When I Woke Up This Morning

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

When I Woke Up This Morning Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara. John walked outside to find Austin waiting by his car. “John, what happened in there,” Dad said? “Brent ran out just in front of you.”

When I Woke Up This Morning - Chapter 4 - Brent and Kara
When I Woke Up This Morning – Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara

“Well, I believe Brent, something peculiar is going on, and I would like the chance to sort it out.”

“Did he admit to it”?

“Yes he did, I find the circumstances suspect though.”

“Like what John?”

“The way Brent told the story, I have doubts. Brent indicated he tried to stop what was happening but was in a trance. Also, Kara moved out of her apartment that night. Brent went back first thing the next morning to confront her. She must have had help to move all of her things after dark. I see no other way.”

“Is there anything else, John?”

“Yes, Kara contacted Matthew directly; she didn’t come through a lawyer. How would she know to contact Matthew? She’s never been to the Church as far as I know.”

“John, you made a wise decision,” Austin said, “I will deal with Matthew; you better get going before you miss your one chance for relaxation before work begins.”

“Okay, Dad, I love you, give Mom this hug for me. I should be back late Saturday night.” You have to trick Austin into a hug, but he still smiled as he walked off.

“I love you, Son, be careful.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John’s cell phone vibrated, it’s Emily.

“Hi Emily”

“Have you forgotten about me, John”?

“No honey, it’s been a pretty stressful couple of days here, I’m sorry. I just finished talking with Brent. Brent had an affair with a young woman. I ended up putting him on paid leave while we investigate.”

“So that’s what Dad was keeping quiet. He is going to press you to fire Brent, you know.”

“I know how it seems, Emily, but like I just told my Father, there is something suspicious going on here. Can you do me a favor and help a fellow Christian in need?”

“Of course, John.”

“Brent is staying at my apartment for a little while, at least until I return from camping. Can you please check in on him for me while I am gone? He is seriously messed up by this whole thing and needs someone to care right now. I hate to ask, knowing that it could put you at odds with your Father. If you listen to his story, it will blow your mind. ”

“Of course, John, I will check on your place while you are gone. And if Brent wants to talk, I’ll listen to him. You know, honey, despite the implications of everything going on, it is lovely of you to help Brent. Call me before you leave, okay?”

“I will; I love you, Emily, goodbye.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John tossed the phone into his backpack; a reflection caught John’s attention. In the passenger’s seat was a gift with a card from Matthew. “Congratulations on your promotion John. I’m sorry I missed you John, and to cut your vacation a little short. Please accept this Fallkniven survival knife as a gift from me.” John couldn’t believe his eyes, a two hundred dollar survival knife, “maybe I misjudged Matthew?” John said. John had his eyes on this knife for years. He threw the new gift in his bag and started his car.

John drove out of the parking lot, looking forward to his time away. The temperature was dropping quickly, causing the melted ice to re-freeze. On the drive home, John thought about everything that Brent told him. The whole situation is beyond belief; little did John know that it would all be clear very soon. He pulled into the apartment complex and noticed a jeep parked in his spot; it was Mike.

John parked next to Mike’s Jeep and quickly exited. “You’re late,” Mike said. “Or I’m early, one of the two.”

“Mike, you look great, you’ve lost a lot of weight since I saw you last time. Come in and relax for a moment while I finish getting my things together.” John held open the door and motioned for Mike to walk in first; “make yourself at home, Mike; I can’t get over how great you look.”

“Thanks, John, I’ve been wondering about Pastor Brent; can you share with me what happened,” Mike said? John explained what Brent’s told him about meeting Kara and the events that followed.

“Where is Brent now?”

“I gave him the spare key to my apartment for the weekend. Emily promised to check up on him while we’re away.”

“That’s great, John; Brent needs people in his life who won’t give up on him. That’s a great way to help someone who is really in need. Remember when I told you that there are evil forces are at work?”

“Yes I do Mike, can you explain how evil forces tie in with Brent?”

“Call Brent and ask him to come over now if he can, he’s in danger. I’ll bring you up to speed on a scheme that Satan and his followers have used throughout history. I was going to save this for later, with a warm fire and cold drink. But now is a good time.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John called Brent, but there was no answer; John left a message for Brent to return the call as soon as possible. As he was leaving the message, Brent called back. “Hello, Brent,” John said.

“Brent, can you go ahead and come over here now? A friend of mine tells me that you’re in danger. He would like to talk with you if he can before we leave on our trip.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” Brent said. “John, thank you so much for the place to stay. I wouldn’t have anywhere to stay without you.”

” You’re welcome, Brent; I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

John flipped through his notes on ufos and aliens, and the book of Enoch. John looked at the cover of the book of Enoch and read the summary. Not only was first Enoch not a candidate for canonization, but it was also labeled as heresy and destroyed.

First, Enoch contains information about the fallen angels. Enoch tells their story in our past, present, and future. “It’s certainly a day for realizations,” John said.

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – Mike was returning from freshening up. “You’ve got that right; let me see what you’ve got there, John.”

John handed Mike the book of Enoch. “Oh yes, we’ll get into this later. Enoch shows us the lie, the lie Satan is using to deceive the masses. Let’s talk about Brent for a moment,” Mike said.

“He should be here in about fifteen minutes, Mike.”

“We have so much to catch up on John. I’ve meant to get together with you and bring you up to speed on what I have learned; it seems Brent has forced my hand.”

“John, the Church is under attack and has been since the beginning. I’m willing to bet Brent is being used to split your Church. Brent is just a pawn of Satan who hates us all. Most Churches are infiltrated by satanists whose job is to cause dissent and problems for the Church. They walk among us every day. , the enemy is organized unfortunately for us, and they are invisible because most Christians do not believe they exist. They work in the shadows.”

John stood up and began pacing across the room. “Mike, are you telling me there is probably a satanist in my Church”?

“More than one John, a Church your size probably has several, with a few of them in high places. There are many stories about what they wear and how they act, but they all have one thing in common, they like to give expensive gifts. It allows them access to your life, and direct access to tie up your best asset, your time.”
“It’s funny you should mention gifts,” John said. John reached into his bag and retrieved the Fallkniven survival knife that Matthew gave him. “This Fallkniven is worth at least two hundred dollars. It was a gift from Matthew, our Senior Elder.”

“Let me see that knife, John,” Mike said. John handed the blade safely to Mike.

Mike checked out the knife; he started looking concerned, “what’s wrong, Mike?”

“I’m getting a horrible feeling about this knife, John. Maybe it was used in human sacrifice or something. It’s the perfect gift to make sure you never succeed in your ministry on Earth. Please tell me you don’t want this, John?”

“Mike, if you have a bad vibe over this knife, I don’t want anything to do with it,” John said.

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“Has it harmed me in some way already?”

“No, John, I don’t think so; the gift creates a soul tie between you and the giver. Since you don’t want it, I think it will be okay as long as we get rid of it now. Why don’t you take a few moments in private to pray, ask God to break all soul ties brought upon you by this gift, and pray to ensure Gods’ hedge of protection is solidly in place. In the meantime, I’m going to get rid of this; I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes.”

John went into his bedroom and closed the door to pray. Mike took the gift outside to dispose of it.

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – When John returned to the living room, he found Mike was finishing praying as well. John stood silent for a moment while he finished. Mike stood up and walked over to John, “we sure dodged a bullet there, my friend.” A quiet knock came to the door,” let’s help Brent dodge one as well.”

John opened the door, “come in, Brent; I’d like you to meet my best friend, Mike.”

“Hi Mike,” Brent said.

“Hi Brent, nice to meet you,” Mike said.

“Mike and I went to college together, and we’ve shared some supernatural experiences. It was Mike’s advice to ignore Matthew’s requests to fire you if something seemed out of place.”

“What do you mean by out of place, John?”

“I mean the supernatural world, Brent.”

“Go ahead, Mike, I believe we are both interested in what you have to say,” John said.

“Brent, it would have been nice to meet you under better circumstances,” Mike said. “Please tell me in your own words what happened to you, Brent?”

Brent re-told the tragic story of how he met Kara in the college outreach program. “Kara approached me Mike; she wanted to get to know Jesus. Kara was an orphan; she just started college.”

How terrible John thought, to keep re-living a mistake. Brent had finished explaining the details, why he was powerless, how Kara moved the next day. “Brent, the bad news is you have some fault here. If there is any good news, it’s that you were setup. You were a target of opportunity for the forces of darkness. Churches are broken apart like this daily.”

“On to the bad news,” Mike said. “Brent, you have a hole in the protection that God extends to Christians. What you need to do is pray for protection and ask God to come back into your life Brent, it’s that simple. Nothing can ever separate us from God if we are willing.”

“People are spiritually injured by intimacy with people like Kara. That is her job, day after day she goes looking for Christians to deceive. Pastors are extra credit because it disrupts an entire group of believers and keeps their focus away from God.”

“Kara intends to destroy families. Let me rephrase that, Kara intends to destroy Christian families. She leaves non-believers alone to give the appearance Christians are worse with sexual sins than anyone, and it works. No one wants to hang out with hypocrites.”

“How do you know all of this, Mike,” Brent asked?

“When I was a young man, my mother had a period in her life where she was in a lot of spiritual danger. She started hanging with a bad group of people. One night during a séance, a hole in her protection from God opened up to spiritual possession by a disembodied spirit or demon, whichever term works better with your beliefs.”

“She took most of her belongings, pictures, jewelry, and clothes. She placed them all at the end of our driveway and set them on fire. I pulled into the driveway and found most of her belongings still on fire, but I could not find her outside, so I went in. I found her in a delusional state; she was asking if I saw the fireman that just left.”

“What firemen Mom I asked her? She was returning with another handful of her belongings to burn. As she opened the front door, two firefighters that were in full uniform each grabbed an arm and escorted her to the couch. They told her she didn’t want to burn anything else.”

“After they calmed her down, they wished her well and left with the sirens blazing. No firefighter had ever been there Brent because firefighters would have put out the fire in the driveway. Records later showed that no firemen ever came. In the end, we believe angels intervened and kept her inside and calmed her down before I could get home.”

“The trouble was beginning; she suffered many spiritual attacks. Every Church we turned to for help asked us to leave. People we had known for our entire lives shut the door on us as soon as the topic of possession came up in conversation. In the end, we had nowhere to turn except the psychiatric hospital, and they turned us away as well. Her insurance declined.”

“In the end, we found a deliverance Church for Mom that dealt with this sort of thing, and they laid hands on her and prayed for her, and cast the spirits out. The only way that spirit left her was with the name of Jesus Christ.”

“What you need Brent is to seal up that hole in your hedge of protection, before a spirits set up a house.”

“John where can Brent go to pray by himself,” Mike said?

John stood up and asked Brent to follow him and to bring his things. John escorted Brent to the guest room; “this is your room, for now, Brent.”

Mike walked over to Brent’s room and placed his arm around him.

“I love you because you’re family Brent, in the largest sense of the word. You need to pray and ask God to send his angels down to surround you and protect you. Ask for forgiveness and ask God to close any holes in your hedge of protection that opened when you sinned. Also, pray the same for your wife. I know from experience that nothing is more powerful than a true believer on his knees, praying. It can cause hell to shake at its very seams.”

Chapter 5 – Portal

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – Thank you, Mike, I’m going to get started right now on the praying. Brent closed the door behind him, and Mike and John went back to the small living room to set back down.

“Mike, where did you learn all of this about the supernatural? I remember your mother. Where did you get all of this new information”?

“John, it’s hidden in plain sight in the Bible, Proverbs 9:17-18 “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious! But little do they know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of the grave.”

“A couple of Bible translations I own translate the dead as giants or evil spirits that are with this woman; she is calling out to everyone who passes to lead men astray. These traps cause sexual sins to destroy more families than most other sins combined. ”

“It severs families, rips children from their parents, which in turn can cause problems with them later in life. I have so much more to tell you, John. I’m worried about Brent and his family. I do not doubt that Brent can fix the problem with his relationship with God and undo what the evil forces have done to him. Even when he wins this challenge, he has to face a wife that is unlikely to understand anything I just explained to you. It’s what caused the fall of humanity, John. The fallen angels wanted it very badly; that is why sex is such a core sin.”

“Sorry, Mike, this isn’t exactly how I planned on starting our camping trip. What’s new with you, by the way?”

“What I haven’t told you John is I have a new woman in my life, her name is Maria. She grew up in Nigeria in a small village, the daughter of a missionary from America. She was a firsthand witness to the many bizarre things befalling Christians back then. Maria was eventually recruited and is an ex-satanist, and one of the most powerful Christians that I know. Maria is an intercessor John; she’s been asking a lot about you. It spurred our camping trip this weekend.”

“Maria is how I knew about the knife and soul ties; she worked for the dark side for a long time. She found Jesus while torturing Christians. Her group abducted and was torturing a Christian, a native from Nigeria, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was screaming in Latin while they carved his body up. He didn’t know Latin John; it was then that Maria prayed and asked Jesus to prove that He was more powerful than Satan. Jesus came through John and saved that man’s life, and Maria became a Christian, It’s an amazing story.”

“That is why I said we are in a battle for our souls. John, most Christians never give it a second thought. Maria’s handlers stated that the goals were simple; to bring division into the Church, to bring disbelief to the Church, and to prey upon any married believers that they can infiltrate. Brent was a target for infiltration.”

“There are plenty of times that people fall in love with other people, and that can be devastating as well. But nothing equals the powers of evil when you invite it into your life. Brent’s case is typical; she is attracted to him by a revival outreach meeting and spots her prey. She feigns interest in Christ, which looks very real to the preacher or Pastor, and she sticks around after the service. Nothing makes a believer happier than bringing a lost soul to Christ.”

“She might invite herself over to talk about God or invite the Pastor over. Either way, it is the same if the Pastor doesn’t have the gift of discernment. If he fails to recognize her for who she is, he is doomed. It’s what happened to Brent, and I have seen this footprint a hundred times now. Brent’s case is a little unusual as this girl was not a member, is that correct John?”

“That’s correct, Mike; Brent said he met her at an outreach event on campus, and it all started from there, pretty much the way you just described. The other odd part is that she vanished; her entire apartment was empty the next day with a cold trail and no way to find her.”

“Exactly, John, and that makes me wonder if Brent is the actual target. Satan knows his time is short, and he is working feverishly to trick as many people as he can. If Christians knew what their adversaries know about them, they would be unstoppable.”

“What’s behind the sudden promotion, John?”

“Dad got sick and admitted to the hospital; I ended up preaching the last three weeks. Our ratings went through the roof; Matthew, who is our Senior Elder, approached me about taking over as lead pastor, my Dad was in on it as well. Dad sends his greetings by the way”.

“What kind of rating increase are we talking about here”?

“Our ratings went from a million to a million and a half in just three weeks. I was very excited about that.”

“You should be excited, John, what a testament of your talents. I want you to ponder this for a second; maybe what happened to Brent was a well-orchestrated plan to halt your evangelism and Church growth”?

“An attack against me, John said?”

“When people start turning to God in large numbers, it disrupts Satans’ plans, and he has to do something about it. To me, it sounds like you’re too good of a preacher. You’re rocking the boat. You affected viewing ratings, which means people are talking about you. These people are telling their friends and so on; eventually, this word gets back to the adversary.”

“And it’s only my second day,” John said.

Mike and John both laughed hard for a moment, but both knew that this was serious. “Let’s get out of here, John, before anything else happens.”

“I agree, I would like to hear more about the supernatural though when we get an opportunity, Mike.”

“We’ve barely scratched the surface, John; I have so much to share with you this weekend.”

“John, you need to keep praying for God to open your heart to these things. You will see everything clearly in a day or two at the camp, I promise.”

“What is the camp?”

“We haven’t talked in a little over a month, John; I bought some wooded acreage about five hours north of here in Superior National Forest that is our destination. Bring all of your cold-weather gear; we’ll be roughing it to some extent.”

“Be patient with me, John; I’ll bring you up to speed on what I have learned, and we’ll tie it together with the help of Maria. She’s waiting for us at the campsite.”

Chapter 4 – Brent and Kara – John knocked on Brent’s door on the way out to tell him he would see him in a few days. Mike and John grabbed the bags and headed out the door.

“What time does it get dark today,” Mike said? About 5:00 PM, I think, are you ready to get going, Mike”?

“Yes, I do have a detour I would like to make on the way out of town. Think of it as peeling back another layer of the onion.” Mike helped John carry the gear down to the Jeep. John felt like he was eight years old again.