hidden. Lightning struck the row of trees John was hiding behind. “Well, that escalated quickly; time to get the hell out of here,” John said. John ran back to the waiting Jeep.

Mike backed up the Jeep and turned it around. “What are you going to do with all this new understanding, John?”

“I don’t know Mike; I will tell you when I figure it out.” Mike floored the accelerator and squealed out of the parking lot and back on to the highway.

Mike has spent the last two years piecing together the greatest deception ever brought against humanity. Mike and John both sat quietly as the Jeep sped back onto the highway. Mike wasn’t driving safe, and John didn’t seem to mind. Whatever would put some distance between themselves and the church.

The snow started to slow as they moved away from town. Mike broke the silence. “John, let’s talk about the book of Enoch. Enoch was not a candidate for canonization John, The Catholic Church destroyed the book of Enoch around 300 A.D., and any surviving copies were buried deep beneath the Vatican. But, God provided a way for these books to survive.”

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“The book of Enoch survived foremost through the Ethiopian Church. Some believe they were probably carried back with the Queen of Sheba when she left Solomon’s Palace; the Bible tells us that Solomon gave Sheba everything she asked for and more. I will go into this more in detail later, but there is a book called the Kebra Nagast, that tells the story.”

“So the book of Enoch talks about the origins of the Fallen Angels?”

Yes, John, several other books mysteriously disappeared from our Bible as well, the books of Jashar and Jubilees. Jashar and Jubilees both tell about the fallen angels coming to Earth to mate with the women they chose.

“Their offspring; the giants were the real cause of the flood John, not men. The book of Jubilees is also in the Ethiopian canon right after Enoch. And Enoch is placed directly after Deuteronomy and before Joshua. That is how important these books are to the world.”

“The Dead Sea Scrolls was the second major find. And John, it’s not like they found a couple of copies. They found twenty-five copies of Enoch compared to twenty-four of Genesis. The notes I found on the subject are obvious; the books of Enoch and Jubilees were essential; we know this because of their preservation. There were twenty-one copies of Jubilees found compare to eighteen copies of Exodus.”

“You’ll need to read these books for yourself to get the full understanding. If I were going to sum it up in a sentence, it would be, God has a DNA problem. Once the angels fell, they taught witchcraft and all sorts of things to their women.”

“John, I believe the reason that God caused the great flood was to wipe these Nephilim Giants from this planet. Some texts show that these giants were cannibals. After they exhausted all of the resources on the planet, they started eating people John. God saw his creation wiped out, and He brought the flood to stop it. In Genesis 6:4, right after the giants are mentioned, God decides to destroy the world.”

“God was saving his lineage John; that he would soon use to bring Jesus Christ into this world. He had to do something about it.”

“Do you remember what Jesus said the last days would be like John?”

“Yes, He said they would be like the days of Noah.”

“Are you telling me they’re coming back,” John said?

“They’re already here, my friend; welcome to the last days.”

Chapter 5 – PortalThat was quite a revelation John thought, that the end times would be just like the days of Noah. Things were quiet for a while on the drive while thoughts came and went. “It all makes sense, too; I finally have an answ – er for some of the toughest Bible questions ever asked,” John said. “I just have a funny feeling that no one is going to believe it, not the believers, nor the Agnostics, nor Atheists.”

“Welcome to the grand delusion Johnny.” The Bible says that something will cause a great falling away, and that’s just the believers John. They don’t want to believe it, and as sad as it is going to be, some will abandon the faith.”

“Mike, there is a truck stop ahead, can you pull over for a moment please?”

Mike pulled off the highway at the next exit and parked at the truck stop.

“I need to use the facilities; I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Mike stayed behind to fill the Jeep up with gas. John walked into the truck stop, and Mike had a moment to reflect. Mike turned on the radio. The national weather service was warning of blizzard-like conditions for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. The forecast for the camp was about the same. They didn’t have the freezing rain on the border, but a good base of snow was accumulating.

John walked through the restaurant on his way to the bathroom. All eyes were on him as he made his way to the back. An old jukebox was playing George Jones, rose-colored glasses. People were milling around the service desk area. John walked into the bathroom; an obnoxious mold and mildew smell penetrated the air. Graffiti lined the walls; the cleanest part of the bathroom was the condom machine.

John finished up and was washing his hands when a shadow in the mirror startled him. In the mirror, John could see the stranger looking at him in anger, although he wasn’t saying anything. John dried his hands and turned around to leave. “Hi, my name’s George,” the stranger said.

Chapter 5 – Portal = George did not look good; he hadn’t bathed in a while; his hair and beard were in serious disarray. “You look familiar to me,” George said while extending John an unwashed hand. John swallowed his pride and shook his hand anyway, not wanting to offend George, “I can always rewash it later.” John thought.

“I know you from T.V., don’t I?”

“Yes sir, I’m the Pastor at the Glass Cathedral Church in Minneapolis, perhaps you have seen our T.V. show? George started hurling profanities at John, mocking God as well. George continued his tirade, shouting that God wasn’t real and that John was one of the worst kinds of human beings ever to be born.” John didn’t know what to do; his instinct kicked in “in Jesus’ name shut up, John said.” George was terrified; He turned around without saying another word and walked out.

John must have washed his hands at least three times before he left that bathroom. Mike came into the truck stop as John was walking out. “Are you OK, John?” John explained the incident with George, and Mike became concerned. “Let’s get out of here, John.”

The manager approached Mike and John; “what happened?” “I’m not sure,” John said.

“We don’t want any trouble here; you need to be on your way.”

“We didn’t do anything. George cornered me in the bathroom and went insane on me. We’ll be on our way.” Mike noticed the truckers standing up and following us outside.

George was wandering around aimlessly in the parking lot. A small crowd of people gathered around. George saw us, and the obscenities resumed as he headed our way. “John, you’re going to have to cast the evil spirit out of that man.”

George was known for being a loudmouth and tough guy at the truck stop. Mike kept the crowd calm as John approached George. “What do you want from us,” George asked? “Leave us alone; it’s not the appointed time. “Oh yes, it is, in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of this man, John said.”

Every exorcism is a little different; George was thrown to the ground by an unseen force and tossed back and forth as screams penetrated the night air. Many spirits possessed George; the cries sounded like a horror movie where many people died.

The crowd looked on in amazement as John helped George up from the ground. There was no more foul mouth lunatic, just a child of God.

“Where am I,” George said?

“You’re at the truck stop, George.”

“What just happened? Did I pass out; did I get in a fight? What happened?”

“I cast several evil spirits out of you after you went crazy on me in the restroom; I hope you’ll be OK, George.”

“You’re the Pastor from T.V., aren’t you?”

“Yes, George, my name is John.”

“I’ll see you on Sunday morning,” George said. George is a big guy, so he caught John off guard when he hugged him. “Thank you; thank you for giving me my life back.”

“You’re welcome, George.”

“I have to go, but I mean it, I’ll see you Sunday.”

Applause broke out from the small crowd, which made John feel awkward. “Let’s go, Mike.”

Mike and John walked back to the Jeep. Mike revved the engine and squealed the tires, pulling out of the truck stop. Mike broke the silence.

“We may not have as much time as I originally thought,” Mike said.

“Enough time for what?”

“John, I need to tell you something, and I need you to keep an open mind. Do you know what an intercessor is?”

“Yes, that is someone who God talks to in a dream or vision, and they have a message to share with you, right?”

“I had an intercessor tell me that it was my duty to share with you everything that I had learned. They believe that you will share it with the world. In my opinion, it couldn’t happen at a better time because the world is becoming an entirely weird place.”

Chapter 6 – Michael

“For whatever reason, John, we are now a direct threat to them. And they will do their best to throw us off track, or try to kill us. But we have God on our side.”

“I knew there was something wrong about the truck stop. It felt like there were hundreds of eyes all focused on me at once.”

“So you felt it, the evil that was in that place?”

“Yes, it felt cold, and the hair stood up on my arms when George was staring at me.”

“Good, your spirit of discernment is working quite nicely. Now that you know what to look for, always be on the lookout when you feel that again.”

John was thinking about Emily and how she would react to the news of all of this? Will Emily still love John after he explains that giants walked the Earth? How is Emily going to respond to the report that satanists most likely infiltrate our church, and her dad is probably one of them?

“I’m going to lose Emily over this, “John said.

“Not if she is a Christian with the spirit of discernment. Once you understand the events behind these sacred texts disappearing, it becomes apparent that someone buried the truth.”

“Emily is a smart girl; don’t give up on her just yet, John. Give her a chance to come around to the truth; she will believe you based on the merits of the sacred texts alone, or she won’t. Either way, you owe her the truth, John.”

” We are fighting a race against time, John. The truth needs to get out before the forces of evil get out their version and deceive the very elect, just like the Bible says.”

“What is the real story, Mike?”

Mike paused for a second. “You have no idea what the forces of evil are planning to do, John. We have been tricked by the media, the internet, and the government to some extent, that UFO’s are real. Even though disclosure hasn’t happened yet, the list of people that have gone on the record saying UFOs are real is amazing. There are sightings everywhere, and Hollywood continues to condition us to accept these as normal with movies.”

“I believe in UFO’s,” John said. “When I was a small child, one of my first memories is a visitation that happened in my bedroom. I went to bed one evening, and my bedroom door quietly swung open. A small ship the size of a Frisbee flew in and landed on the end of my bed. These tiny gray alien creatures, no taller than six inches tall, got out and inspected me.”

“That’s very interesting, John. An open mind makes this much easier. John, I have some good news and bad news,” Mike said. “Which do you want first?”

“I’ll choose good news.”

“The good news is aliens are real; the bad news is that they are disembodied spirits working for Satan. They plan to bring the end game that will catch many Christians unaware. Have you ever wondered what the strong delusion might be that spoken of in second Thessalonians?”

“Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

“This audience of that message is Christians according to the text. Let me ask you this, John. What would cause a Christian to abandon the faith? Would Islam cause a Christian to lose faith in Jesus or God? Does Judaism deceive us? How about Hinduism or Buddhism? What else could cause a Christian to abandon everything they believe? I’ll tell you what, alien ships hovering over every major city, with a possible landing in D.C. and an official disclosure.”

“Maybe they will tell us they are the gods that history records? Or that they seeded the universe and are here to help us reach our next level of ascension. Most pastors, preachers, or whatever it is that we call you folks these days are not going to have an answer for their flock. There are some great pastors out there that know the truth and are trying to wake people up. But they are far and few between.”

“Is any of this starting to make sense, John”?

“Indeed, it does, Mike. I’m trying to take all of this in, and it’s a bit much”.

“I understand John, why don’t you take some time to reflect for the rest of the ride. I’m here if you want to talk. How about some Classic Rock,” Mike said. “That sounds great, Mike.” Mike turned on the stereo, which immediately put John at ease.

Chapter 5 – Portal – John thought back on his childhood. He had memories from the age of three forward. Before being adopted, his stepfather beat him and locked him in the basement regularly. Being choked was John’s first memory; stop it. He tried to yell, but he couldn’t. He was being held against the ceiling, seven feet off of the floor by his neck.

John thought beatings were part of growing up. He never remembered being locked in the basement all day; he just remembered the nightmares.

John recalled the UFO visit; he wasn’t afraid; the visitors made John feel calm.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Mike and John exited off of the highway and drove another ten miles before the dirt roads began. You couldn’t even see the entrance to Mike’s property. The driveway was a thousand yards long. Mike put the Jeep into four-wheel drive. About halfway down, he stopped the Jeep and turned on the off-road lighting. There was a gate hidden in the hill. Mike got out and unlocked the gate, and then pulled the Jeep onto the property.

At the bottom of the hill, the road ends, nothing else in sight. Everything camouflaged from prying eyes. “Welcome to the retreat,” Mike said.

Mike and John opened the back of the vehicle and grabbed the bags. “Follow me, John,” Mike said. Mike led John down a narrow path where Mike’s cabin and travel trailer were located, nestled deep in the woods.

As they approached the cabin, the door opened; the most beautiful woman John had ever seen stepped out to welcome John. “You must be John,” Maria said?

“I am, and you must be Maria,” John said?

“Welcome to our home John; I trust you guys had a safe trip?”

“A weird trip is more like it; I got to exorcise my second spirit this week,” John said.

“Oh, really, welcome to the club, John,” Maria said.

“Indeed, welcome, my friend,” Mike said. We’re thrilled you’re here”.

“The travel trailer is yours for the next few days, John,” Maria said. “Please make yourself at home; unpack and relax a little if you like. Mike will be starting a campfire shortly; we can relax a bit and get to know each other better with a drink.”

“Thanks, Maria,” John said. “I do need to relax a little; what time will you get started with the fire.” “In about an hour, John,” Mike said.

Chapter 5 – Portal – John thanked Maria and Mike and went to his trailer. John lay down on the bed and tried to relax. His mind was racing with everything that had happened today. Mike was right; John was already starting to view the world differently. It is not the sanctuary that he remembered. It’s a spiritual battlefield.

John took a moment to pray. He asked God for protection from evil. John asked God to reveal the truth to him and give him the wisdom to understand it. John must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, a knock came to the door. “Wake up, John,” Mike said. “Come outside and join us.”

Mike wrapped up and went outside; Mike and Maria were waiting by the fire. Maria made spiked hot chocolate, and before you know it, Mike and John were reminiscing about the old days. Maria told Mike and John about her life growing up as a missionary’s daughter. It was apparent to John that Maria was brilliant and a great Christian who walked a fantastic walk with her Creator.

Maria didn’t go to church anymore, but she knew more about the scriptures than John did. Her belief and faith were contagious.

Chapter 5 – Portal – Everyone laughed and talked until the early morning. Finally, the need for sleep overcame John. John excused himself to go and lie down for the evening. Back in the trailer, John changed into warm pajamas and slipped into his warm sleeping bag. It was great to get back to nature; it all made John feel very close to God.